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Let There Be Light on 2012-07-02

Sometimes when things happen I often wonder "Is it just me?" but lately things have been happening in front of other people. I'm unsure whether to call this a Ghost Story but I am interested in your feedback... The first time I noticed something odd was when I walked into a friend's house. As I ...

The Deeside Incident on 2011-10-12

2nd October 2011 I first found out over Facebook that a local lad who I knew of had died that very day. He and his friends had left to go to Wales where they had taken their motorbikes to go off roading on a track known as Deeside. The young lad was pronounced dead at the hospital. The track is ...

Footsteps, Showers And Dogs on 2010-09-20

It's been 11 weeks since my boyfriend and I moved into my Grandma's home that she had lived in for some 50 years maybe even longer. She is now in a home and my dad and his sister own the property. As a temporary arrangement we currently live in the house along with our American bulldog Bella. My las...

The Move - Woken Spirits on 2010-07-06

Me and my boyfriend - and of course our American Bulldog Bella have just moved out of a house we were renting and into my Grandma's house which is on the road behind where we were originally staying. My dad had suggested this to us only a few weeks ago as my Grandma is now staying in a home and the ...

Someone Is Always Listening on 2010-05-19

It's been a while since I posted a story as to my disappointment not much has happened, on the paranormal side of things anyway. But now I have something to tell you... I don't know if any of you guys have heard of a Medium named Lisa Williams? She is from the UK but currently lives in the USA an...

Super Market Ghost? on 2010-01-11

Apologies for the very short story. Just before Christmas I was getting the last of my bits from my local supermarket. I had literally just walked through the sliding doors and picked up a loaf of bread from off the shelf. I crossed the isle (which is roughly around 3 metres wide) and opened the ...

Connecting With Karen on 2009-12-07

A couple of months ago I met a woman who is friends with my boyfriends mum. Her name was Karen. The first time I met Karen was at her own house, me and my boyfriend had gone round to collect some stuff off her. As soon as I saw Karen she looked very familiar to me, even the tone of her voice sounded...

The Reassuring Light on 2009-12-02

My Grandma died around 7 years ago now. For those who have read my other stories you will know that she spent her last 6 months in Hospital. My mum, along with her brother and sister, sold my Grandma's house not long after she had died. My mum experienced a lot of spooky stuff while she was sorting...

Haunted Finds In The Woods on 2009-11-09

When I was a child around the age of 12 me and a group of my friends would mess around in the woods near my mums house. We used to play in there often and build dens and tree houses. Naturally there were many spooky stories about the woods that the other local kids would tell us that we all used to ...

Who Or What Did He See? on 2009-10-26

Only a few days ago I was on my way home from work - as I get in my car I always ring my boyfriend to let him know I have left and will be home within the next 15 minutes. Occasionally I get caught up in traffic on the Motorway - whether it's an accident or road works, they usually cause a delay of ...

A Statue In The Night on 2009-09-22

I'd never think this story would be one I'd be posting on here - I am still baffled now and was very shook up at the time. Me and my boyfriend were driving home from checking up on my Mums house while she was away on holiday with my Dad. We drove up to a set of traffic lights that were on red, I ...

They're Everywhere 2 on 2009-09-08

Since me previous story 'They're Everywhere' I have experienced even more strange goings on. For those who have read the first part of my story you will know I was experiencing paranormal behaviour and a lot of strange things had happened to me, within the past week a few more things have occurred.....

They're Everywhere on 2009-09-01

Over this past 3 months I've seem to have become more aware of the paranormal. I have always had a slight fascination as to what happens after we die the afterlife and ghosts. But since the incident from my story 'Dead Relative Protesting To Ashes Being Scattered?' I have either noticed things more ...

Princess Diana on 2009-08-18

This is my mum's story, but she doesn't mind me putting it up. I can't remember the exact date of the sighting but I know it was AFTER the death of Princess Diana. It was within the week that her funeral took place. My mum claimed she was sat in our living room watching the T.V when something ca...

A Race With Death on 2009-08-10

I recently posted this story on a similar website but one discussing spiritual experiences. I've noticed the site doesn't seem as popular as this one does, so I am hoping to get the feed back I want. Here's the story... When my bother-in-law was 16 he became quite poorly and was rushed into hospi...

The Corridor on 2009-08-06

My sister has just got married, this weekend in fact (18/07/09). She had her wedding reception in The Lake District, she got married in Manchester which is where we are all from but hired out a lovely hotel in The lakes where we would all be spending the day with her and my new brother in law Simon....

Tantrums, Apparitions And Magpies on 2009-07-27

My Grandma died 7 years ago in her Hospital bed, 5 days after my nephew was born. She had spent her last 6 months in the hospital staring at the same 4 walls day in and day out. Leading up to her death she developed a different personality that would take over her one day and then the next day she'd...

