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New Apartment And Disturbed Sleep 2 on 2009-08-04

The following incidents are recent happenings after my previous post. These days I have been waking up sometime between 2 - 4 am and I am wide-awake. There are no unpleasant feelings when I wake up, it doesn't feel like someone woke me up forcefully like before. I feel like something or someone...

New Apartment And Disturbed Sleep on 2009-07-21

I moved to a new apartment in the first week of June and since moving am having trouble getting a good sleep. I don't have insomnia or any kind of sleep disorders and have had the ability to sleep anywhere peacefully given a pillow and a blanket. I did not have any trouble sleeping in the initial fe...

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Date: 2012-03-12
Well written! I am sorry that you had to go through all these, and relieved that the entity dint follow you when you left!
Hey Aya, I am sorry that you had to go through so much in your life, hope life has regained normalcy now. When I read your accounts (all 4 of them), I could sense your fear and other emotions, very well written! God Bless, Pie1025.
Hi, I would agree with others that a sincere apology may help. Have you considered the possibility of the three guys playing some kind of a trick on you? Just a thought!
Did you use a digital camera to click the pics? My older digital camera used to behave weird when clicking pictures in the dark, similar to what you mentioned (it was a setup issue that I couldn't fix).
Hope there is a happy ending soon... God Bless, Pie1025
Hi Vanessanda,
Thanks for sharing the story - What makes it interesting is that your parents found you under the bed once, so it may not have been just a dream. You are sensitive to paranormal for sure! Waiting for more entries from you!
God Bless, Pie1025
Date: 2011-12-09
Hi LG,
The following is what came to my mind when I read your experience:
1) It seems spirit guides can play such tricks to you. When I had some issues a few years ago, a psychic friend of mine did some clearing and had told me that this was because my spirit guide had recently changed then. It dint make much sense at that time but I was desperate that I was open to anything that helped at that time. I should say that things got better after the consultation.
2) Our consciousness/mind is similar to a photographic plate that gets exposed to multiple images. This can cause experiences like yours and in such instances, meditation helps if you are open to it.
I am not as knowledgeable as many others in this website, though I would like to help in any way I can. I pray that you regain your peace of mind soon!
I don't know if its sleep paralysis or not. Following has helped me with sleep paralysis: a) Try moving one of the toes during the sleep paralysis b) Sleeping on my side c) trying to relax consciously during sleep paralysis.
If its not sleep paralysis, asking for protection from divine/God/Angels help. Know that no spirits can take charge when you are mentally strong - its only the moments of fear/stress/depression that helps them. If you are successful in being positive (Its not easy for me either) and happy, you won't be susceptible to such attacks. All the best!
Date: 2011-12-08
Very well narrated Rook! Your experience reminds me of the automatic paper towel dispenser at my workplace, the kind that senses the movement. We have witnessed its activity a lot of times after work and over the weekends and a lot of my coworkers are not comfortable working late here. However, we haven't done much research to prove or disprove anything.
Date: 2009-10-02
WhiteBuffalo, this is amazing. I think your son is a 'Crystal' child than an 'Indigo'. Crystals are usually calm and comfortable with any situation, with a crystal clear aura around them. I have heard one of my friends talk about a crystal child who was about 3 years,that he told his mom 'I chose you as my mom when I was looking down the clouds (or heaven, I don't remember the exact word) '.
You are really blessed!
Thanks for sharing the story. ❤
It is definitely scary - I am glad that it was just a 'one-time' affair and did not follow you, though I wouldn't want anyone to have such an experience even once. God Bless!
Hi montanagurl,
thank you for your post! Nice to know that your friends don't have to live with the entity anymore. In my case, I guess I want to believe my condition is due to medical issues but somehow can't convince myself.
More updates:
I don't have major problems with sleep these days, but sometimes something reminds me of the existence. I haven't had any vertigo after my previous episode which is good.
One of the nights at around 3 am, the fire alarm in my bed room started beeping all on a sudden, it beeped for quite sometime and then stopped by 4 am or so, it dint beep again. I was deep in sleep, took a while to realise where the sound is coming from (I was scared to the core since initially it looked like the sound was coming from the air) and sat on the bed chanting and praying, I was really freaked out. The next morning, my landlady changed the battery and it never beeped again. It must have been a coincidence but I had felt a presence in the room with me, later when I went back to sleep after the beeping stopped, I heard a male and a female (I was half asleep-half awake). The female whispered a name in my ear (consisting of a first, middle and last name) and when I woke up around 5 am, I could remember her first and last name. I went back to sleep and later when I got up at 8 am or so, I forgot her name totally. Why did the fire alarm beep during the odd hour and not any other time is what rises question in my mind! There are 3 firealarms in my apartment and only the one in the bedroom beeped.
I sometimes feel that a lot of my energy is leaking out through my footsoles somedays and I wake up tired (my bed position is east-west).
Right now, I am baffled if its a medical condition or if its something paranormal. I think I will need to wait and watch.
I had the last test in the series this morning for the vertigo episode. I had an MRI (for detecting if there are any tumors) couple of weeks ago which came out normal. I had a hearing test which also showed normal. Now the only chance is Meniere's disease which is a inner ear disorder, there are no tests to confirm this other than to infer from the symptoms I had. So I am advised to go on a low sodium diet for the next 6 months and have a follow up appointment later.
I still hear voices after I sleep which wake me up that sounds like someone clearing throat or coughing but I go back to sleep soon unlike before.
I am confused now - I have started convincing myself that the sounds, the smells, the feelings etc could have been imagination though the vertigo was real and due to the inner ear disorder (which is not proven totally). I don't know!
Hi Safa,
I sleep normally these days after 3 months in the apartment. I protect myself in the name of God before going to bed and after some talking in the air (like white buffalo said), nothing bothers me when I am asleep.
Thank you for your comment - it reminds me to have trust in God as always!
Sorry for the late response!
Waking up for a purpose is what I sensed whenever I woke up, still unable to figure out what the purpose would be though.

