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White Human Silhouette In My Door on 2009-08-12

I apologize if I miss spell some words my English isn't the best. 1st story: The weird white human silhouette in my bedroom's door Date: 2005/10/13 It was around 11pm and was in my bedroom that had my bed faced to my bedroom's door at that time. I was getting ready to go to bed when; I clos...

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Date: 2009-08-24
Nice story Scrong.
I know this is none of my business and I don't have any right to tell you what to do ofcourse.
But,i think you've heard this before... You should be careful how late you go to bed because that's really bad for your wealth and takes your apetite for meals.
I mean it I used to do that too.
But changing topic now are you sure you werent dreaming and was it in school time or on your free time?😐
Because if it was in school time it could have been a dream where somebdy was trying to wake you up to go to school and then failed and left.
If not then you tell him to stay away.πŸ˜‰
Date: 2009-08-24
Nice story.😊
If I lived nearby, I really wouldn't mind to have a sleep-over there and check it out.
It sure looks like it doesn't want to harm anyone, like you said.
I think someone needs to guide him to the light, because how you described it is like he's still working and doesn't realize hes dead.😒

Im apologize if I miss spell some words my main language isn't English.

Sorry about the late reply.
I've been busy with work and haven't got much spare time...

Reply to youngdz79:
So far nothing out of normal has happened thank god.😁
But my father told me later after I wrote the story that he saw the same shadow a year ago and never saw it since then.

Reply to joojoodolly:
Thank you.
And yes I have read too about them, but I think the shadow ghost appears year to year I just have to find the day and month my father saw it and next year with some luck I'll face it.

Reply to bozoe6:
I think its not evil too.
Maybe it was there to look after me, but
Theres something that makes me doubt it.
If there was a guardian ghost looking after me at that time it had to be from my family I think.
But everyone in my family was alive.
I don't know if its really necessary to bless since I moved to this house right after they ended building it.
But you could be right who knows what house was here before they made mine and what happened...

Reply to biemaster:
Thank you.
I did turn the light and it did got whiter, but I did not see any nose, eyes and mouth.
Like I explained it was like a shadow but white and was standing in my door.
Theres no story to look for because, I live in my house since it was build.
I think I should search if there was any house here before they destroyed it and build mine.

Reply to jazzeyjay:
Yes I was really awake when I saw it so I know what was real and what wasnt.
And yeh since then nothing out of normal happened.
But just a question about what you said in the end.
Was that just a guess or you really knew it would never come back after that?