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I'm the kind of person that would jump at any opportunity to go investigate a haunted place. Sadly, I'm also the kind of person that would back out at the last second. Sure the paranormal interests me, but I'm a big coward when I come face to face with it.
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Pictures Of The School on 2010-05-03

It had been a while since anything paranormal had happened to me; I had almost convinced myself that nothing strange would ever happen again. It took a strange bruise on my arm to really get my mind thinking about the paranormal again. The bruise isn't what this story is about, however. This story i...

Spirit Animals on 2010-01-18

I really never expected something like this, another paranormal experience. I thought that since I had done the Ouija Board more than a year ago everything would go away and I would be left alone. There are slight signs that spirits are around me, but not enough to really freak out. There have been ...

Stop With The Scratches on 2009-12-14

Recently my parents have decided to get the basement carpeted. You might remember this basement from another story I submitted about hearing footsteps on the concrete and having paint can knocked over by an unknown object. I assume that the ghost might be at it again. With all the workers going down...

Not Attracting But Repelling on 2009-10-05

The date was January 1st, 2008. I had recently been babysitting my neighbor's children while they were out celebrating with friends. My older sister was also babysitting at the time, for a different family further down the road. At the time I was in the car with my mother, she hadn't even pulled out...

Collection Of Events 2 on 2009-09-21

I said that I might add a second part onto my last story and here it is. All events are true and all events happened at random times, on random days. My house is not haunted, but I may be. See what you think. Shadows - Always out of the corner of my eyes there's something quickly darting away. I se...

Collection Of Events on 2009-09-16

Many of you probably know that I have had some pretty odd things happen to me. From Ouija boards gone wrong to being woken up at 3 am night every night I've had a lot of occurrences with the paranormal. Now I'm about to share some smaller experiences with you. I seem to attract various kinds of thin...

A Message From The Dead To The Dead on 2009-09-14

A boy that used to go to my school had committed suicide just this school year. He had been with my class for about 7 years and switched schools the year he killed himself. For safety purposes, his name will be changed, as will everyone else's in the story. A week after he committed suicide me and a...

Click, It's 3 Am on 2009-08-31

As a child I hated the dark, it brought about scary shadows and monsters that were of course all in my head. I had to have a nightlight in my room or else I would not be able to go to bed. When I got older I slept under the covers so that no ghost or monster could see me. Getting older still--around...

Pain 2 on 2009-08-17

Not many days had passed since me and Alissa had tried the Ouija Board. I didn't know what she did with the Ouija Board and I didn't care. I had gone to the store with my mom to get some photos from a disposable camera developed after I discovered it in a drawer. The camera contained photos from a c...

Pain on 2009-08-10

A little note before I begin this story. It's rather long even with me splitting it up into two parts and I feel that this can't possibly be split up into three. This happened about a year or two ago and there were so many events that occurred. Everything in this story is true and every name in the ...

Footsteps In The Dark on 2009-08-05

Our house was built by my parents on land owned by a rather rich family. The neighbours surrounding us have the same history as we do; they purchased the land from the family and built a house on it. No deaths are far as I know, I'm about 90% sure that no one has died on this land my house is situat...

The Noises Only I Hear on 2009-08-03

I would be lying in my bed at night, afraid of the dark like most kids my age (I would have been around 7 at the time) and worried that the 'noises' would come. Let me explain... While my parents were in the room across the hall from mine--most likely watching a movie--I would be sitting in terror, ...

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Date: 2010-05-13
News update: Turns out that Sadie has a tape recorder, so hopefully I can use that in the school. I just need to figure out a time when I can do that, since people will most likely hear me if I do it during church. I plan on doing it either in the hallway upstairs or in the ballet studio. I feel comfortable in both of those places (though the ballet studio gives off a creepy sort of comfort! 😆). I will probably try to find out from Sadie or Paige if the school is in use after church. I have my license now and a car, so I can drive there on my own time.
Date: 2010-05-11

I'll get that picture to you as soon as possible. As for your theory on the twin, I'm certain that he doesn't. I actually found history on this person but it didn't mention how he died. For some reason, the caption on that particular picture said that he appeared twice in the photo. Wouldn't they have also done research to make sure that it wasn't a twin?


