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Hi, I'm Jamie-Lynne. I'm a 22 year old woman and now I am a single mom. I have 2 kids that are my world and I work part-time.

I have a very happy life, and I try to take care of my health as much as I can. I'm Pagan and I love learning about new languages and cultures. I love children and babies and I hope to adopt more children later in life, when my own have moved out and started families of their own.

I joined this community to relate to other people that can see and have knowledge of the spirit realm.
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Get Your Knee Out Of My Back, You Ghost on 2013-02-18

It's been years since I have posted a story, and I have only really experienced two new spiritual encounters to my memory. Neither of these two experiences were as odd as the ones I have had before, but I will post them. This one happened just last night (as od early December 2012), and I will post ...

Lightning That Wasn't There on 2013-02-18

Firstly, I'm sorry this is story is much more boring than my other ones. I just felt like I needed to share it, boring or not. I really felt something strong. Not every story is incredible. About five months ago (October of 2012), I had another odd experience. Down the street from my home at the ...

Doppleganger Of My Brother on 2011-10-10

This is another one of my experiences that took place when I was 8. I was living in my childhood home (mentioned in other stories) and I shared a bedroom with my brother who was 5 or 6 at the time. We had a bunk bed and I had the bottom bunk while he took the top. I started having sleep problems aro...

Sleep Paralysis And A Little Boy on 2009-10-26

I don't know if I would really call this a ghostly encounter, more along the lines of sleep paralysis, but it was definitely odd, something that hasn't quite happened to me before. I used to have visions often as a teenager, but things have seemed to calm once I reached 18. Every once in a while I w...

What Is My Son Seeing? on 2009-09-22

If you've read any of my other stories, you know that I live in my childhood home now, with my husband and son (my daughter will be born this January). This series of incidents involves my son. Sorry it is going to be rather long, but it is a few things that happened in a short amount of time. The o...

That Black Thing on 2009-09-14

This is my very first experience with the paranormal. Sorry if this is kind of short, but it was a rather quick happening. I was four years old when this happened and I was playing outside of the house that I currently live in. I don't remember exactly what I was doing, but I think it involved m...

People In The Car Windshield on 2009-09-14

I was living in a trailer park with my husband, right before we got married. I was about 5 or 6 months pregnant with my son at the time this happened. Just to note, nobody died in this trailer. I lived in a very small town at the time (before finally moving back to my childhood home), less than 2000...

Thing On The Porch on 2009-09-14

This story is actually a little bit complicated to tell. First, I have to explain that I used to have dreams about my guardian spirit. At different times, he would guide me through problems in my life, give me strength or explain things that I couldn't understand while I slept. I have only lived in ...

An Incubus Or Just A Dream? on 2009-09-07

This took place when I was 16 years old. I had gone to bed exhausted one night after having a day full of semester exams at my school. What I am about to describe is strange but true. I have no reason to lie about it. When this first started happening, I was so confused I thought, "I must be sti...

The Music Room Spirits on 2009-09-07

This happened to me when I was five or six years old (I'm now 20). It's the first experience that I have had with a HUMAN entity (or entities in this case), and only the third paranormal experience I had ever had in my life. Before you decide to comment saying that I don't know what I'm talking abou...

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This story is older, but I stumbled on it from the recommendations on other stories. It was actually rather negative and offensive. I do hope you never say anything like that to a woman that has lost her child. Nothing you can say could take away her pain. The spiritual part of the story, though valid, was completely overshadowed by your negativity. I noticed all of the anger from other posters and while I am not going to become angry, I will say, please pick your words wisely, not all spirits of darkness are ghosts. Some are people that walk among us. Take care not to become one.
Date: 2012-01-16
That was so sad. I feel for you and your family. May Skye rest in peace. It takes something like this to make us appreciate our lives as they are and love each other.
Date: 2012-01-10
I started to cry reading the last couple lines of this. I don't blame you for being sad by this. Very sad story. Hopefully that poor little spirit finds rest.
Oh my goodness, this was such a heart-touching story I have tears in my eyes. I'm a sensitive woman, but not usually this sensitive. I'm very sorry for your loss, but it was beautiful how peacefully your sister decided to say goodbye.

By the way, your mom hit the same tree 4 times? That part gave me a laugh that I really needed. This story is going in my favorites.
Date: 2012-01-08
I agree with Javelina.
It was totally ignorant of Patrick to act the way he did. His religious views are no more important than anyone elses. However, that girl was a moron to jump right to cursing.
As creepy as he is, maybe he's a guardian. Maybe the spirit is just checking in as a very old relative.
Wow, I live right outside of Vegas and the Little Choo Choo daycare sounds so familiar. I had to have driven past it before. Very creepy. Who knows, maybe the inside of the daycare is a hangout for ghosts?
[at] Chevy, lol! I didn't have any hair to cut it out of. But it did suck to have to throw that set of underpants out, because the stickiness didn't go away.
Wow! I can't believe I got so many comments in such a short time.
[at] zzsgranny, thanks for the kind welcoming.
[at] Steph, Nope. No twin. He is my only sibling.

