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I Am A Half Believer on 2009-08-18

I come from China. The story that I am posting here is not my own but my father's. I believe it's true because it's my father. I have to go back almost 16 years. My father was caught in a car accident when he was on a business trip. He was paralyzed and couldn't walk or take care of himself in m...

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Date: 2011-06-04
It's amazing that I returned two years later to see my old post.

I now I believe in Jesus and to depend my eternal destination only on Him.

Looking through my old post and old comments, I am just surprised to see my own thoughts back then.

I was confused and blinded...
For example, when I read those words two years back, it didn't make sense to me at all. And I just forgot about it. But now, when re-reading it, I suddenly realized that the LORD has opened my eyes, with His Holy Spirit bearing witness.

Pudge23 "All you need to do is put all your emotions and doubt in gods hands. Pray on your faith. My grandma and mom both have told me to figure out your own salvation with fear and trembeling. "

Jitou"We know as fact, that there are really only 2 choices, you choose Jesus or you reject Him. Someone is bound to say that this sound exclusive, nothing could be furtjer from the truth, He died and bore your pain, hurt, disappointment and shame so that you would not have to."

I have two more stories to share, both are before I was saved.

The first one is in the summer of 2009, perhaps just a month before I posted this thread. I touring in the Crater lake in Oregon, with a bunch of my friends. We were sharing a suite south of crater lake. It's kind of isolated hotel on the highway. I was sleeping on the floor with my sleep bag since we don't have enough beds. That night, I cannot say it's a nightmare, because it's so brief, like something within my heart just exploded with extreme hatred. And I woke up. The feeling was weird, I thought something gotten into me. I got up when others are sleeping, and went outside for a good chill. I wasn't afraid, but felt good. Now when I look back to it, I suspect that it could really be the case that the Devil wants to trap me back in his ruling. Since, after that, I did terrible things and justified it without much trouble.

Of course, for those things I did, I am the one to blame. But I am also assured that Jesus died and resurrected. And He saved me from this mess and from hell fire.

In 2010 September, experience is also in dream. But it is so clear and sharp, I don't really know. That was the end of a very long and tiring journey. Lying on my bed, I first had some nightmares involving demons etc. And I prayed on my bed (at that time, I would pray without knowing who Jesus is). But I was so tired, I guess I soon fell into a dream. In that dream, I was falling into a black swirl, I don't why the swirl would scare me that much, because I don't feel anything of it. It was all black and all that I am surrounded is black. But I was terrified and I cried out to God above "Help! Help!" And immediately an intense light shone directly on my forehead, and I actually felt it shone through my forehead. I remember that light was bright and intense and somehow I was terrified by it. When it touched my forehead and though it, I woke up terrified and found there was a big chilling on my forehead still. And for the next three days, the chilling stayed there when I lingered on what had happened.

That was not when I was saved. But that got me really serious. And from that time on, I started really searching and praying. He has been faithful in spite of what I am, leading me to learn a lot about Him. Now I come to know that not to put my trust on anything, even including spiritual sensual experiences, but on Jesus alone. He's not finished with me yet.
Date: 2009-08-31
Thank you all very much for the advice and encouragement. I have read them all very carefully. Even though I haven't come to a solution yet, I have much more courage now. I am really serious in my faith, and that's why I linger. I wish that everyone have a fulfilled and happy life, and also have strong courage when facing problems.