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ScottRuiz's pictureMy name is Scott. I am 26 years old. I am an actor and family man and love to just do things. I don't drink or smoke anything. I am very open minded. My motto is: believe the unbelievable. You can find me on facebook. Just search my name and the location is Dallas, Tx. Would be cool to chat about random paranormal stuff.
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It Could Have Been A Lot Worse on 2014-06-16

I have not posted in four years. Between the time of my last posting until now, I have yet to experience anything 'spectacular'. Until now. The other night I was home alone. The family took off for the evening with some of my in-laws that drove up from Austin. We have been in this new house we a...

Standing At The Door on 2010-09-28

This happened just last month. A few days of terror for my family and me. We were house- sitting for my mom while she went downstate for a short vacation. She told us that we could take her master bedroom because it was bigger and we could sleep our three kids in there with us. We told her ok but en...

Kitchen Company on 2010-07-26

Far away from the place I called home. Now we are in Texas. The year is 1999 and with my parents being divorced now, my mom was the only person bringing in the money. SO, we ended up moving from a beautiful house in a suburban neighborhood and into an old house far in the country. This house was old...

Shadow Baby on 2008-03-31

A few months ago, my wife and kids and I were staying the night at my mothers house. In a room that was added on later on after building it. My mom was renting the house from this couple. This room was always kind of freaky. On night my wife said she saw this Cylinder shaped object floating in the r...

The Pig on 2007-08-28

My father told me this story a few years ago about when he was younger. They lived in Waco Tx at the time out in the country. He told me about this pet pig he had out in the farm that his parents had. I would say he was about 14 or 15 at this time. He would tell me that he would come home and feed t...

She Saw a Clown on 2007-08-20

This happened in the same house as in The Basement Dancer. It was 1989 I believe at around 9:30pm-10:00pm and everyone in the house was was already settled in except for my two oldest sisters (13-14) they were getting ready for bed and were the bathroom which had a connecting door to the basement ne...

The Basement Dancer on 2007-08-14

The year, I think, was 1992 in December. I was 8 years old. On this day my mother and father had gotten home from shopping. I was excited to find out that they had gone Christmas shopping! So as I was looking through the already wrapped gifts, I saw that I had less then everyone else. Being a kid I ...

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Date: 2010-07-30
faerielike - Thank you! I will make sure to bring all I can give! Lol. Just keep reading!

Nadia - Thanks for reading! I am glad I was able to pull you into the story. Also, thanks for the compliment.
Date: 2010-07-29
princessLotus - Thank you for reading. I have many more still to come. Keep in touch.
Date: 2010-07-29
23_Chantelle_23 - Thanks for the read. Yea, we were all in the same boat at the time. Living there, we all had some form of contact with the unknown, so we all knew how each other felt. I would not like to know why they were there and what they wanted. Again, thanks for reading.
Date: 2010-07-29
HardToScare432 - Yes that is what she described to us what she saw. Thinking about it now, it does kind of resemble the drawing on the cover of that book. But she did see it and actually hates talking about it now. It was dark that night but that is what she said it looked like.

Faerielike - Thank you for reading. I already have a few other stories if you would like to read them. I have many experiences to there will be many more stories.

DARKNESS - Being 15, there was not much I could think of doing other than running out. I also believe that the radio turning on by itself was a way to lure me in. The spirit had to find an easy host. Me being in a "safe spot" like I was in the living room with some religious decor already all over the place kept it hiding in the dark. Being said, I believe that the bathroom was the spot where it would have taken over. The moan in the kitchen...well, I don't know what that was, but from what went on that night I would think it was what ever was in that house. Maybe trying to take an energy form, and that is what my sister saw in the window. I got out just in time...
Date: 2010-07-28
Gadget - Yes, that night was a night that would have been a lot worse. If I would have just ran into a room and hid under some covers, I would have seen some things that only hell could have spawned. But running out was the best thing. When I ran past my moms room, Something was in there. It was just coming out. I think that was what came up to the window. It was just that close of "taking" me.

