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Writing Poetry, Traveling in Indochina, Playing Chess, Astrology.
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Shynil on 2013-01-07

During my career as an amateur researcher of the paranormal I came across various types of manifestations. However, I have never written about a type that I have come across a few times. It may have a name but at least I am not aware of it. So I have named it as "Shynil" simply because of it's extre...

Revenge Attempt on 2012-12-17

Spirits are vengeful in nature. At times they patiently stalk their victim for years. But my role has been more of an investigator of incidents related to the paranormal and I don't think I have offended anyone from the other world as such. And even if unknowingly I might have been done so, due to m...

The Strange Tenant on 2012-11-07

I knew Jagdish from my college days. While he had a sharp analytical mind and would not let go until he got a logical explanation of anything that puzzled him, he also was a very religious person who spent good 30 minutes every day worshiping in front of his devhara which had a photo of his guru fra...

An Experiment on 2010-01-11

March 2002 - Place Pune, India. Although I personally witnessed the below incident, I was not the driving force behind it. For me, it was always going to be more like an experiment and I had already decided to be just a spectator with an open mind and that is exactly what I did. Let me share it. ...

Was This A Poltergeist? on 2009-10-05

I am not sure what the exact translation of the word poltergeist is in Hindi language. But in one of the local languages there is a term called "bhanamati" which is almost the same but used in much wider perspective. The chain of events that I am going to narrate can be loosely related to the same t...

Stone From The Tomb on 2009-09-29

Occult related folklores, associated with the rural areas have always fascinated me. The incident that I am about to narrate, took place near a well known hill station. There are couple temples built in the 18th Century in the same district and tourists who visit the hill station mostly go to the te...

Planchet: Went Wrong? on 2009-09-21

I have always preferred to stay away from planchets and Ouija board sessions. I avoid the forum meetings when any related experiment or session is planned. It's not that I do not believe in it. In fact I have seen quite a few examples that point towards success of the whole thing. But the main probl...

Row House on 2009-09-07

The below incident has no conclusive evidence of influence of any supernatural presence. But when looked at closely it brings out a picture that made me very uneasy. Moreover all this has been happening right in front of everyone without a slightest attempt to disguise or hide the facts. To a certai...

Rohini's Aunt on 2009-08-10

TRohini first narrated this incident to me in June 2002 who was a volunteer for the same group that I have mentioned in "Padma's experience". When she told me this on phone for the first time she was very badly disturbed and we thought it wise not to bring the topic up for a while before she recover...

An Existence After The Wax Objects on 2009-07-29

When my friend invited me to stay with him for a long weekend, I was only too happy to oblige. His house is around 2 hours drive from Pune (India) and in the rich sugarcane farm zone. He himself is very rich. And who does not want to be pampered for few days without any real work? I accepted. But he...

Haunting Near Old Well on 2009-07-14

This incident is not scary. But it throws open some questions for those who are doing research in this field and are keen to actually witness the hauntings. This took place in Maharashtra, India in a town of medium size. There is a very old well near the campus of Agriculture College. It is at l...

The Leather Belt on 2009-07-01

I must admit that my friend Vishal had made more progress than me in the certain techniques of meditation that make you extremely sensitive to you surrounding and helps you to spot any abnormal activity in the close vicinity. This is a required quality for anyone who wants to have certain experience...

Padma's Experience on 2009-06-23

I have always appreciated and supported efforts taken by Mughda who was a very zealous volunteer for anti superstition groups before she married and settled outside India. She is aware of my interest in paranormal and have read most of the other incidents that I have narrated in various other forums...

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Date: 2012-12-21
:) Friends this is how it happened. Individually perhaps I will be able to answer the skeptical
Queries and wise cracks one can never answer. But after a certain limit there is hardly point in doing that. My intention is not to prove any point. Neither do I write for praise or criticism. Its a simple reporting of what happened. It there is complexity within the incident itself then it cannot be helped.
Date: 2012-12-18
Many have asked about what is Sadhana. There are many way of it. I will tell you what I was taught.

