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The Red Eyes Of The Daywoods on 2009-07-20

I'm Gillian. I am 22 years old, living in the Netherlands. My roots are Indonesian, my mom and dad are both from Indonesia. (And sorry for my bad English) I lived in a city called Alkmaar. It's the cheese capital city of the Dutch people. And know me living in Zaandam that's about 15min from Amste...

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can I come for a sleep over? Pleassseeeeee
I like haunted houses...
Date: 2009-08-18
hahah nice... I knew once. When I came home, from goign out. All drunk and stuff... I went to my bedroom to change, and then to the bathroom. But when I entered I saw my cat sitting on the toilet peeing hahahalol. I looked at him like; 'wha!?' and he looked more like; wtf if bin caught ' hahahlol... And quickly he ran of the toilet en went to the attic haha. Silly cat
Date: 2009-08-05
common sense hahalol... But youf seen dark stains. Normally that concludes its more like blood. And a woman screaming around, woman are fragile at night. I should woke up one of my parent (my are divorced lol) and then went downstairs looking trough the front door. What if it was real!? Second -
If it was a ghost you should ask people around for investigate. If there was a woman killed by an accident or murder whaeva.
I will hear it from you

Take care
Date: 2009-08-05
strangest thing is... When I wrote a story about something in my room (no any pipes or anything at all) because its always smells like sewer. And in a particular area in my room its smells sometimes like sewer, and getting an strange feeling. That I'm not alone (also not that afraid,I'm just too). Everytime when I clean my room I scrub the floor in that area the scent keeps coming back. And also I couldn't detect any pipes or anything (metal detector) and when I began fallin into sleep, I feel a rush. If someone ran into me. I got that feeling like if you sit in a roller-coaster very strange... But one of the person of this site, told me that my story had nothing to do with ghost or whaeva? So hey what do you think folks
you shall try to plug out the power cable, and then see what happens at that time
very nice... But this host don't know what ghost really are... You can smell them also bad smell means bad vibe.
haha lol no, it was way long ago, to explore... I'm 22 now. Its now use, sorry. But if got other things that I want to explore
no it was no animal... It eyes was glowing. And the feelin that I had was no animal... Very akward
Hi how are you? I saw a comment about the demon that protected that guy...
But have you ever heard of an bad angel? Fallen angel?
Well if, then there can be a good demon... Demon confuse people... Demon can tell you the truth or lie, it depends on what your feelin is.
Do you want to listen to him or not. It mess with your mind.

I will hear it from you, It would be nice

Ciao Gill

(outlook is doing stroggle up, so...)
Date: 2009-07-20
Ghostluver' lol yeah I know but, ever heard of an bad angel? Fallen angel of god? Well if, then there can be a good demon... Or does it sound crazy!? 😕