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Mr. Samuel D. Crockett
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North Carolina
Hello my name is Sam, and first of all I do want to thank the folks at You Ghost Stories for the opportunity to express myself, and tell my story.
My experience with ghost or the dead goes back to 1978 when I saw a ghost for the first time. Since then I have tried to ignore all of the signs of being haunted, it was 1992 when I realized that it was a very serious problem when my sleep was interrupted on nightly basis, and to this day my nights are still plagued with multiple interruptions. Unwillingly he dragged me into their world, on the other side.
I have learned who the ghost is, but I can
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Are All of You in Here Dead? on 2007-09-13

Shortly after falling asleep like many times before, the dream interruptions starts out very suddenly and, out of the blue, and without warning. The next thing I know, boom! I'm there, on the other side... I was standing on a play ground it was a vividly bright day but, had a golden tint about it, a...

Spirit Entering my Body while Asleep and Vivid Dreams on 2007-09-04

I've all ways thought of myself as a regular guy, and did guy things. I go the work each day, and after work when I have time, I would play ball, and hang out with the fellows, and drink beer you know, normal stuff. At the end of the day from time to time I couldn't help, but to think about my night...

The First Time I Saw a Ghost on 2007-08-20

I remember the year our Father died, 1976, and the family rode the greyhound bus to Louisiana from North Carolina, our Mom, my twin Sister, and two Brothers. There he had lived with our Grandparents up to his death. After his funeral and, fresh out of high school, it was time to think about my futur...

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Hello, Martin I would like to thank you for the opportunity to express my accounts of the unusual and afterlife. Your site has already opened up doors to new understanding about my situation. I do realize now that I’m not alone in seeking the truth and, knowledge about the dead. Thanks to all of the writers for your wonderful stories and God bless you all, Sam
Hello, Shane It’s just a title, and I’m glad that you took the time to read my story. Before I sit to publish anything about my unusual accounts I already have the answers. I do have any stories that I can’t answer too or don’t understand and that worries me. Those stories I will like to publish later. I do thank you Shane, for your comments. Take care, Sam.
Yes, to your question Kim I don’t find myself in a dream but find myself among spirits when I ‘m sleeping. There are many reasons my siblings and I have dislike"s with our Father, but now he's passed amd I feel our Father's spirit should move on. When My time is up, I will not subjected my children or love one's to the mental anguish of being dragged to the other side. In other words "Haunted..." Take care Kim, Sam.
Hello, Alona my name is Sam Crockett and I’m from North Carolina. I do have a question for you “What are your special gifts? My Mother always told me that I was gifted But, I think defer, although she herself is truly gifted, being a minister of her church her prayers has healed many. Take care, Sam
Dear, Bellissima First of all I want apologize to you, I’m sorry. Yes I get a little stressed out, but not all the time, only when I look back on my notes. I hope you understand, all I want is to get an uninterrupted night of sleep. I don’t want you and my follow writers to get the wrong impression about me. You had asked me a very good question. Sometime I do have parts of what I call dreams happens, but not often and when I do, it is exactly same as before. Thank you! And I hope to hear from you soon. 😊
Hello Bellissima, I do understand what you are saying, I have Sister's and Brother's they can't remember most of there dreams also. Understand me these aren't dreams they are spirit related. Sorry I can't go into great detail with all of you about this, but I can assure you that all my stories are true. The reasons; and it's just my thought's, most poeple over the world can't remember there is because there dreams are not spirit related. Thank God.
Date: 2007-09-09
Hello, Dear
You have mentioned that this had happen before but, not like that. It sounds to me that you were attacked in your sleep. Sometimes people with that type of haunting they really don't know what’s happening to them so, they shove it as a bad dream when the fact is, they were attacked by spirits, and I hate to break the news to you, but they were most likely the same spirits as before. Take care.
Hello, David I surly hope you’ve enjoyed that story and, yes I do have many true stories to tell. Some people think that ghost is exiting; well I don’t. There are very few people like myself that’s haunted on daily basic that feel the same way I do. Take care, David.
Hello Jeya, First I want to keep it short, and to the point ok. Stay away from the Ouija board. One can invite a spirit that can haunt you for LIFE. Sorry, Dear!
I want to give thanks’ to all that read my story, and to those who help correct it. I would like to say that I find satisfaction in the fact that you have the knowledge and understanding about the other side. I’m all ways willing to listen to others, and our young authors thank you for your stories.

Hello to you Shane, I’m very sad to say that my father didn’t manifest to say his last good bye. He is still here and I don't mean, in a good way.