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I was born on a friday the 13th. I love the paranormal! I enjoy true ghost stories and I have had a few incounters
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The Black Figure on 2007-08-09

I live in a beautiful little house, every one I know thinks of it as a doll house. It's located in a nice neighborhood, or so I thought. Two nights ago I was putting my little girl to bed, I went to my room and was laying down. looking out the opened window. I just got relaxed when I was startled. I...

Grandma's Trailer on 2007-07-31

When I was 9, we had christmas at my grandma's. It was Christmas Eve and my mom, dad and older brother went down the street to my aunt's house for a party. My grandma had put me and my little brother to bed in the middle bedroom of the single wide trailer. I hated this room and never ever slept in i...