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My name is Jessica. I am now seventeen years old but my age should not be taken in to consideration along with my experiences.
I was raised in to my beliefs and I have had many encounters that, if I had been raised differently, would be considered either dangerous, or scary. But, being the person I am, The unseen world that's disclaimed by many, is a world I live in every day. But I'm not really here to burst anyone's theoretical buble. I'm here to talk and I'm here to listen.
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A Horrible Parent on 2009-08-11

I was staying at my friend's house, her name's Chelsea. But I had this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. After a semester of school and staying over at her house I discovered something very creepy. In her basement is a very old well. I got her talking about it and knowing that the wel...

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JimD, I realize this is a public post and that everyone has the right to their own opinion, but does it always have to be a demon. Some people don't even believe in demons. Like me for instance. Now whether you believe in them or not, yeah, I'd agree, there's the outstanding possibility of their existence. However, there are things about spirits that should be remembered. One: They are like people; they feel emotions, they can lie, or they can be completely and bluntly honest. Or even all of the above.
Two: obviously they have at least some sort of energy that courses through them, being as, sometimes you get THOSE SCRATCHES or you feel as if someone touched you when no one was there. Sometimes they can move things. And sometimes, there are spirits with so much anger, hate and regret inside of them, that they feed off of your energy, and try to take control of you, who knows why, maybe to make an attempt for redemption. But I guess what I'm getting at is, if there is the possibility that this is a demon, isn't there the possibility that it also isn't a demon. In which case, if it were a demon, would thorn be able to sense it's regret after it scratched her? Because, in my study of demons, even if they can pretend to show signs of regret, maybe to gain trust, it isn't real, therefore there is a difference in the energy release? Isn't that also a possibility? Another thing is, there are many ways to cleanse an area without "holy water" (besides, what can holy water do, if there isn't the belief behind it.-the belief that it WILL work, that is.-) one way, is to take a bundle of dried sage, tie a piece of RED yarn around it and burn it, bringing it around to each and every nook and cranny in the house and or 'haunted' area, and while doing so, in your mind or out loud, command the spirit (or demon, if you will) to leave and return from where it came, and to never come back. It is the belief, behind the ritual. If you don't believe it will work, IT WON'T.
I'm not completely denying the existence of DEMONS that is for you and everyone else to decide for themselves, I'm simply pointing out another, very probable, alternative. Your comment was well stated and if that is how you choose to deal with your own 'supernatural' encounters, then hey, whatever, it's you're choice. But, when being open minded (at least open minded enough to believe in demons and such.), is it alright to disregard other possibilities?

Thorn, I wish you luck in what ever you choose to do. I only hope that you are able to use your own beliefs to deal with the situation at hand. Maybe JimD is right. Maybe he is wrong. But that doesn't really matter. What really matters, is the choice you make, as to what you believe, and what you plan to do with those beliefs.
Good Luck,
If you have any further questions, you may also email me at red_raver [at]
i'd say, if its what you really want. Make the ground rules, but set some type of reward. I don;t know what that would be but I'm sure you could figure out something. You can try it as many times as you want, but if it doesn't work, there's the possibility that it might anger him, and cause him to do further damage. If he starts to take more control over you life, its an obvious sign that you need to send him away.
Hope that helps.
Date: 2010-06-16
Ouija boards... You see. Many people associate them through stories that have been told to them by, most likely, unreliable sources.
You see, personally, when I feel a spirit, I feel its energy creeping around me in the air.
This energy holds their emotions. Ouija boards, known for their trouble, almost seem to pulsate an energy that almost always attracts something negative. I don't know if you've heard of this, but there is a way to freely communicate with them, and not worry about attracting something...negative. This object is called a pendulum (sorry if my spelling is off) a pendulum is usually a positive stone hung from a necklace chain (necklace chains are preferable because they provide a straighter but easy to move handle. Most people use clockwise for yes counterclockwise for no. You will know you are receiving an answer when it moves on its own, but most importantly, when you can feel the spirits energy coursing through the chain. A good stone to use could be hematite, rose quartz, or even a crystal but be aware that if the crystal becomes foggy or unclear, that it holds a negative pulse. You can check online to find ways of cleansing these stones. Good luck with communicating. I hope my advice helps unless someone got to it first. 😉
Please remember, while communicating, spirits were once living breathing humans, they can lie, just like we can. ❤
One of the most important things to remember when faced with spiritual encounters is simply that, Spirits were once living human beings with human emotions. Do you think those emotions go away when you die? Personally, I don't. They can lie, just like we can, they can feel compassion or hatred, just like we can. And if they can feel these things, why not jealousy? After all, they, are us, only not alive ^_^. Lots of people might say, run away, seek help, or whatever. Personally I think that's crap. You should feel as though YOU are in complete control, because you are. There are easy ways to get rid of unwelcome spirits, as for this one. I agree with setting ground rules. If this spirit is so attached to you, it will agree. The only problem is, it may not physically be able to change it's behavior. Since, its kind of, I don't know, frozen in time, its mind set, may not be capable of following those rules. At any rate, good luck.
Date: 2009-09-19
this is where somhairle is wrong. Animals tend to sense and stir at most entities, so i;ve noticed, when I was younger I had stayed at my friends house many times and though I new her house was very haunted indeed, I was not affraid, the spirits seemed peacful and the haunting in her main floor seemed very peaceful and serene. I once awoke to her dog barking and after I calmed it down I found myself face to face with a boy that looked to be about twelve, he staired straight into my eyes and in those moments I found his name to be michael. He stod there whistling a mellow tune and was very calm and relaxing, but my friends dog was still terrified.
now I am not one to say wether or not this case is a dream or not, I don't believe you have had a true encounter with and incubis.
I;m sorry to say, this may truely have been, just a 'wet dream'.
But well, then again, who knows?
The world of the paranormal is a constant mystery