I dint set up the appointment after seeing your post, I had the appointment already before I posted my second post and after my first one. I thought I would strike off one possibility before I conclude the experience is paranormal (It would have been hard for you to believe that I would setup an appointment after seeing your response 😁). I have had a vertigo attack more than a year ago, again after consuming alcohol, which lasted only for a day then. I had started my google search after my first vertigo and thought of taking an appointment after the second one. Well, what confuses me is the fact that my vertigo stopped after getting smudged during a pow wow before an inter-tribal. Well, if you remember I mentioned that I had my vertigo only in the mornings, I was smudged on an afternoon and dint have the vertigo next day onwards. It must be a coincidence but I am glad I went for the pow wow.
The night after my last post, I woke up soon after midnight, was lying on bed for sometime summoning courage to talk to whatever is waking me up. Finally at around 1:20 am, (after lighting the sage) I asked it to leave my place stating that my place is protected by the love and light of GOD and only divine is allowed at my place. I was surprised that my voice was firm than I imagined it to be.
After I spoke my words, there was a sharp pain on the left side of my head, my whole body had a tingling sensation and felt like a mild breeze passed through me. I fell asleep and did not wake up until morning after that. I would say I was really tired when I woke up (as against the previous nights where I was fresh). I kept thinking about this sensation for sometime (the headache wasn't my imagination but I am not sure about the rest).
I would say I sleep better now - though my anticipation of being woken up by something (I think) alerts me sometime during the night.
Well, my intent of using the sage will be to keep my apartment clean from all the unwante entities. And I use the lighter for lighting incense, sage and candles currently. I will check the availability of the type of sage you mentioned in my area.
Thank you for your willingness to help!
Agreed, I think prayer is what is helping me stay sane through these happenings.