Basically one starts with a meditation. As one starts to grow into meditation slowly a certain amount of calmness that starts spreading over the day. This is a very pleasurable state and gives you real piece of mind. Here one had to decide whether to move further or no. The first step in Nyasa which means imagining a flame in your head and controlling it in a certain way. Next comes maha nysasa which is exactly opposite. Now the kundalini start to respond. Once this stage is reached one is ready for Sadhana, It can be concentration, chanting, focusing on certain things, trying to see in the future, destruction of evil, try to see into one self or progress further towards Samadhi. Which is the last state.

I am sorry as due to the limitation of space I cannot write further and this is a very complex topic,
Date: 2012-12-17
When one progresses in Sadhana one acquires some powers. There is few who use it to help others, sometime you see negative use of it. Remaining neutral means simply continue the sadhana in not intrusive way. Just for the knowledge. Help no one, harm no one.
Date: 2012-12-01
Thanks for the nice comments. I can't answer all the questions in one go for all my stories. Drop me a mail on manga.danga [at] and I will try to answer what I can
Date: 2012-11-13
Yes I do feel he was not trying to harm anyone. In the natural progression of Sadhana generally it is not easy to remain neutral. Some turn positive and some negative. Walking in a straight line is tough. And even if one can manage it, the power that results is very much there. It will manifest in one form or the other.
Date: 2009-10-17
villageboy - thanks for the comment. Using the sensation for humans does not work for me. I cannot tell by touching. I have heard there are people who can do that but I have not met anyone. Good to hear that you also have some natural bult in sensitivity in you. Suggest you try to enhance using right meditation methods.
Date: 2009-10-15
I am going to return the stone when I am back either in pune and bombay. Not sure if it is a very bright thing to do but I feel in a moment of mad curiosity I have violated some basic rule. So I will have to return it.
Date: 2009-10-08
I kept on thinking that the warning was just something that was made up by clever villagers to ensure that the tomb does not get damaged. So it became more like a challenge which as a hindsight I think was a mistake. But as far as returning it is concerned I would not have dared to go back to the tomb once I realized that I was being chased up. My instinct was to run away from the place. I never had any dream or signal which suggested that I should return it. I don't know why but I was internally sure that I will not get any signal either. This may be because the influence had very limited reach. Problem will come if I have to go again to the same place for some other unavoidable work. I don't think I have courage to do it even now. So I will simply avoid. At the same time, I still think I should not have taken it in the first place. A big mistake especially since the women seem to have done no harm during her lifetime and had used her powers to benefit others.
Date: 2009-10-04
At first, I was afraid of going anywhere near the area. After that I was in UK and forgot all about it. When I returned back I have never given thought to it. But if the influence is evil then time would not reduce the impact. I still am not very keen to go back but then again it is not a good idea to dispose it off also. When I am back in pune or bombay may be I will try once for sure.
Date: 2009-10-03
Thanks for the very nice comments nightangel. Well giving it back is something I should try even if there is certain risk. One of the things on my agenda for sure when I am in the city.
Date: 2009-09-23
I agree. I did think on similar lines as well. But there have been occasions when the spirit tended to repeat same thing again and again. Its original personality did not manifest itself at any point of time. If possible, please take a look at my other incident "The leather belt". A good example of the situation exactly opposite to what I have discribed here.
Date: 2009-09-22
Yes. Mani was a spirit of a well known mathematician. Not someone who is world class but he seems have done some good work in his field. Hence I changed the name. Which again brings me to another thought. That summoning during the ouija board or any other planchet session is a curious situation. If one asks for help then the help may arrive. But in what form and if it will help it another ball game altogether. Mani on his own was not doing anything differently that what he did while he was alive. He was known to be a heavy drinker and was making lot of money by setting up question papers or writing notes. He was just doing the same in the spiritual form
Date: 2009-09-10
This row house was constructed on the farm land converted to residential land. But as shop is a commercial establishment, it needs to go through all the red tape again. Which is good because I don't see things going anywhere in the next six months at least:)
Date: 2009-08-13
I respect your experience and admire your courage. My two bits.

