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I've always seen paranormal things and want to meet people just like me and share with my feelings.

My biggest interest is music and helping my friends like a psychologist.:)
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Witches Hill on 2007-11-22

I lived in small town, in a big house called "Rozas". I was a small girl and all the time when I lived in that house (1991- 1998) I saw strange things. At the beginning (I remember all this from age 3) I thought that these things were my imagination or my secret friends, which I have made in my head...

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This sounds quite unbelievable to me... How can a ghost write on a laptop? Well, they absolutely can touch things, but this seems too interesting to me.
Anyhow, hope You are ok with this woman now.
I start to believe, that they could be like a memories recorded in lifes tape... I see those shadow people too often, and most of the time they are somewhere, where somebody was just walking or standing. But that's just my opinion, I don't know a lot of these things actually...
Date: 2009-08-10
Well, whatever that was, it was friendly natured, like the least of them. I start to believe, that every school could be haunted in a way, because somebody have touched me several times in my school, especially in chow hall, most of the times my face or back.