I would probably be too scared to ever do any EVP work in that boiler room. It's behind a heavy door and I don't even know what's behind it. I also don't have a working voice recorder, so I'd need to buy one of those. Quite frankly, the whole place seems charged with energy and it carries a sense of eeriness throughout the building. I might take more pictures though. Hope you like my other stories!


I'm not really sure what to do with my findings. I don't really like the thought of leaving such a place the way it is, you know? If just looking at these photos can give you an idea of how lonesome and dark this building is, then imagine how I feel. Perhaps I could go with BadJuuJuu's suggestion and do an EVP, but I would feel more comfortable preforming it in the upstairs hallway. For some reason it gives me confort, even if Paige said she saw a light from behind a door there.

Thanks for the comments!

Date: 2010-05-11

Nice to hear from you again, I recall speaking to you in one of my other stories as well. I'm glad you enjoyed the story 😊


I have a picture that I looked over after submitting the story and I realized that the door had been messed with yet again. I got a picture of the lunch room and on the opposite side of the room were the doors I showed in the hallway. In this picture, instead of the right door being opened and the left being closed, the left door is opened and the right is closed. If you want to see this, I could show you via email. Let me know what your thoughts are!


Friends are a great thing to have 😜 I'm glad that you liked my writing, it's been quite a while since I submitted a story and I figured that I should take my time.

If anyone wants to see the picture of the lunch room or suggest what I do next since I'm going back soon, let me know. Your comments really mean a lot to me, thanks for reading!

-Hope ❤
Date: 2010-01-21

A coyote seems like a very plausible animal now. However, I've never seen a coyote around this area and it would be rare to see one in broad daylight. Coyotes are nocturnal creatures, just like foxes. Our neighborhood, as I've mentioned, is surrounded by a freeway on two sides which makes me wonder, how did this coyote (as I'll begin to refer to it for now) make its way into the neighborhood? This empty lot is surrounded by houses as well, almost like our neighborhood is a race track and the empty lot is on the inside part. I'm not doubting that this was a wild creature like you suggest, I'm just confused as to how it got here. For those of you who may want to know more about where I live, I live close to the state capitol and Minneapolis.
Date: 2010-01-20
Your points all seem to confirm what I was thinking. Some part of me though just wanted me to make sure. The part that I really want to know about is why is my dog barking at practically nothing? She has the huge ears of a German shepherd and with that comes great hearing. Why, if I go up to the window and see nothing, does she bark? Thanks for the replies.

Date: 2010-01-13
Very interesting story, you did a good job on writing it. I can't wait for more!


I'm open to the possibility that it was Cameron that was there that day. Something inside me tells me it wasn't though. While Tori and me knew him, we weren't that close. It seems odd that he would visit us when all of his friends were at his funeral. Thanks for your reply, glad you enjoy my stories ❤

Date: 2010-01-02
Thank you for all your comments

0angelus0 and WolfVoice258,

I can see where you might believe this story is just a bit over the top. Trust me, it took me quite some time to believe Alissa. But if anything, I've seen proof of Jeremy's existance. She came up to meone day and put her phone in front of me so I could see a little video on her screen. "Press play" she told me and of course I did. She went on to narrate the video. All it showed was a paper towel roll rolling across the couch. Jeremy was moving it back and forth she told me and I watched as it begin bouncing up and down. Of course that was when I began to believe her.

I'm still iffy on the wings, as most people are, but I'm positive that he wore no shirt. While he was great at protecting Alissa, he was slightly cocky, and never really became close to him. Alissa told me what he was saying at times, so I was able to communicate with him you could say.

I'm open to accepting that you don't believe, but I do. I was there, experiencing it all. I consider myself to be a very credible person but I also consider the fact that there will be those who doubt my credibility. But as for if the story is real it's not my choice, that's up for you to decide. Thank you both for your replies.

