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The Man Face Imprinted In My Wall on 2009-08-10

I live at Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, in an apartment four-storey and I live in the third sole I am a sixteen years old and a male. I have a certain fascination with ghost, but at the same time, I do fear them, I can't tell you that I've had a personal encounter with ghost, but I can tell ...

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Date: 2009-08-14
the video is not actually creepy, the creepy thing is that they are some guys here that can't see the figure 😲
Date: 2009-08-14
Paige... What to say... Ure telling that there is something on the camera, why she moved the cell phone and the "thing" stayed...
Date: 2009-08-14
you can have a spirit to human relationship if you want to, if you have lived your life, it is nothing wrong, but if youre young and have never had an human to human relation I don't recommend it, because the ghost are kind of jealous and won't let you have any other relationship...
Thanks March, I think you are right, cause sometimes, when I'm in the living room, I feel that something is watching me, and then when I'm in my room I feel comfortable and protected, I've just realized that, but the thing I don't understand is why the water... I was so freaked out that day, I did not sleep in my room after I saw that... I don't understand why an angel will do something like that...
Its a man, I think its nothing, because I have never see anything in my room except for the wake-ups at night, and the water, I just realize that the water was nothing but a filtration from an air conditioner in another apartment, and about the angel, couls it be possible that I have an angel I'm my room and actually have my guardian angel, I mean, live with two angels?
I say this cause my angel happens to be a little girl. 😁
Date: 2009-08-11
i don't think that you dud something that anger the spirit, cause I spend hours reading ghost stories and I have came into a conclusion, if the spirit is black, it is a demon or is evil = P