Pendragon - It was something that had to get real bad first I think. The feelings she had were small compared to that night. My mom always thought there were reasons and explanations for everything even though she has had many experiences with the supernatural that she could back up and put on her life that it really happened. But thanks for your concern. We are FAR away from that house. Never looking back.
Date: 2008-04-05
Flutterofwings - Yes I should have asked about that house but I am not sure that my mother is still in contact with anyone that owns it. My wife told me that she didn't feel threatened by it but that room gave her the creeps.
Date: 2008-04-04
ChrisB - Yea, we never liked staying the night there really. It was always kind of eerie before anything happened. But I don't know anything about that place. My mom didn't either. But Right above the door in the room was a cross and an angel. Kind of like trying to keep something away. Thank you for taking the time and reading my experience.

KimSouth0 - You are welcome, Thank you for reading it. I had heard of some entity called "Boo Men" I heard of them from the "scary Stories to Tell in the dark" Book series so it may not be real but it makes sense. They hide in the shadows of dark places in your house or outside. Whatever you believe is hiding there will take the form and come after you. Thats what I saw happened. Because my wife was afraid of that house in the first place. But It may not have been a baby, maybe just a simple monster of sometime. Or Alien. Thanks for showing some interest in my experience.

Patch - You know I have read about those things in a Tabloid. I wasn't sure if it was real or not but I also believe that you can't always disregard those topics and stories. "Deny Ignorance".

Painted_Veil - Well, I am glad we were not injured in anyway. May mentally somehow after that but nothing else. We have stayed in that room before but only had eerie feelings. I believe it could have been something from another dimension criss-crossing ours that was just paying us a visit. Whats funny is, when we don't know or understand something, It scares us to death. We must come to a common ground on these these happening before we can fully understand. Thank you for reading.
Date: 2007-08-29
SHANE - I was thinking the same thing. I think maybe it was a well an obvious demon of some sort. It was probably an easy "entry" if you will to get near my dad. And your welcome. I am glad you read them. Thank you for the comment.

ATHNEA - Yes. Pigs seem to be somesort of symbal for demons Ha. I don't know. People seem to relate when it comes to demons and pigs. Your aunt was probably high and was an easy target. My dad was too young to do that. Or maybe not I don't know. But smoking weed never was brought up Ha. THanks for the comment.

JANICE - I would like to not believe what he has told me. But I mean, life is a mystery and we are just coming out of our shell with what we can except and not. Some people actually get to experience the unbelieveable. It could be a bad thing or a good thing. Its really up to the host. Thanks for teh comment.
Wow. Very interesting. There are some ghost that don't even know that they are dead. They cannot see the living , they just live the last few moments of there life ovr and over again. This may be the case. If its bothering you then yes you should move before it notices you.
Date: 2007-08-28
Very strange. Maybe it was like you said, a kind of paralyzer. Something to mark you so they could find you later? Have you seen anything like this recently?
Date: 2007-08-24
Well I thank you for your respect man. Same here. Do you believe in following spirits?
Date: 2007-08-24
Yes. Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate them. Almost everynight before I went to bed I would make sure the door that led to the basment from the bathroom was locked and and I would put a Rolling pin layin behind the frige jamming the basment door in the kitchen shut because it opened as you pulled it.

I can only think of it as baby dress shoes. I remember my baby sister having a pair and I remember how they sounded on the sidewalk or concrete.

Thanks again on the coments. I have a few more about this house.
Do you believe in folowing spirits?
Date: 2007-08-24
Hello everyone. Sorry I have not been able to reply for this is the first time I have been on in like a week and a half.
Thank you for all of your comments. For the record This is not a "fake" Story. Everytime we have a family get together we always seem to bring ghost experiences up and this story always comes up and they stick to the same details and give me there word. I really do trust what they say. That house had givin us trouble ever since we have lived there.
I understand everyones opinions and respect them. Thanks again.