Abby on 2009-07-07

Since my experience I've heard a lot of strange things have happened during the making of certain Horror Films - The Exorcist, The Crow, The Omen and Poltergeist - such as members of the Cast and Crew dying and becoming ill, fires on the set, burns and horrid reactions from the audience such as bein...

The Ghost Village In Turkey on 2009-07-02

Last August I went away for 2 weeks to Turkey with my boyfriend, sister, brother-in law and 2 nephews. Towards the end of the last week me and my boyfriend booked a Quad-Biking trip, which we went on in the evening as it was to hot and humid to go at any other time in the day. There was a group o...

Dead Relative Protesting To Ashes Being Scattered? on 2009-06-23

Recently my Mum has spoken, in our living room, about scattering my Grandma's ashes into a river that she requested in her Will. We have had the ashes in our living room since she died 6 years ago. My mum spoke about this in front of me, 2 of my sisters, my aunty and uncle (her brother and sister) ...

Last 20 posts from Hanbobs
Date: 2012-07-15
How can I be mad when my fellow SLIders from across the world are uniting?:) x
Date: 2012-07-14
My story has turned into a forum, awesome!:D so happy I'm not totally crazy haha
Date: 2012-07-13
Great feedback guys! Was unable to comment sooner as everytime I came into contact with my computer it would turn itself off. (kidding!) :)
I appreciate all of your comments and the links are very interesting! Thank you for posting them. I'm glad there's a name for this and I'm pretty chuffed that I'm a SLIder:D it's like I have some sort of power haha Super SLIders!
Imagine if we all got together - surely the world would blow up! Haha
I've never noticed any other electrical devices reacting to my 'super powers' and I don't wear a watch so that might be a good experiment to see what happens when I do!

I'm going to look more in to this so any more info would be greatly appreciated! Or even experiences - please elaborate:)

Hannah x
Date: 2012-01-05
For the past 7 weeks I have been attending a Spiritualist Church. One of the Mediums came to me one of those weeks and mentioned 'A young male who had gone to spirit and passed too early.' I immediately thought of the young lad and accepted what she was saying. She just mentioned that he was around me which was nice.
A few nights later I had a dream that I was confronted by the young lad. No words were spoken but he hugged me and vanished.
Date: 2011-10-20
Thank you for your comments.
The weekend that arrived after his funeral a friend and I traveled to the place he was layed to rest. I just felt as though I had to go.
We turned up to the cemetary on the Saturday just gone but the gates were locked, I have no idea why as it was around 1pm. Still eager to go we found a low fence and climbed over. It was of course completely quiet due to no one being in there at all and even though the place is quite big we literally found the grave straight away.
Upon entering my friend and I were confronted by a Crow/Blackbird that was perched on a grave near by. It took one look at us and flew away in the opposite direction into a nearby tree.
The boys grave was a mass of flowers and lit candles. There was no head stone there but at the foot of his grave was his name written in flowers. We stayed for a little while. I felt no confusion for him and walked away happy, knowing that he was at rest.