Date: 2009-12-28
Thanks all for your help. The scratches disappeared after that, and instead I was given bruises. Now the bruises are gone and the spirit insists on moving things around my room. My little sister got a guitar for Christmas and when I went to bed in the middle of the night I could hear something repeatedly strumming it. I have plastic bags in my room that I still haven't emptied from Christmas and when I go to bed at least five times I hear the plastic move and crinkle, or a like squeak from somewhere it the room. I don't know what's going on with this spirit, or what it wants, but it's freaking me out.


I have often felt I have a gift, I just have trouble using it. It's there at one point, gone the next. I've seen outlines of spirits one month and now I can no longer see them. If you look at my stories you'll see that there's a wide range of events that have happened to me. It's not just one thing happening, it's a big assortment of things.
Date: 2009-12-21

This might be a difficult task to do. I am woken up each day by the sound of an annoying alarm clock, something that easily interrupts my ability to remember what I've dreamt of. Other times if I shut my eyes to remember the dream I end up going back to sleep. If it's okay, I have a question for you now. You seem to know a lot about positive energy and whatnot, is this true?

Date: 2009-12-19

Sorry for forgetting to write up a reply for you as well. I have been thinking of keeping a dream diary, but I'm hesitant to do so. I'm particularly worried that my parents will discover the diary and learn what I dream of. I'm pretty certain that every dream I have has some sort of meaning behind it and I don't like others knowning what I dream of. Sometimes I will share, but most of the time I don't. If my parents or any other family member reads the dream diary I would freak. I do keep another diary though, one of all the paranormal experiances I have. I hide it with all my drawing things where it blends in nicely, but a dream diary might be harder to hide. I would surely have to use a big notebook or something, a change from the small journal I keep. Still, it might be worth a shot, right?

Date: 2009-12-19

I don't really like to share much of my personal life on the site, and figured that no one really wanted to hear what my night-mare was about. Friday night I dreamt of losing my boyfriend (does that not sound corny?) and it was a very confusing dream. Basically he would leave, I would try to find him, but there was always this man in the way. I didn't know the man, just my boyfriend. This isn't exactly the first dream I've had about people I'm close to, and I'm slightly worried.

You see, I once had a dream about my best friend telling me goodbye and not to worry. Of course I was worried and I happened to run into that friend's cousin that day. I asked her if my friend was okay and she shook her head. I found out that day that three of my good friends had gotten into a car accident and passed.

I had another dream like this again, another friend saying goodbye and I again found out later that they passed. I've also had a dream about a baby being born which also came true. This dream about my boyfriend worries me not as much, because if I have a dream it usually comes true the minute I wake up. However, there are first times for everything and I'm seriously concerned that this recent dream meant something. Your thoughts?

Thank you all for your replies.

Date: 2009-12-17
Great story, words cannot describe how I feel from reading this. It was wonderful how you were able to tell your mother that your father had crossed over safely, this must have made her feel better. Finally they do not have to be apart from each other anymore, they are in a great place. May you continue what you're doing by making others smile and feel better. Thanks for sharing.

Getting rid of the board would be a good idea. However, DO NOT burn the board. Burning the board releases all the entities trapped inside the board and will cause you to have more of a problem on your hands. The best thing you can do is cut the board up specifically into seven pieces and bury it in the ground. Tell the spirits to leave you alone, that they are not allowed to bother you anymore. Sage helps enormously, so you might want to burn it. Hang up crosses in your house, use holy water, there are many different ways to remove this spirit from your home. Best of luck!

