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Priests Soul - Brahmarakshas on 2013-01-16

This story is about a haunting that happened in my neighborhood 70 years ago to a family who stay near to my house and are also my relatives. I heard this incident from my grandfather who was not directly linked to any of it but heard it from people who were associated with it. I had already ment...

It Wanted To Possess Me? on 2012-12-10

This happened to me in 2009. I was working in quality certification company based in Coimbatore which is a city in southern part of India. This place is 60 km from my home. When I joined, I used to commute to and fro in my motorbike. I used to love those rides as I love riding bike. I used to st...

The Fire Spirit Or The Kolli Pishach on 2012-11-07

I live in Kerala which is in the southern part of India. My town is known as Palakkad, situated in a valley surrounded by western ghat hills. These hills are subtropical rain forests having an average altitude of 1200 meters. We have monsoons 5 months of the year, and when I say monsoon its heavy ra...

The Ghost In The Playground on 2012-10-09

The ghost in the playground This narration is about an experience I had during my schooldays. I studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya which has got awesome all round academic activities. Apart from studies my school also used to give importance to sports and various other activities like scouting, nature...

The Water Spirit Or Jala Pishach on 2012-09-03

Today I am going to narrate about an incident which happened to my grandfather when he was 16. Most of the people in our caste make a living by jobs related to temple activities. So my grandfather also used to work in the temple. During festival season he used to go to temples in distant places to e...

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Date: 2014-08-02
Awesome story, there are chances you would have roamed around in the wilderness, this actually attracts negative entities... Good that your friend heard you opening the door and going out...
Check out my blog for some more stories from KERALA
Hello Hades666
Thanks mate. I am glad that my post gives you insight about our culture. It inspires me to share more which I would surely do. I am writing another experience about witchcraft. Hope you would like that too, once it is posted. Take care and do post your views. Cheers.
Hi Narcissa, awesome story. I completely believe your story. I am from Kerala and even we do have a similar entity, known as Brahmarakshas. In our place it is said that a Brahmans soul becomes brahma rakshas if the Brahman dies an unnatural death or if the dead body is not given a proper funeral. A similar incident happened near to my home when my granddad was young. I have posted the story. Apart from that it is also said that these entities kill cattle's and if any one looks into its face they burn to ashes. It is very powerful and very difficult to calm. Most of the times special shrines are made for them once they are calmed down by prayers and offerings. Thank you for sharing. Take care. Cheers.
Date: 2013-01-27
Randall A Stone
That was a scary experience, I understand how you felt that night as I had a similar experience. But mine was just once and I pray to lord that it never happens to me or anybody. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.
nice story, lucky that no one got hurt. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.
hello raftingirl, thank very much, I trust you are doing great. Yes his family was terrified because his soul was not normal after he died isolated. Besides he was not given proper funeral so his soul transformed into a revenge thirsty brahmarakshas. And the family did regret their foolishness of not giving him proper farewell like one a brahman should get. The spirit would have even hurt his own children if they were out during midnight as that is the time when usually spirits are powerful. I am happy that you like to know about indian culture, I will be posting another story soon for you. Take care. Cheers.
bluerose19, hello, I am fine thank you. How are you my friend? Thanks for your comment. The guy who relieved himself near the samadhi is a bigtime fool if he knew there was a samadhi nearby. Its obvious that your the spirit got angered and chased him. And he made himself visible so that others would see and never repeat what the person did at his samadhi. In my place too there has been many instances wherein people got possessed as they had peed or spat on or near a samadhi. Let me tell you some of them even died, it depends upon the nature of spirit. Your grandad would have been a very kind man when he was alive, that's why he just chased him. I am working on couple of new posts which I will submit soon. Its about a particular group of real cruel wizards. Until then you take care and cheers.
Hi mate, thank you. Its cool that your granddad saw a Brahma rakshas, he is real brave and strong willed person. As far as I know anybody who sees one would be scared to death. And yeah there are chances that a priests soul can become a brahma rakshas if some one from lower cast touches his dead body. In this case also it would have happened, as he was kept isolated and after he died it was his servants who took his dead body to burn. Thanks for sharing your view. Cheers.

Well that is a naive question but let me tell you dhoni is named after the hills in my place not vice versa. Cheers bro ❤
Date: 2012-12-14
Hello Sarah,

You are welcome Sarah and thank you for the comments. Actually before my encounter, my mother also had a similar experience when she was younger. She didn't
Tell me about that when it happened to me. But spoke
About it recently. As she thought I would be terrified. Well this thing happened to one of my friends too. He was holidaying with his wife in a resort and he also had a similar experience as mine. Thanks for sharing your mothers experience. Take care.

