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Ghostly House In Edmonton 2 on 2009-10-12

Last time I left off telling everyone about the interesting and positive ghostly experiences I've had in my home in Edmonton. As I promised before, I will include this story as an update of what has happened in my home paranormally since that time. The first new experience took place four-ish mon...

Ghostly House In Edmonton on 2009-07-07

In 1997, my family and I moved into a nice little home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was a well-located, very nice house in a very nice neighbourhood. Fortunately, we have experienced many, many ghost experiences in there since we have moved in. I have had ghostly experiences since childhood, so ...

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Date: 2009-10-21
Really interesting story. I also enjoyed the title "Blue Balls". It had me snickering for a few minutes.
I believe I have a fair understanding of the paranormal, and a gigantic share of paranormal experiences to my name, as well. This resident ghost is not intimidating, nor is he evil. Most of the fear of ghosts stems from the lack of understanding on a lot of people's parts. Watching TV shows and reading stories are really not enough until you experience the paranormal for yourself. It is very neat when you do experience it, at least if it's not a bad experience.
The video worked fine for me when I tried it right now. The experiences in my house are just a really cool experience. It really is too bad that not everyone has such positive experiences with the paranormal. Too many people seem to be hit by the negative side, and that is very difficult to live with.
Date: 2009-09-26
I looked over them and made some conclusions.

#1) Most likely a reflection of the flash on the camera. Remember that all humans are victim to the phenonema known as facial matrixing, where we see human faces in random objects like clouds, reflections, unusual shadows, etc.

#2) Interesting and with the reasoning you gave to the last person who mentioned it, I cannot explain it.

#3) Pattern of light reflection. If you stand directly in front of a mirror, it will reflect directly behind, unless it isn't set up straight and level. If you look at it, from an angle, it will reflect the light in an angle. One of the doorknobs are reflected because of the perpendicular angle from which the photo was taken.

#4) The orb is most likely dust or moisture. You can tell by it's perimeter reflective surface. For orbs, you should look for ones that emit their own light, as in, they have a very strong color and seem to emit their own energy.

#5) Same idea as #1, with human matrixing. Because we are so used to seeing humans everywhere, we see them as shapes on the sofa, when they are most likely (though not for sure, I wasn't there), reflections from the flash on the angles of the sofa.

#6) Same as #4.

#2 which was the most unusual happened to be in your son's room. It seems to be the hotbed of activity if your son interacts there so that should be the place to set up camera (s) and any type of audio recorders. You just might catch on EVP or someone out of the ordinary on camera.
Date: 2009-09-25
All of them would be interesting to see, even the orb ones. The orbs you caught could be something other than the typically explainable ones.
Date: 2009-09-25
Orbs have a very large grey zone to them. I personally don't accept them as evidence unless they are very conscious orbs that respond to speech, give off their own energy and have a sort of shape to them.

The unusual reflections and the light effects you caught on camera may be something else, though. If your son has experiences in his room and then you get unusual photos of unexplainable light anomalies while in his room, you add concrete to your son's interaction with what cannot be seen.

Still, I don't think there is a reason to worry yet. Kids can get scared of certain people, and ghosts have the traits of the person in life. If a person had a facial deformity and they spoke in a raspy voice, that would continue to death. Someone who'd look like that would certainly scare a child. If the ghost was indeed malicious, he would go after everyone in your family, and he would scratch and hurt your son. Communication is important, but contrary to the Anglocized view of the world, ghosts don't miraculously learn English.

Also, the photos would be interesting to see. If you can't post them, or post a link to them, could you describe them in some greater detail?
Date: 2009-09-25
An important thing with ghosts and little kids is the explanation to them of what they are seeing. You shouldn't outright tell him that these are dead people talking to him and that's it. You also shouldn't tell him that it is entirely his imagination as that is very damaging to a kid, and they are more likely to become annoying sceptics in adulthood, as well. Try and talk to him about it, ask him to draw what he sees, and tell him to not worry as ghosts do not really have the ability to really hurt people. Most ghosts only want to communicate, and they might seem to be scary because they are the unknown.

If there are indeed native ghosts at your house, there is little you can do. Make them see that you aren't bad people and they shouldn't worry about you, especially the 'scary' one. Remember that natives were massacred in the millions, then they were buried in unmarked grave sites, and then houses were built on top of them. How do you think someone would feel?

In my opinion, you have nothing to worry about and your son is really seeing something. Just show respect to the ghosts, and they will respond. Needless to say, your son will one day have to sleep in his own room. Gently explain everything to him and maybe set up a camera or an audio recorder in his room. If you think what is scaring him is malicious, call someone for help. Whatever religion, or no religion, you believe in, there will be someone to help you with 'out of control' ghosts.

Good luck!
Date: 2009-09-04
hobbyholly, was the Asylum you were referring to Waverly Hills Sanitarium? I've heard some pretty disturbing stories about that one. I've also seen the two episodes in which the TAPS team went in to investigate. Places with guaranteed paranormal activity are always jails, hospitals, and insane asylums. Why? All of the extremes of emotion have been seen in those places and certainly many people died before their times.
If you want to find out your home's history, try going to town hall or the department of museums and history (depending on the age of your home). Believe it or not, absolutely anyone can look up the history of a home, so you should be able to check up on it without even a proof of home ownership. A lot of stuff in the world are undocumented, however, so it might seem like a daunting task if you come out empty handed. Remember that ghosts can linger, even if they are from a different time, before there might of ever been a house there. Try communicating with it directly. Since it is clearly not evil, there should be no harm in that. Just don't use a Ouija board. Too many people think that you need one of those to talk to a spirit. If you use one of those boards, that's when the problems will start.
Date: 2009-08-13
I'm afraid there is not too much you can do. Do not quote from the Bible! That drives malicious entities to be more aggressive. It is attached to you exclusively so moving away won't help you either. Use the Ouija board to undo what you have done. Do not burn it, or toss it away as it has a strange habit of coming back to you. You've already unleashed hell upon yourself so try undoing it with the board. If all else fails, get a psychic trained in cleansing to help you get rid of it. Stay away from the religious option. Too many times I have seen a priest try to do an exorcism, but what happens is that the spirit becomes malicious ten-fold. It clearly hates you, it is clearly angry, and it clearly is a danger to you. The main lesson: NEVER PLAY WITH A OUIJA BOARD!
I don't know if you should be worried or not yet. No-one has been hurt yet and a crash is not a sign of violence, just a way to get attention to itself. If your mother does suspect a dark spirit or a "demon", you bet it can follow you. Unless it was conjured in the house and unattached to your mother, it would not follow. Once it attaches, a demonic being stays with you until you find a way to get rid of it.
The cat in my house is used to them. He looks up at them for a few seconds wide-eyed, but then relaxes again. The ghosts are comfortable with all of us in the house, and we most certainly are used to them. I would never in a million years let outside investigators and their psychics into my house. If anything else happens in my house, I'll let everyone know. It's been pretty quiet for a few weeks now, but you know what they say: "It's always darkest before the dawn."