Date: 2009-11-28
I disagree with this talk of 'your brother will never grow up if he's a ghost'. Hello, I'm in the same boat as you. My brother died when he was a baby and he's supposed to be 3 years older than me. People report all the time that they see some sort of tall figure standing next to me. When I ask who it is, some of my more 'gifted' friends tell me that whoever they are, they look just like you. Then again, like most, I'm not going to go all out and say that this is your brother, just that I think that ghosts can age as they see fit. For this ghost, why not ask if he's your brother. Say something along the lines of 'are you my brother?'. Maybe the ghost will respond, maybe he won't, you never know. It also helps to check the history of the house.
Date: 2009-11-23
Some say that the photos of orbs and shadows are the scariest on this site, but after seeing these photos I feel I've found something far creepier than shadows. The feel you get from your story makes it seem like you're almost there and then you supply us with pictures, now it's as if you really are there. I shuddered when I looked at the pictures, you can see just how quickly downhill this place went. The metal is twisted in places and it seems someone used the area in photo 5 for a paintball course. Good job writing this one. I can't wait to read your other stories!

Date: 2009-11-08
I'm pretty sure that they closed the board, though I can't be 100% sure as it doesn't say in the story. I think the greatest mistake they made was choosing to use an ouija board. If this 'Zak' is still bothering you, then I would suggest getting your house blessed. Thanks for sharing this story!

I believe that since you touched the being on accident before the sleep paralysis it made the spirit able to paralyze you. It's like touching a outlet when your hands are wet. You're basically allowing the energy to come to you as you're not prepared, you're drowsy and relaxed. Whatever the figure was didn't seem evil, maybe curious? Hopefully you won't have another experience with sleep paralysis. Thanks for sharing!

Notice with many of the ghost stories on here how things happen when you least expect them? You can always try going back to where you saw the old couple and try seeing them again, or you can carry on with your normal life and let them find you. Have you had any physical contact with the old couple? I know when passing someone sometimes you accidently bump into them or brush against them. Has this happened?

The blue mist, I honestly see it as an angel looking down onto you with love. It's like God looking down on you from above when you walk up the steps and there is some blue mist waiting for you. When most people capture signs of a ghost in a picture it's either an orb or mist. Perhaps this spirit can only gain enough energy to manifest itself in the form of a mist? Perhaps it's also your guardian angel. It doesn't seem harmful, so there is really no need to worry about it harming you. Pray for it to move on, or it will go away on its own. Maybe it's just God's way of letting you know how loved you are.

Your perception of God is a beautiful thing, you are more in touch with your faith than most people are and it makes me smile. The way you smiled to the old couple makes you seem to be very kind, happy, and deserving of God's love. This sad old lady you see is probably in need of someone to cheer her up and it just so happens that you are one of those few people that could make her smile. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and thanks for sharing.

Date: 2009-10-28
In my opinion, seeing something red (in what I believe in this case first started out as an orb) does not necessarily make it a demon. Many people believe that the orb's color depends on the emotions of the spirit when they died. Whereas one group of people thinks a red orb means that the spirit was angry when they died, another group thinks that it means the person had someone that loved them deeply when they died. Orbs come in all colors and it is not proven that red means demonic and white means angelic.
Because you seemed to have initially freaked out when you saw this blinking red light, you were already scared of this orb. Having the orb be a red color would make you even more nervous, enough to make yourself have terrible vibes from this 'demonic' orb. Then came the orb shifting into the shape of a person. Perhaps the spirit was doing this to ask for your help, to scare you, there are many explanations. But since you were panicking you assumed that it was there to harm you.

Notice how Connor was not spazzing out or feeling scared, if this spirit really was demonic, I'm sure he would have felt it too. Now demons can fool you into thinking its harmless, but I doubt that the spirit you saw would have been doing that. You and Connor were in the same car, if the spirit was trying to fool you, the spirit would have made sure to fool both of you. However, while you were feeling these bad vibes, Connor was completely calm.

I believe what you saw was an orb, a very freaky orb at that. But what I also believe is that it wasn't harmful. Being in the state of mind that this thing was after you, you could easily hallucinate, which could explain the hazy figures. If you want to, try asking that friend whose house you were waiting at about any deaths in the area, or any unexplainable things. Try going back and seeing the spirit again, this time bring holy water and crosses and know that if you see it you are protected, then see what sort of vibes you receive. Thanks for sharing!