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Grandpa Checks In on 2009-09-15

This story is a somewhat of a sequel to my previous story "Grandpa says goodbye" I'm not quite sure how long after my previous dream I experienced the one I am about to tell you about, nor do I exactly remember every detail, but I'm sure of this dream being a way of my grandfathers way of checking i...

Grandpa Says Goodbye on 2009-09-14

Today I cannot remember much about my grandfather, but I will never forget the way he said goodbye. My grandfather had struggled with cancer for some odd number of years until he passed away in November of 2000. I know now that we weren't extremely close, but with me being only five at the time a de...

Five Year Old Meets A Ghost on 2009-07-28

I first experienced my first paranormal activity when I was about five or six years old. It happened at my old house on Rouge Drive in Kokomo IN, where I lived with my two parents and my older brother. Growing up I never really had a fear until the one night I finally met the ghost that was living i...

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oh he was definitely intelligent for he did other acts besides what I had witnessed:P but I believe I know a lot about the paranormal like I said I'm kind of obsessed 😊 but thank you both for your response 😁
this deamon in your home is a jokester. Whether he means harm or not is hard to tell. But you made a huge mistake asking it to prove it presence for now the deamon will have free access to your home weather you think you have banished it or not. Although if it truely is a deamon it will not tell you its "real" name because then you will be able to send it to the after life or down to hell. Your best bet is to just ignore the entity unless it becomes harmful then have a priest get rid of it for you 😊 hope I helped 😁
honestly I don't think its anything to worry about. Weather it was a joke or not its something your going to have to deal with. If you die in a car crash than that's that. Now you just have a heads up:P