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United States
born and raised in mexico but live in georgia
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Demonic House in Mexico on 2008-03-10

Ever since I can remember I have always heard that my grandparents house was haunted. My father as well as my other 8 aunts and uncles lived there until they married, and they all described to me the same ghosts. They all told me that at night a young woman would appear and tell them that she had ki...

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Date: 2008-03-15
Thanks everybody for posting. As for you all's questions. Even though we know it's hounted we still have parties their because my grandfather build that house when he just got married. My grandfather(r.i.p) ALONG WITH MY GRANDMOTHER lived in that house for most off their lives. My father along with all my aunts and uncles grew up in that house. So as you can see the house meens a lot to us even though we now its hounted. As for video taping. If god allows
me I will go to mexico this summer and I am planning to put 2 video camaras along with 2 pretty high quality voice recorders in parts of the house. O.h and before I forget I am from a small tiny town in MICHOACAN MEXICO. But I currently live in the BEAUTIFUL STATE OF GEORGIA
i have 2 aouts that live thrue what you are living they said that they learned to live with it.
Date: 2007-09-02
damn that would have been scary.
i myself am catholic and I find myself praying when I am scared.
i would have shiatt my pants no joke
i would have moved out the first day
how can you live like that for 8 years damn