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i like to listen to ghost stories alot and I just think that they are interesting..
Ghost Stories from strawberrybabe2010

Someone Saying My Name on 2007-03-12

I was getting ready for bed the other night and I was checking to see if my little sister was ok and asleep. I went and told my parents goodnight because they were already in bed. I took my dog with me and I went to bed. I was getting all comfy and it was all quiet and all and I was laying there on ...

White Christmas Spirit on 2007-03-08

Hi, this is another one of my other story. I was in my room being bored so I decided to read. I was laying on my bed and the house I live in now is new, nobody else has lived in it. I was laying there, reading with my legs up and my book resting on them. I had this feeling that something just told m...

Look Alike Figure on 2007-03-07

Hi I'm courtney, I just want to tell you all about a couple of my stories I have encountered. One was when I was asleep in my living room chair. My little sister is about 13 now and she had a friend stay the night with her. They were outside getting ready to come in and something made them stop and ...