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Im very interested in ghost stories
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It Choked Me This Time on 2011-11-23

Sorry for being missing for too long and a special apology to my friend Pendragon because I didn't post my sister's experiences (the ones at her school) as I promised to. Don't worry I'll make sure I keep my promise. A lot of time passed since, and within that period a lot has happened to me as well...

The Hoe Man & Other Bits Of The Happenings In Our Home on 2010-08-09

Almost every night, my sister could hear the "chunk... Chunk" noise of someone hitting the ground using a hoe. The question is who would go gardening in the middle of the night, around 12 midnight or so? The noise went on almost every night, skipping a night or two once in a while, until one night, ...

White Mass Behind The Building on 2010-03-23

Firstly, I would like to apologize as I have been M.I.A. Well, I am back with another new experience which just happened a few hours ago (I am writing this on March 23rd 2010, 1.00 a.m. Malaysian time). This happened at around 11. 00 p.m. March 22nd, Malaysian time. So here goes. Right now I am s...

She Whispered Into My Ear on 2009-09-07

We've been living in our current house for almost six years now. The house is new. We are the very first owners. However, my family and I have been experiencing some scary occurrences. But luckily, the happenings are not frequent. Let me start with my own experiences. Once, I was sleeping soundly...

The Haunted House I've Been Living In on 2009-09-01

Firstly, I would like to apologise if I've made any grammatical or spelling mistakes since English is not my first language. This is my mum's story. It happened back when we lived in our previous home. I was lucky not to meet or experience anything though. I could still remember when my dad told me ...

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Um, bluerose, showgirls, mrfear, I think you guys missed a point.

"But what's more weird about her ability is that she can somehow "share" what she sees, hears and feels just by touching a non-sensitive person and, she says, by concentrating hard." - this is from Para 1.

"n the supermarket, I was reading the label of the new flavoured corn chip when I heard a crash, then Jessie grabbed the front of my jacket and she buried her face on my chest. The grocery basket and its contents were all scattered on the floor." - she hugged him, so, she made him see that guy in blood using her ability. - refer to Para 4.

Therefore, there's nothing wrong here. Correct me if I miss something. 😉
Um, hi. The imp-like creature you described has a striking resemblance to what we have in our Malay culture. We call that Toyol. These devils, they were used to steal for their owners. And to keep it, the owners must feed it with blood (they suck their owners' big toe, like a baby suckling from its mother). But, this is our version. I don't know what it's for in your country. Your friend should get rid of it. Whatever reason it was there for, it's up to no good. 😨
1st EVP: I definitely heard a 'yeah'
2nd EVP: yeah, it said you're F****** hot.
3rd EVP: I only heard 'tap, tap' not 'tap, tap, tap'
Those are very interesting EVPs:)
Date: 2011-11-29
[at] asumimanami: well, yeah... Weird enough because I really didn't feel any thumb in that grip...
Date: 2011-11-26
[at] amyx: I mean, try asking for those beings to stop. Show them that you are stronger. That'll help.
Date: 2011-11-26
[at] Zan yeah... I believe the same:) When I say ghost, I mean those beings. Well, it's only easier that way since I really want to avoid misunderstandings here, since most of the others here are non-Muslims. We did that few months ago (turned on Quran recitation around the house) when I saw something walk outside the door.

[at] amyx: try asking for that to stop.
Okay. Let's see. Have you ever tried to cleanse your house the Islamic way? It's worth a try, and won't hurt. I'm from Malaysia too, so yeah you can ask me where you can get help if you want 😊
Date: 2011-11-23
Don't ever mingle with something that dangerous. Curiosity kills the cat, and in most of the cases, the cat was long dead before it realised its mistake. I'm with snowhite and Watchful here: Hope you don't do it again. To all those who decided to try, please think again. Too much at stake there:/
Date: 2010-10-01
pretty creepy:) lucky I have nothing much happening here:) 😉
yeah, it is the same principle of kosher (in Islam, we call it "halal")... Well, have you heard about the coke-pork experiment? The one when you pour coke onto a pork-meat, worms will start to come out of that pork? Well, I don't know if this experiment is proven to be valid or not, you can search of them on you tube, and there are soooooo many entries for the keyword search. This experiment is barely my point, lol.

