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Make A Wish on 2009-08-31

I live in Cancun, Mexico with my sister; I've been in Mexico for 5 months. I had several encounters with ghost, shadows, and what you can call "evil entities" back in Houston, Texas. My family is sensitive in the sense that most of us, my 2 brothers, sister and dad can perceive ghosts. Since movin...

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Date: 2009-09-03
White, I'm a science guy myself, I don't take it to heart nor do I blindly believe it, I guess it's more of an idea that I think seems right. There are a lot of things, we cannot explain or cannot even begin to understand because our science can't explain it nor prove it. I think our science needs to evolve. But I still will try it. I'll tell you how it goes.

Tiz, thanks. It's fine you can't stop your researching, I've had the ideas given to me. I think I'll just let it go, until it shows up by itself. Genie or no genie I'm still not making a wish. OR well, unless I'm like 100% positive it doesn't want part of my soul or anything of that kind.
Date: 2009-09-02
How did you wake up feeling? All warm, and fuzzy inside? Or feeling negative. If you woke up without any type of feeling, don't make much of it. It's something that can't affect the way you feel. Worry about what can make you feel differently.
Date: 2009-09-02
thanks moon...

White, I don't like mirrors because I have a thing, ever since I was little that I stare at my face and it distorts into something else. I've always had a believe that mirrors are like windows into our dimension and vice-versa, from their dimension in an area that just calls out to ghost, per say when there is a person that is a light to them, such as I and my sister. I've never had mirrors in my room and if I did, they were always covered.
Date: 2009-09-02
Thanks. I shall try it. Though I tend to avoid keeping things that cause reflections. But thanks for the info and comments, it's been helpful. 😁
Date: 2009-09-02
Haha. Thanks. I didn't feel any other body part, from what I can remember.
The windows are always open and when I am in the room the fan is always on. The walls are white, and it's a pretty clean room, there aren't things that would make it feel tight or closed in, since about the only thing I have in it are a bed, a fan and clothes and some books. By dense I mean like the air gets heavy and the atmosphere changes, it gets weird, like you just need to get out of the room. This happens at random times, including during the day. Not always, but like once or twice a day so far.
Well there was something that happened to me like 3 weeks ago in the room. I don't recall what it is exactly, I put it away. It seemed bad, because now looking back on it I slept with my sister for about a week. Come to think of it, it was around the same time, I just don't remember what happened. Besides that there is just the lingering shadow (which by the way appears more often to me since that happened) but it's nothing frightening nor does it give off a positive or negative feel to it.
To throw it out there, there has always been something that haunted me. Those were negative entities that made themselves seen. This one didn't feel as bad as things I've experienced in the past, except for the wish part, I'm still confused about it.
Date: 2009-09-02
Honestly, I don't remember a change of smell, I didn't take that into account. Next time something happens I will. 😁 Though, the room did get darker. It stayed dark even when the woman came in. It got a bit lighter when everything finished. For as him touching me somewhere else, no, it was only my arm. It wasn't a hard grab but gentle. I didn't get a look at him. I didn't want to. Lol. I can say the air/atmosphere was dense even after everything was done. At random times when I am in my room, it feels dense, but that might just be my imagination. His voice wasn't really scary, nor persuading, nor gentle, just really deep. I didn't feel a breeze in my ear since I have the fan pointing at me, but I did get a cold breeze in my neck at the moment of him touching me. His laugh seemed menacing. Anything else?
Date: 2009-09-02
Somethings don't need a reason to do what they do, they just do. Do you have a garden? You should plant white roses... Leave some white roses in a glass with water on the porch if you have one, or around, they're supposed to be spiritual candles... Might keep it away...
Date: 2009-09-02
Yeah, I think it was my guardian angel, and I'm not really worried about that. I'm rather worried about the other entity.
Date: 2009-09-02
This happened to one of my sisters friend like a month ago when he stayed at my aunts house. He couldn't really put it into words, but he said he had woken up, and was unable to move but felt funny sensations "down there." Through out the day he seemed drained of his energy. I guess there are some energies that just feed off of that type of energy. I don't think it was incubus though, they would have made themselves seen.