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I work as a receptionist at a small maternity clinic, so I get to spend a lot of time with new born babies:) I love reading and doing my own research for the paranormal, I love discussing about issues like UFOs, ghosts, religions, beliefs etc, and watching movies, mostly commedies.
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Mysterious Man on 2008-08-18

This story happened in 1974, in my godfather's home. My godfather and godmother lived in a house in the town centre, with their two young children and the nanny. My godmother had a small shop right in front of the house which was attached to the house so if you were sitting outside on the veranda yo...

Who Is the Little Girl? on 2007-09-18

This is a story about my friend Natalie. When she was about 15 she and her friends used a Ouija board in her sister's apartment and they tried to call upon a Russian writer. Everything was going well until the moment they asked him to leave... He kept refusing, kept spelling out "niet" which is the ...

Playful Ghosts Making Me Laugh on 2007-09-11

When I was about 12-13 years old, my family and I moved to a nice apartment. It was summer time when we moved and we had no air conditioning so me, my brother and my father would sleep in the living room, on the floor in front of the balcony door because it was so much cooler there. It must have bee...

The Widow on 2007-09-04

A couple of years ago when I first moved out of my mother's house, I was moving my things to my apartment slowly, like a couple of things a day until I had moved all the big stuff like bed, study, couch and I was left with the little things like books etc. I decided to get a couple of days off to ta...

Is It Trying to Tell Me Something? on 2007-08-28

I moved into an old house about 5 months ago, it was pretty damaged and the walls needed to get painted and all, it seemed so abandoned but I always love a challenge so I decided to take it and see if I could turn it into what I had visualized - a beautiful home for me and my boyfriend. The first...

Friendly Ghosts on 2007-08-22

Hi, name is Marie, I'm 24 and I live on an island in the Mediterranean called Cyprus. I've had many ghost encounters, so here are a couple. I was about 10 years old, I was sleeping with my night lamp on, as always, because I always used to be afraid of the dark. I opened my eyes and at my door there...

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Date: 2008-08-21
oh you did?:) that's nice! Heheh what's your story? Have you submitted it, I'd love to read it!
Date: 2007-09-25
Wow you are so lucky to have experienced something like that:) You don't see her anymore though do you? You just feel her right? People say that as we grow older we grown out of things like that, maybe that's why you only feel her presence now eh?
Date: 2007-09-25
Wow you can actually see them? You mean daily? How did you get used to all of them? Because they sound like they're plenty! Do they try to communicate with you in any way? Or does it seem that they don't even notice you sometimes? Sorry about my curiosity, I'm just really fascinated by the whole idea:) Thanks!
Date: 2007-09-21
Thanks for the advice everybody, I'll pass it on to her! She'll really appreciate it. I hope everything works out fine for both the little girl and my friend
Date: 2007-09-21
But don't they say when you use a Ouija board you open doors to other spirits too? That's why I had the thought of the little girl being trapped here. She did have her home blessed once when there were other spirits in it but it didn't seem to work. She's very very frightened of this little girl because she's so dirty and even though she looks scared she's also scary... If she moves out, do you think she'll be okay? I mean if nothing else works?
Thanks everyone :)) at the time when we were living there the landlord was also my mum's boss, and he died so maybe it was him, because he liked my mum they always got along well, maybe he was saying byebye take care of my house?
I have tried talking to it, I've told it that it should move on into the light, that this is the wrong place for him and that he shouldn't be here, the only reaction I had was the light twitching and moving. So I told him that I am not the one that can help if he needs something and then he started taping the window, the glass that is, but when I turned to look, nothing was there, I usually see him when he taps on the window but not the other night. Maybe he cannot materialize anymore, I 'm not sure. But I feel a lot calmer in my house, maybe this ghost story is finally over... Can't wait for the next one
I spoke to the landlady, and I found out that the next door house belongs to her too, but she hasn't been able to sell it or rent it out aparently due to electrical problems that she can't seem to be able to fix? Hmmmmmm, suspicious ha? Anyways she really avoides my questions, avoids coming to the house, I have to meet her out elsewhere to pay my rent to her and she always asks if I'm keeping it clean, the truth is I hadn't had the time to keep it clean and tidy, but lately I've started to and the paranormal activity has decreased... Do you think the cleanliness and tidyness have anything to do with the ghost/s? Maybe they like it that way?
Date: 2007-09-07
Yeah, that lady's son in law told my mum. She seemed normal to me, but when I think back the only abnormal thing about her was she was acting as if she couldn't communicate with her surroundings, like when I waved hello, she didn't see me. We may not have been close but we did say hello to eachother:)and that was the last time I saw her, hopefully she's crossed over right? Your name's melissa too? :))) cool!
Thanks for your comments everyone, holly shiat belissima is right, if I had moved into its bedroom I WOULD be telling a scarier story hahahaha! Good thing I'm allergic to fitted carpets then 😁 ! The first time I went to see the house, I had picked the spare bedroom to be my room, but then I realized it was carpeted! I've decided to ask my landlady today about the history of the house, I'll let you guys know soon! Bye Bye x
Wow, it feels so good to tell people your stories and them not thinking that your actually crazy and imagining things. Thanks for the support everyone. I've noticed that whenever I talk about him he always somehow does something to show he's there, either scares my friends by appearing to them or makes a noise but everybody who comes over is getting used to the idea that something is there!
Date: 2007-08-27
Nah he doesn't show up anymore, I guess he's moved on right:) There have been a lot of ghosts especially at my new 'old' house, I'll submit my new stories very soon:)))))