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Hi,I'm Jorinda, I'm 19 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. I've always been very interested in ghosts and stuff:)
I have experienced some stuff too, although it's not as exciting as most things I read about here:P
Ah well, who knows what might be coming, right^^
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The Mysterious White House on 2009-06-15

I live in a small town in Limburg, the Netherlands. In this town there's this house, and every time I came past it I was just drawn to it. The house has been empty for as long as I can remember and it wasn't in the best state anymore. I never understood why, because it would be a beautiful house if ...

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Hmm those are both very good points and ideas...
My friend said yesterday that she wanted to research the papers too. Maybe she also knows some older people that might know something... It would be at least a start:)
I tried the internet just now, but all I could find was informaton about diesel and gas that would be very cheap 🤔
Maybe I'm not searching right... Does anyone know the best way to search for something like that?
Yes I thought so too, but we went to a school camp 2 days after we visited the house and when we came back it was already half torn down...😢
Its'a few years ago now and still that one room is standing there...
Maybe I could check the library for old newspapers... You never know what you find 😕