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Horses and ghosts
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I reckon its amazing how you have seen this black wolf for your whole lifetime, it must've been an extraordinary experience having wolfers as an imaginary friend. I haven't had any experiences like these but its sounds like a hell hound or a demonic wolf, do you know if its trying to harm you?
Amazing story btw!
Poor cat it brakes my heart to hear that it stitches came undone and its insides were hanging out I mean like how would your neighbours like it if their insides were hanging out gosh I hope the neighbours die
Date: 2010-04-18
This is very interesting and mind bobbling and thanks for sharing this storey
Thats a lovely story I got my bird stolen lats year and I'm going to pray to god and see if he's still alive
Date: 2010-04-13
Great story I love horses and one time when I was at my aunties place I went for a walk around and I found this old stable in the bush I found horse brushes saddles etc and I went back and told my auntie and she said not to go near there and I said why and she didn't answer I still need to find out why I can't go near there.
Date: 2010-04-13
I liked this story at first but when I found out what happened to the horse it broke my heart and I love horses the neighbours were so cruel I mean why did they chop its head off its better to take the horse and sell it if they can't sell it give it to a local horse riding place who ever the neighbours were I hope the are in hell right now 😠 and do you remember the colour of the horse thanks.
I love horses especially white horses and have you looked up the history of the land hope this helps
Date: 2010-04-13
I love horses:) and good story if that lady was riding one of my horses I would be so scared but I recommend you put a security camera or something in your stable and see what happens hope my advise works.
Date: 2010-04-13
I love horses they are my favourite animal I have been searching ghost stories for ages just to find a story about a ghost horse. I feel horrible that that horse got shot by a local hunter 😠 I mean like didn't he see it plowing who ever shot the horse is a stupid idiot anyway if I was you I would search for the horse and try and communicate with him/her and tell him/her that its ok to leave now and the horse probably feels that he hasn't got the job done and he has failed at one thing he did well but he hasn't failed he has got the job done and it's time to leave and go to heaven with all his horse friends 😊
Date: 2010-04-11
Thank you for sharing your story may your dog R.I.P, she might have died from a heart attack because of the ghost could have scared her to death, may that evil spirit go back to hell it shouldn't have come up and picked your innocent family it should just leave you alone I'm so angry at it, may your dog R.I.P she might visit you
Date: 2010-04-06
Hey Junebugger has your dog ever done something like that before and I suggest to keep a close eye on her just incase the ghost comes across her again
Date: 2010-03-10
this has happened to me but except it was covering my whole door and it was tall and skinny y I didn't see the nose or anything just a dark shadow
Woah as I was reading this when you said I saw a creature about 2 or 3 foot tall the image immediately popped up into my head of what it looked like and when I continued reading it said what I thought the creature looked like and I got freaked out 😨
Date: 2010-03-05
This is a very weird and scary so this happened when you were 3 well I'm 17 and I will not have the courage to do what you have done when you were 3
Wow this is a story the ending is beautiful how you said All I can say now is that mountain has many lost souls I believe and they all just have unfinished business. It seems to me that they died before there time and will continue to stay there until they have found there peace. That's a lovely story and be aware because you may run into that lady one day
Date: 2009-12-21
I'm sorry that you lost your dog and I do believe you. The skinned dog could have been a warning to protect your dog and also it could have been your dog
Date: 2009-12-21
well to me it sort of sounds like chupucabra
And if I were you I would have pissed my pants lol 😉
i agree with laniparis as she said Maybe you could check out the history of the house, and you might even want to consider getting a priest to bless your house
Date: 2009-12-18
Hi I would love to see the pictures of the scratches just contact me at kellettjulia1 [at]
Date: 2009-12-16
Hi Tracker337 I just wanted to tell you in some Native American legends, a skin-walker is a person with the supernatural ability to turn into any animal he or she desires. Similar lore can be found in cultures throughout the world and is often referred to as shapeshifting by anthropologists.