I didn't know that people could astral project without trying to. That's a new notion to me. Maybe he felt the need to brush his astral teeth.
[at] Spiderwood.
It was a one time thing. I have had nothing similar happen since this incident.
What a very touching story. Be very proud to know that her daddy loves her and doesn't even let death stop him from being a good father. Don't worry about what people say. People are idiots. You know what's true in your heart and so does your little girl. This is your way to be a whole family, embrace it.
Incubi are not spirits, they are living things, but living things from a realm different than ours (which is why they are often invisible to us).

An Incubus needs sexual contact with human beings in order to maintain life, much like we need to eat and breathe. Some are aggressive in their pursuits, others are quite docile and gentle. Some are curious about humans, with no intent on harming them. So I say if you're enjoying the sensations, and you aren't being hurt or don't feel scared... Then do just that.

But if you continue to allow contact from an Incubus, pay very close attention to your body and your reactions (health-wise). Be sure that too much energy isn't being taken from you and your health is not draining. Just be careful and aware. And Incubi can't be depended on. When they feel like going away, they will. Don't expect them to become attached to you.

And for the record, I believe that this has nothing to do with marijuana use. Marijuana does not create hallucinations.
Good point, jazzeyjay. This psychic could very-well just be yanking your grandpa, and scaring both you and your mother. Keep an eye open to be safe, but the worry is probably not doing good for you.
Absolutely not. But it IS crazy-talk to tell someone that in order to rid themselves of demonic/negative presences, becoming a Christian is the answer. It may be your answer, but it doesn't mean it's the only or best way. That's for individuals to decide.

But being Christian doesn't automatically save you. There are many cultures all over this world that find themselves "demon-free" of their own different faiths.

I'm not saying that being Christian is crazy.
I'm saying that becoming a Christian to rid yourself of an external struggle is crazy.
Very strange that a human spirit would want to feed off of a living human. I'm not sure how they can do that besides just making the living human ill or miserable. I can't imagine what the spirit feels it would gain from this.

Keep doing what you're doing, and see if after having the house cleansed, the medium thinks the spirit is still in the house or around your mother. If she's okay with the idea of it, make her a charm or amulet to wear around her neck. The internet is full of directions on different and easy ones you can make.
You DON'T have to become Christian (if you already aren't one), Stonewall. That's crazy-talk. Cultures all over the world have their own ways of ridding themselves of demonic presence and other negative entities.

Many people choose to go to an expert to remove the entity from their homes. Psychics, priests, shamans, etc have been working for plenty of years doing these things.

You can also have your mother take precautions against oppressive entities. Demons cannot just simply possess a person because they feel like. Is she depressed? Or ill? They tend to go for people like that, sick people or those suffering with depression. It's done like this because their minds are easy to take over in their weakened state. They look for people that are easily influenced. If your mother is a strong-minded woman, tell her to really focus on that, and the positive things in her life.

If she is religious, tell her to pray or study what her specific faith does in these situations. If she has a religious leader, ask her to seek his/her council for help.

Also, I have heard that it helps to burn sage all around the inside of your home. Demons supposedly do not like the smell. After the burning is done, open all of the doors and windows in your home. It let's them escape your house. After closing the windows and doors, spray salt-water throughout your home, especially around entry ways (like the front door, or windows that are often open).
Date: 2009-11-13
That's creepy. I have no idea what it could be, besides some low-level demon creature. Many weaker demons have an odd appearance, almost funny looking if you weren't so scared seeing it. The weird feeling you got before seeing it adds to the idea. They tend to carry a disturbing aura around them. Did it happen to see you?

I can't explain the skeletal hand touching your face at night. It could have been the spirit of the person that lived in the house last.
Iscute11, your mom is right to not let you use one. She's keeping you from screwing up and possibly being hurt. Listen to her.
Date: 2009-11-13
Just don't hold a seance or use a ouija board. Meditating in order to communicate through your dreams is completely safe. Your mind is open to the astral realm while you sleep, and if you communicate with the dead through sleep, they don't actually leave their realm physically. So you don't have to worry about something negative entering your life through your dreams. It's a good way to get a hint without harming the spirit of either yourself or the dead person.
Date: 2009-11-12

Here's the site I always go to. Unsolved Mysteries and America's Most Wanted both have some good listings as well.