I was also suprised to see the grave next to his belonged to a young boy that I used to look after when I worked at afterschool clubs. He died from cancer at the age of 12 last month.
wow very interesting - maybe your daughter is the reincarnation of her? Do you know her name yet? Hmm would be interesting to see if your daughter continues to talk about 'things' until she has reached 6, (unsure how old she is) maybe after that she might not remember anything as the little girl died at that age and their are no further memories.
I loved this story. Where abouts in North England was this village? I'm in Manchester (North - West).
Your little girl will most probably forget any memories she has told you when she is a little older. If I were you I'd write them all down. This story reminds me of when I was younger, we used to visit Wales a lot and I vividly remember us all in the car driving down the lanes and stopping every 5 minutes or so to get out and open the gates leading to the next lane and shutting them behind us and driving off. When I reminded my mum of this she looked puzzled and said that was what she used to do when she was a child if she ever came with her parents (it's the same site in Wales she frequently attended when she was younger).
You mentioned at the beginning that you were told you couldn't get pregant again but you went on to have twins? Maybe a past relative has come back to you in a kind gesture so you could have another baby and your daughter is the result. If I were you I'd do some research of your family background. Try Census Returns. Your daughter could also be your great great great grandma? Hope you find some answers x
Mickamoo - thanks for your comment. Yeah American Bulldogs are big softies! A bull mastiff dog attacked her 2 weeks ago and mauled her face and she had a deep wound in her front leg. She never once tried to fight back and just collpased on the floor and relaxed as if to say 'I mean no harm, leave me!' and she also smiles! When ever we come in she scrunches her face up and shows her teeth kind of like a grin as she's wagging her tail, it's so cute! We also just got a puppy of the same breed, she LOVES him! And their so cute together.
Yeah nothing has happened since I posted my story which I guess is abit of a shame cause I love abit of paranormal activity! 😊
Hanbobs x
P.S I hope if you read my other stories you will enjoy them. I will read yours when you have posted them!
zzsgranny - it was a real fun night, there was a whole buzz of energy in the room. We took items and pictures related to loved ones that have passed. I had this small crystal cat that belonged to my grandma and when we got there my aunty gave us all a stick of lavender. My grandma wore lavander a lot and the smell just reminds me of her.
Unfortunately we didn't get a reading, she managed to read for about 6 people out of the whole theatre. It was very interesting to watch non the less and I wasn't dissapointed not to of heared anything. 😊
Hannah x
haha how strange! Well I will deffinately keep you posted as soon as I've been to see her. I can't wait! Thanks, I hope she comes through to. X
Date: 2010-09-22
Thank you! Aww Rex; Reminds me of Rex from Toy Story hehe.
Well my latest story is the follow up to this, Footsteps, Shadows and Dogs. I hope you find the time to read it and see what my latest experiences have been. It's been very interesting living here, infact it's up to now the most energy I have felt (as of yet!). X
Thanks guys for the comments! 😊
Yeah to me it seems pretty cool that all this stuff is going on.
Zzsgranny: No I haven't seen the face again as of yet, it would be interesting if I did. So, English bulldogs are prefered in America and American Bulldogs are prefered in England? 😆 what a backwards world we live in!
I'll keep you posted if anything else happens. Infact I'm going to see the famous medium Lisa Williams this Monday (27th). I'm hoping to hear from my mums mum, she died 8 years ago and a few of my stories have been about her so maybe all these vibes, visions and sounds I'm getting are to do with that? I hope she comes through! I'm taking an ornament of a crystal cat that she used to have on her fire place with me... It may help bring her energy forward. If anything does happen I will be writing a story. Fingers crossed! X
LOL at Kericho, you're obviously one of those posters who wastes a couple of hours of their day registering to a site that you're not interested in just to make a few cheesy remarks that have no point, just to wind people up. I see you have done this a few times on other stories. How very sad.
Unfortunately as long as we have life on this planet we will always have people like you that no one likes. 😆 The internet has been around for quite a while now, idiots we're making comments like yours then and here's you following in their footsteps somewhat many years down the line, boring! New material is needed I think.
Rob27: LOVED your stories and believe every single one of them and I feel for you. I wish you all the best and I hope you will keep us posted on anything else that happens with you. Let's hope it calms down and your daughters a little gem! Will be keeping track of any up and coming stories you decide to share on this subject. I too believe you were possessed by this Demon. Keep smiling dude! 😊
Date: 2010-08-12
Silmarwen thank you for your comment. Maybe you're right... Who knows? And yes I agree with the Chinese lanterns there have been many in the skies for the past year or so. I should have taken a photo of the statue and uploaded it with this story. It's around the height of an average person not a very big statue!
Date: 2010-08-12
77believer thank you for this info... I shall look into that!:)
Date: 2010-07-13
Thanks for the comments guys! 😊 I already spoke allowed to this 'spirit' and told it we mean no harm what so ever, I haven't really had any problems since except we've heard the odd banging of doors coming from downstairs at night when we're in bed. And I also notice that it seems to like sliding the cupboard door open that's under the sink in the kitchen, I don't know how many times I've come back to find it wide open and just laughed at this little game and closed it, only for it to be opened again! 😆 And I can guarantee it won't be my boyfriend as this cupboard is home to the fabric softner and washing tablets for the washing machine, so he would have no reason to be opening it as he doesn't even know how to turn on the washer! Hehe
Bella has calmed down now although she's still not keen on being on her own in the house so we have to make a sharp and quiet exit so she won't get upset and anxious. And yes I agree, Am BD's are so sweet, she is the softest dog and in my opinion the best - she weighs in at 7 stone which is just under 100lbs, you think she'd be scaring things away not cowering. 😉
And thanks BadJuuJuu we like the name too!

Hannah x
Date: 2010-07-07
This story seemed to bring back memories from my child hood - spooky as I don't remember any of mine or my sisters dolls moving. But the part you mentioned where she through something at you really related to me. Does that make sense? I don't even think it makes that much sense to me...
We also once had a clown doll that none of us liked as it used to laugh in a wicked way when you pressed it's tummy. We sold it on a car boot outside our house to a random guy driving past in his car?
Have you ever reminded your dad of the doll and asked what happened to Sunny?
Thanks guys! I'll definitely keep you posted... I can't wait. 😁
I couldn't quite make out the figures on your picture so copied it into Photoshop on my computer and lightened it and got quite a suprise. I see the figure of the soldier but no woman but when you describe the scarf over her head I think I know where you mean. To me it looks like a man hunched over with both his arms reaching down as though he is retrieving something off the floor. I also see the white stripes on either arm. Would you like me to email you the lighter image... It is much clearer.
Date: 2010-01-13
It made me laugh, I was expecting to walk past the freezer and see someone sat on the shelf throwing the cheese out at the customers... I'll throw something back next time! 😆
Hanbobs x