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I live in Aus but I'm English I was born in Newcastle and lived in Sutton until I was about 5, then moved over to Aus, I'm 17 and still have my accent!:) I love it over here but still get a bit home sick.

If you want to ask a question about any of my TRUE stories, just email me at lil_irish_girl96 [at] (did I 4get to mention I'm Irish too:P)

Anyways cya and please comment I'd love to hear from you
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Seeing Nuns on 2009-08-17

Here it goes for my first story, Okay this happened while I was in school last year, I'm not going to mention the schools name, but it has a history with nuns and nuns living and dying in the main building of the school. Okay, so I'm sitting in music one day and I'm facing the door to the class r...

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Date: 2010-01-03
Wow! This was amazing 😁 but what a shocker of a husband! I'm glad you left him πŸ˜‰ anyways, I'm glad you could help him move on, I'm curious as to what you think he was still doing in the forest? If a ghost had committed suicide, then they would have lost the will to live right? That way by taking their own lives 90% of the time they would have felt closure... But, this guy was still attached to the forest, mabye he was trying to tell you something by leading you to the forest?

Mabye he was murdered, in the clearing he led you to, you said he was waiting for something, mabye he was stuck in a lapse, until you broke it, and he talked to you.

Just my personal views.

Congrats on your babies 😊
Hi there,
I'd just like to say that I'm praying for you, because this naked thing you saw on the front porch was something like a messenger, the bringer of bad news, I'd suggest that you strengthen your spiritual protection aroun the house, you, your husband and any family you have 😊try putting rosary beads on the door and things like that, I hope you won't see this thing again, I really do, anyways God Bless ❀
Date: 2009-08-20
Aww hi guys, and thanks so much for reading my story, so you guys said you wanted to hear more bout the history of the school, so here goes, this school was one of the many that the presentation nuns founded, and before it was a school, it used to be a manor house, and a few servants and possibly one of the men of the house did die in the area, the nuns I'm seeing however are a totally different story, the nuns of the presentation lived in the main building and like I said, died, many died from illnesses, and I have no clue why they might be hanging around, but anyways this school was founded in around 1901
Hope that helped, id love to hear more of your opinions:)
❀ Ehlana
Hey once again,
Im thinking an old hag, go to google or some search engine and type in 'Old Hag Dreams' basically what you have to do if this happens again is think about someone who is very close to you who has died, or if you have a guardian angel, think about what she looks like and ask them for protection, this hasent happened to me (touch wood) and I'm hoping it dosent, if I happens again and your on your back don't open your eyes, you might see something horrible you don't want to see, I think a deamon sent the hag, and the pacing you heard may have been a demon posing as a ghost.

Take Care! ❀
Date: 2009-08-17
Hey again [Laugh],
Wow that's really scary, but Hun, I wouldent listen to those people who are saying your posessed, it all seemes way to far fetched for me, just when you go to the bathroom try to hold onto your conciousness, something may be blacking you out and making you upset, its not posessing you, its sort of... Controlling you from the outside I guess to put it bluntly 😁when you go home, if your alone and suddenly you blank out then try talking to this thing, say things like "I don't appreciate you taking control of me, these people are my friends, I want you to leave me alone, stop what you are doing" and If it keeps coming back then mabye you should see someone like a medium, it sounds very far fetched I know but it has happened before.
All the best ❀
Date: 2009-08-17
Hey Pangie,
Well, b4 you ask yes I know I spelt Psychic wrong πŸ˜†

But as you can see I'm one too, I've learnt to deal with it, its very easy, I'm more of a medium, I communicate with spirits and see things that have already happened.

But all you have to do is learn to embrace your gift, and every Psychic has a different way of blocking it out, for example yours might be, I dunno, Praying or singing, mine is playing my guitar or putting a hat on when I go out.

Have you ever been out on the street when suddenly you have a feeling about somone you just saw? Like you have an urge to tell them that there grandma is terribly sick and is going to die? Or that the woman of the house is pregnant, you should embrace it, I'm not saying go run up to everyone you see telling them stuff haha 😊

Just say to yourself "that persons going to be pregnant", it really helps!

All the best ❀