Well, I'm sure you have heard of the disease, Japanese Encephalitis (JE). According to wikipedia, domesticated pigs and wild birds are the reservoir for the virus to develop, therefore, eating the meat of the infected pigs can cause fatality. Another kind of pandemic disease caused by pigs are swine flu (H1N1). I think I should give you the links to the site that I have read on the web, for you to read, if you are willing to, just to add to your knowledge.

Just to add up, whatever forbidden in our religion comes from God (in our religion, our God is Allah) , and God knows what the best for us. And whatever rules that God set for us must promise good things to us. Lol I don't want to get preachy...:) but it's just a thought of mine. However, I don't hate pigs, animals have always been a soft spot of mine, I can't stand seeing animal being tortured.



Penny, that didn't offend me even a bit... Such a relief, that it is not my religion that you loathe... I'm so sorry for being so straight forward... In my religion, it is very encouraged for us to do anything to save lives, especially innocent lives, therefore, we should do what we can do save lives, including organ donating, blood donating and such...

Even in desperate situations, to sustain life, we can do something that is forbidden in the religion... As an example, as you may already know, Muslims are forbidden to eat pork, but in certain life threatening situations, such as getting lost in the forest where there are no other source of food available, we can eat anything that can be found, even pork, but just to keep strength...

And Penny, please don't worry, I accept any personal views easily, and very much respect yours, therefore, please don't hold back in pointing your views... And to be frank, I'm really sad about what happened to your friend. In my religion, such things has never been forbidden, and will never be.

Even I would sign a paper so that if I die, I would have all my organs donated. It has been a dream of mine ever since I learned about organ donation when I was in high school.

Btw, I'm scared of needles too, but not to the extent that I get pale. I understand the fear of being punctured, though...

I apologize for voicing out my curiosity, and I really need to apologize to you for that. You don't have to apologize me, since you have done nothing wrong, nothing wrong at all. I think I've sounded too harsh and hard... I'm really sorry, if I have offended you in any way...
Penny, that's okay... I don't get mad at all, I'm actually open about these things, it's just I won't do anything opposite from my religion:) I still respect other religions and other people's opinion and beliefs:)

I really appreciate other religions as well eventhough they are not what I embrace. You didn't know too... Even if you know, I still won't mind, really. And I don't feel offended at all, honest.

Actually, I've read your profile, and you have mentioned about that one religion you loathe, and I truly hope that religion is not my religion, and I hope that doesn't change things such as our conversation...

Penny, thanks for your suggestion. Right now, I'm trying to get my dad to take her to a religious healer, but he's currently busy with his work (I understand his situation, since he has his own business), he has promised me to take my mom to that religious healer. Sorry, can't do a praying circle since it's against my religion. But there are verses in the Holy Koran that can be used to fight off these things (we got that from on of that religious healer's talk on the TV). However, we lack of experience and are quite clueless about these things, and experience is one of the necessities to fight off these beings.
And yeah, it's hard to get rid of this thing by telling it to go away (we have asked, it wouldn't listen).
Off all the beings around us, this is the only one that was harmful, and I'm trying to get m dad to take action quickly. It's not his fault that he's busy, I would have done something if I were at home, but I'm about 500km away from home now...
haha... Penny... Well, it seems that we have some more thing in common here, I also love to write stories. Its just that sometimes, it takes quite some time to think up the whole plot, and that could explode my brains. I used to have a story started, but then everything disappeared since my old desktop got infected with virus, so I had to abandon everything (I was already moving up to chapter 4, I think in that story...)

And I'm a game addict, I know how tired we can be staying up late, putting our brain into gear to advance through levels, lol.

Yeah, I agree, the black magic practiced by my ancestors are pretty common, but what I'm trying to talk here is about the side effects of those magic to the users and their descendants. I believe something (one of the "pets") is lurking within my family right now, disturbing those sick ones. Recently my mom has been sick and it is told by someone that this thing is feeding or my mom's energy. The same thing happened to my late aunt (the mother of the cousin I mentioned in my previous stories), she had breast cancer, and the same thing fed energy off her. Even my great aunt is sick, and once it came to my great aunt but her husband managed to keep it away from her.
However, right now, I'm worried about my mom's health, and someone left "something" else with her to add up to that old "pet". She's no longer as strong as she used to be a few months ago... 😐
Penny: wow, Dmitri really influences you. I'm sure your uncle somehow became speechless when he heard you that particular time, lol. Gosh I wish I could swim... Being someone who used to study just to get good results during childhood gave me almost no opportunity to learn these things.