Thank you so much for your help - I am so grateful that you have been so patient to go through my previous post as well before you posted your response. I have an appointment with the doctor in September to check if I have Meinere's disease (which is a peripheral vestibular disorder) . When I googled with the symptoms I had with vertigo, I felt those were similar to this. Also, I figured out (my logical mind always needs reasoning) that my alcohol consumption must have triggered the vertigo.
I use a white sage wand - I am just curious why you said that the lighter is used ONLY to light the sage (and not anything else?).
I think I have reached a stage that I have to ask it to leave when it wakes me up, for the peace of mind I deserve. What if it responds to me in a way I am not prepared for? Well, I think that's the fear I need to address 😊.
Whatever you said makes a lot of sense and gives me encouragement (which I badly need at this time) to face it - especially when I am going through a phase where I am unsure if its pure imagination or if there is really something.
I will keep you updated in a couple of days - hope you will check this post sometime then.

Thanks for another valuable advise. You may not know that you just provided answer to a question that has been going on in my mind.
When I wake up during night these days (which is mostly peaceful other than a part of me slightly confused/scared about what is waking me up), I feel like something is telling me (I don't hear anything) 'I need your help, talk to me! I am not harmful'. On the other side, I feel another part of me (which is more divine) tells me 'Don't communicate, it is very well taken care by the divine'. And I am baffled - when I wake up fresh in the mornings, it makes me think that the energy waking me up at night is good and if it was a bad one, I would wake up tired. So I somehow believe its trying to trick me to talking to it.
Point taken - I won't communicate to it other than for asking it to leave. 😊
Thank You for the suggestions.
After reading the article by Shane (from this website) on smudging, I realised that I wasn't doing some things right.
I don't have the courage to talk to it (to be honest), may be I will do it as a last resort. However, I will need tips to deal if it responds back in any way.
Being a Hindu, I have a Lord Ganesha idol placed near my bed (used to be with me from my college days).
Off the topic, I would say that I am so glad to have found this website, I should say its well-moderated as well! Thank you for your efforts...
Thank you for your response. I also believe that fear gives them energy - its hard not to be scared when something wakes me up from sleep even after praying. Initially, I used to feel that its very strong but not these days because I am not scared when it wakes me up but I have a sense of peace than fear - though a part of me is scared, I feel my angels and God assuring me that I am well protected. Whats confusing me - how can something wake me up when I am protected? I have had experiences in the past which were easily taken care just by praying to God.
Well, may be its a testing time for my faith in God- let's see what happens next!
Date: 2009-07-29
Please keep us updated! I recently had difficulties with my sleep after I moved to my new apartment. Smudging with sage and blessing with incense had helped too. When I sleep, I pray to my God and angels to protect me while I am asleep.
Good luck to you!
Date: 2009-07-28
Hi Kerry,
Thanks for sharing your story. I have had similar experiences during sleep, it used to happen soon after hitting bed mostly. I later discovered its called Sleep Paralysis - not sure if its the same with you.
Sleep paralysis happens if you sleep with face up (and not using a pillow), you may be able to find out more over internet if you think that's the case with you.
The salt method I know of goes like this - Take a glass of water, add some salt to it, keep it at your bedside (or any room you want to clear), leave it for 24 hrs. The next day, throw the water in the sink followed by flushing with the tap water. It is believed that salt water absorbs negativities and has purifying effect. I have done this in the past when I had problems in my apartment before.
Hope this helps!
Date: 2009-07-28
Thanks for sharing your story! Are you planning to clear the spirit out of your place? Even though it dint harm you so far, who knows about future!
Spirits gain strength from your negative emotions like fear, anger etc. Being calm (which in these situations is difficult) may help a little bit, please don't shout or retalliate because it can harm than do anything good!
Date: 2009-07-27
I have a similar experience, the sound I hear is more like the anklets of a lady. I hear it randomly but consider it as an assurance from my Goddess that she would be there to help me. It used to frighten me in my childhood days but not anymore, I used hear them at random places, in several apartments I lived, my ancestral home etc etc.
I have tried to figure out what it is but has never been successful (mostly because a part of me gets scared and don't want to open any communication channel).
I feel the ringing of the bells you hear is more divine than spooky!

God Bless!