Spirits were once living breathing people,
They can lie just like we can
object number one - Wiccan is a religion, if your grandmother is wiccan, that doesn't mean you are unless you have studied the religion, understand it and believe in it.
Object number two - ouija boards are for dumb asses. If you wish to communicate with spirits there are other ways that generally attract positive entities such as the
Pendulum. Ouija boards are known to attract spirits with rather negative energies.
Object number three - to dispell a negative spirit you must first believe that you have control, which is true, only you and your friend have control over yourselves. You need to tell this pressence to leave you alone and that it is not welcome in either of your lives. Ouija boards are dangerous, they are not toys. Not even professionals try to use them. I am of the wiccan religion, my mother is christian as is my grandmother, my sister is pagan. There for your religion has nothing to do with your families religion unless that is what you truely believe in. Study up on wiccan, and while you are at it, read some stories about ouija boards, none of them will be GOOD experiences.
Date: 2009-09-05
there are two possible explanations.
One - this could be a form of sleep paralysis, symptoms being the inability to move and the possible hallucination.
Two - this is the spirit you met when you had these types of 'dreams' before. If so
Succubussed's analysis and data would be completely correct. You are in complete control of this situation, if it feels wrong to you or there is something about it that scares you or just that you don't want this to continue occuring, you have the power in yourself to dispell it.
Date: 2009-09-04
it is natural for spirits to be territorial.
This spirit would have been angered by the possible destruction of his haunt. Asylums hold a lot of spirits with regret or anger and they are un able to pass on. You and your friend maybe witnessed and angry plee to leave his home alone. Insanity causes a lot of afliction of the mind and would cause a spirit these feelings. Tearing down this asylum would be bad for anyone. I advise you, if you ever see this manifestation again, to keep in mind that you are in control. They cannot harm you. You need to believe that you are in control and tell this aspiration that he is not welcome in your life. This is common knowledge. If asked, they usually go away.
I am interested in, however, in this language you heard, is there any way you can describe it or recognize it. German, spanish, french, duetch, or anything?
If you could release the name of this institution it might be of further help or maybe you could research it on your own also? Maybe dig up some old records to satisfy your own curiosity? Just be careful when dealing with spirits, much as I believe they can't harm you, there are ways of getting around that through energy or empathy or even moving objects I hope you don't meet this spirit again especially during dead time, this is when they have the most power. So beware at 3 am.
If you'd like to talk, feel free to contact me.
Date: 2009-09-04
"I am also experiencing being poked, pinched and even my hair being pulled."
This is almost a greeting, a way of showing you that they are around. As for the demon shape in the mirror. You have to know that YOU ARE IN CONTROL. They cannot harm you. You have to tell this spirit that you are aware of it and that it is not welcome in your home or in your life. You have to believe in this control or it may simply cause this spirit to move more stuff or to do something else to frighten you. But you also have to remember spirits were once living people, they can lie just like the living can.

If you have any questions feel free to talk to me. I might be young but I was exposed to the paranormal at a very early age.
Date: 2009-09-04
loved ones tend to linger and watch over the family. He may feel attached to your son because of a certain regret maybe because he wasn't able to see him alot. If your son tells the same story each time I would bet that its true. Children are sometimes able to sense more than adults because their imaginations are wide and they are able to believe in things easier than a lot of adults I know. When I was young I used to walk into the computer room and I would sense the spirit of my great great grand father. I talked to my mother about this and she sensed it also. In any case, its nothing to worry about. Your son is being watched over, kind of like being protected, by this spirit. If anything I would be happy, its not every day you get to see a loved one after they died unless you are used to these types of things or its simply a photo. If you have any questions feel free to talk to me any time.
Date: 2009-09-04
some people mistake negative energy because they don't know what they are feeling. This manifestation could possible have been your friend passing on. This could have been negative energy yes, but I think if you two immediatly started feeling better it could have been your friend passing on in peace and helping you both to move on. I think your friend would not want you to forget her but to remember the good times and celebrate the life she had instead of grieving her to the point of harming yourselves. That's just my feeling though, I hope it helps in some way.
Date: 2009-09-04
the spirit you are seeing may be a relative from long ago or maybe just someone who feels a connection to you. If this spirit hasn't gave you any bad feelings then its probably good. This spirit may be watching over you also. Maybe you should try talking to him. It might reveal something and then maybe you would understand his pressence better.
Date: 2009-09-04
i've been surrounded by the spiritual world
All my life. I have a lot of experiences with spirits, a lot of them sad but I've come to notice that one of them follows me around, it might sound weird but her name is rebecca, I'm going to try to publis how I found her on this sight. You might be interested in checking out some of my experiences being as I tend to attract a lot of these former living people.