There is one more possibility. Body and speech paralyzed can be a symptom of someone trying to establish communication at telepathy level. Have you tried to communicate using your mind. Do not even attempt to move but concentrate and try to send your message. Because just like you are wondering why I am not able to move, what is coming into your room might also be wondering why this person is trying struggle and though me off, when he or she can simply tell me what to do using mind waves. They are as unfamiliar to our ways as we are to theirs.
Secondly it is not good. Any pleasure without karma is like taking a loan. You return it later with interest. So establish a communication and tell the thing to go away please.
No. Not really. He is interested in occult but to my knowledge this is the only incident when he was directly involved. Otherwise his interest seems to be limited to theoretical discussions and buying related books simply because he can afford to.
Date: 2009-08-05
Thanks for the comment:)

Actually lakshmi road. Second half of it. Towards Alka talkies.
A. I have practiced Hatha Yoga for last 10 years or so but not a teacher really. Basically the group with which I started practiced Vinyasa but I sort of did not jell well with the breathing instructions so started working on my own. Also my progress on meditation was very poor and then I sort of drifted away. I later on joined one group that thinks "Shavasana-dhyana" as the best possible way of improvement. If I can write on any email id I can explain in detail because it in a way finally joins advanced Dharana meditations. Risk is short-circuiting the process.

B. My hunch was that wax objects were burnt and in a way sacrificed. The relation was sex yes but I think the overall idea was to use an existence to affect the mind in such a way that it can be used in as a tool to reach or influence some woman which otherwise would not have even looked at the tantrik's client. Thats the reason for my reluctance to elaborate. It is a worst kind of sin.
I think my friend had understood one thing. When the sleep is light, the night passes without any experience at the same time when one was dead tired, then the existence manifested itself. Here it is worth noting that my friend had used this room during marriage of his sister. In truly traditional Indian marriage in rich families the rituals can span over a week or more. In some of these days you have lot of work or sometimes hardly anything. So my friend had ample opportunity to observe both the situations. I think his idea was to let me experience both the situation. He did not really realize danger behind it. Still I was bit cross with him to be honest because telling this to me upfront would have been better approach and safer also
Sadhana is a basis of each step that you take in the area of unknown. Does not really matter if you are a ghost hunter, a tantrik or whatever. During my stay in england I myself visited the most of the shops that sell number of merchandise related to tantra. In my opinion it adds no value. The real preparation comes from within you. Anyone who has crossed Pratyahara and Dharana stages in yoga can be internally stronger than anyone who is performing any kind of tantra or mantra. Everyone seems to be going on the wrong track here. It is not important whether one goes and resolves all the mysteries regarding the unknown that is happening around you. I could have very well stepped into the cemetery where the summoning was happening and stopped it. Here is the aghori mantra that can break it.

"khato bol tyecha jiv bandhu, mar thyeca hath bandu.
Aan guruchi, aan katyanachi,
guruchi shakti, revi bhakti, phuro bagat anntari wacha,
gorkhanaka mantra jugo jug sacha.

But that is irrelevant. What is important is to save the innocent and in this case it was my friend. Once again, perhaps I could have figured out why the I was sensing things only when I was sleeping heavily. But that would mean experimenting for two or three more nights. Too risky in my opinion. As to wax objects I have intentionally kept it vague and intend not to elaborate. I have seen people with no preparation and half baked knowledge trying to meddle with the experiments that are not for them with unpredictable consequences. So I apologize if I am leaving few question unanswered here but it is better that way. Feel free to read this as "ignorance":) Forgive me Surya. You have asked some good questions but leaving then unanswered.
Ritual - mahanyasa, significance - to invite help from outside to assist the tantrik in his personal gains or for his clients gains. As to why Tantra I am not sure. I use the same term for tantrik and mantrik. I have never really understood the difference