Date: 2012-12-14
Hi Rev-Holmes,

Thanks, yeah hanuman chalisa is a prayer, I recited it when the entity tried to attack me. I used to recite it every night before going to sleep, but now I stopped it as I am not a vegan any more. Nice to know that you visited coimbatore, its a beautiful place. I am currently working in muscat, Oman.

As you said it can be a Rakshasa or Yamdoot, I will never know and I never want to you. One mistake I did was I didn't have any thing related to god in that room, I mean a photo or even holy bhasmam that hindus apply on their forehead. May be because of that the entity tried to attack me.

Date: 2012-12-14

Thank you, it did work fine. Nothing bad happened after that. And as you said the hotel owner did know that some thing unearthly used to happen in the floor where I stayed, but was scared to lose a customer so he didn't mention that to me.

Date: 2012-12-14
Hi Tamz89,

Thank you, well I was not brave that day as I fled from there within minutes of the encounter. But I believe that god is powerful than any dark spirits so once I got blessed and the holy thread on my arm I felt secured. Most of the people in my country who are skeptical about paranormal say that having a holy thread will only give you a psychological feeling that you are protected, but it worked just fine for me.

I did talk to the landlord after that and he assured me that no one who has stayed in the room committed suicide and it was the adjoining room where it happened. And he also requested me not to publicize this as it would harm the repute of their hotel. Later I came to know that this hotel is frequented by people who indulge in prostitution.

Besides that, my work timings where thus that I never got time to interact with others who were staying there. Luckily I was not harmed. So I just thank god.

Also I have posted few more stories which you can read. Take care, have a great time.

Whoa man, that experience would have been scary. Any ways thanks for sharing mate. Great story. Keep them coming. Cheers. 😁
Date: 2012-11-17
You are most welcome Bluerose19, I narrated my experience as I felt a similarity between mine and your dads dreams. As you said even I didn't have grandmother in my mind. But still she came in my dreams so that I would talk to my father and solve the issues between us. Once I did that, I never had her dream again. She would have been sad seeing her son going through these troubles. Chats why she came in my dreams. I would like to know more if he had any more dreams after that. If its ok for you to share. Thanks. Cheers. 😁
Date: 2012-11-17
Hi Bluerose, Thanks for sharing your Dads experience. Sometimes our loved one who are departed try converse through our dreams. There have been many instances where in a person sleeping sees his/her loved one in dream trying to say something. I had a similar experience with my departed grand mother coming in my dreams constantly. She died when I was around 18. Due to my teenage arrogance I was not in good terms with my father. I always used to have fights with him. He used to deny me going out with my buddies and all. And I used to sneak out at night and used to get into trouble. I was a real pain in his otherwise happy life. Due to my behavior he was facing depression issues, resulting him in having high blood pressure. I never used to bother about his depression as I was nuts at that age and never used to listen to anyone. My dad was my grandmothers favorite out of her 6 children. So she had special love for me over her other grand children. And even I was very fond of her. It started after 6 months or so from her death. I was seeing her in my dreams constantly. She never scared me but I was disturbed. In my dreams I used to see her sitting under a tree, her face not clear but I knew it was her as she dressed in a particular way as Hindus in south India do. Despite me trying to talk to her she will not even look at me. I would repeatedly call her but she would not talk to me. I saw this dream for a week and I started getting worried. I told my mother about this. Then my mother said you should apologize to your father as your grandmother is sad because of your attitude towards your father. I was reluctant at first but later I did apologize to him. And believe me from that day I never had that dream gain. Cheers. 😁
Date: 2012-11-17
awesome, thanks for sharing. As per what I have heard babies can see other beings until they are able to distinguish between human and paranormal. But this ability dies of slowly by the time they start talking. I think your daughter is sensitive to these things and must say very brave too.
Date: 2012-11-12
awesome narrate mate. This is an extraordinary exp that you have had, please mail me at billyak18 [at] as I would like to know more about the details that ratna told u, cheers,
Thank you Bluerose19. The place in my experience comes under Indian forest reserves. As I mentioned, we had to get permission from Forest department to enter the area. Or else its considered illegal (trespass to be precise). And the people over there protect their tradition and as you said their sacred groves. Yes they do. And in order to protect their grove they will not hesitate to even harm others who are a threat. And the best thing is, its been some 12 years from the day of this incident and the place has become more denser. We had couple more of great camping trips to the same place and never faced any problems. Once again thanks for your input.:)