Hehe, I love sarcasm as well, it's just I don't use sarcasm in my writings here, lol. You should see how I sent my sister's disrespectful crush on a sulking marathon (and I regretted that - such a big mouth I have here), he was a guy to start with. 😆

And yeah, don't worry about your spellings, I face the same problem all the time. Just now I spelled "have" as "ahve" and more of such mistakes. Mistakes are what make us human.

And, about the dark magic I mentioned, I meant witchcraft (malay witchcraft), using spirits to do jobs for you such as putting a curse, to look prettier, to take care of the home and such such. Our ancestors keep these beings as pets (I might post information about malay ghosts, imps and dark creatures first, I think, to make you understand better).

Oh yeah, one more thing, how did you come up with the name "pendragon"? Ummm, is it from that adventure books by DJ McHale? Just asking since I'm curious. Speaking of name, Alice also reminds me of twilight, lol. 😜
Penny: gee, thanks for your compliments (^_^) v

Haha, I will talk to her into posting her stories here, she has lots of experiences... My mom, aunt and uncle (my mom's side of family, the ancestors practiced dark magic, but not the recent generations, this is somewhat related to their sensitivity to these beings) have many experiences too, and I'll be posting those soon, maybe next week, I'll start writing the story, lol.

Your style of writing too, I admire it. It's humorous in its own way, and somehow I really like it.

And oh yeah about Dmitri, I know the his character isn't like a vampire, I just relate his name to the character, because we don't always find the name Dmitri in everyday life (except for yours XD)
I like the name Dmitri, bc it's unique, sounds appealing to me. And I know Dmitri has been around before the novel was published:)

lol nice...
I don't mind to share our home really, and I believe that every home has one, at least. Its just depends on how active those little beings in each home to make it detectable. I'm trying to get my sister to post her other experiences (the ones she had at school, I've posted the ones she told me that happened at home), her school had lots of massive cases of hysteria early of this year, but she said that that have to wait. She has a big examination at the end of this year, and I'm actually the one that's more into writing stories. She's more of an illustrator. Maybe I'll post those stories for her.

And oh yeah, there are several happenings at our home that happened to me that I passed as doubtful since I could maybe find some scientific and logical explanation for the doubtful events.

By the way, I really like your story about Fred (yeah, I would find him really annoying too if I were in your shoes, haha), your guardian angels, Dmitri and Riku (Dmitri reminds me of a vampire in the midnight sun - twilight series novel) and I really find them fascinating... Anyway, I really like your stories.

thanks, Penny for your comment. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the hoe man is residual. But I doubt the breathing and the beings in the living room are residual. Whatever they are, they have never harmed any of us, I hope they never will. So far, they haven't messed up, so we prefer to keep things in peace. I believe in you-don't-harm-us-we-don't-harm-you-policy. So, so far, we are just letting those beings free unless it's started to look dangerous. Any further information about our house, you can refer to my other story, titled: she whispered into my ear. Thanks anyway, Penny:)

Date: 2010-08-10
well, it is common that people like you can sense these things. You said that you are partially deaf. Hence, you put a little bit more effort to listen to your surroundings, and with your extra effort, you seem to be able to hear 'them'. And these beings can always know if a person is able to sense them, so they will try to communicate with that person. And, you mentioned that your partner can actually see them. As I said earlier, these beings want to communicate with people that can see, hear or sense them. With your partner's ability to see them, and your ability to hear them, it's a no-wonder that their activity around you guys are more active since you guys have been together.

Anyway, it's your choice either to pay attention to these beings or not and your can tell them to leave or simply ignore them.

Either way, stay safe:)

you had a sleep paralysis, but controlled by something more evil than just merely a spirit... The deep growling explains it all, it could be something more powerful, the demon itself. I believe that what you experienced wasn't a dream at all, I had an almost the same experience, refer to my story, She Whispered Into My Ear. You are not the only person that experiences this occurrence, there are others out there. Becareful with those evil beings.