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A Genie? on 2009-09-22

You all read about the magical genie of Aladdin. Well, these genies do exist. But they don't live in old lamps and they also are not magical. But they have some supernatural powers like they can go through walls, change forms, take over human bodies etc. They are related to angels and demons. Some o...

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Date: 2013-10-20
Thank you God_Father...its great to know that you liked my story 😊
Date: 2011-11-04
Thanks for the comments Nysa and mlbenson. Yeah you are absolutely right about the Djinn concept Nysa. But I am really not sure whether djinn is the plural form of genie. I think genie is the English form of the Arabic word Djinn.

But again thanks for the comments.
Take care. 😊
Date: 2011-08-30
thanks for sharing your experience with us... You said you'd move in six months... Well I believe that'll do the trick... If your dream is true then you are getting attacked by the ghostly being because you live in that house... That house has a bad history... So I hope moving out will help you.
Take care and please inform us what happened after you move out.
Best of luck. ❤ ❤ ❤
Date: 2011-08-30
That's a great story/freaky experience... Well whatever the thing was I kind of think it was not your imagination nor hallucination... You heard the footsteps then again you and your cousin heard them again later your brother heard them... Each of you people heard the footsteps at different times... So it can't be imagination/hallucination (guess) there any ghostly history of that house?
❤ ❤ ❤
Date: 2011-08-30
well...thanks for all the feed backs... And the jinn still is in my house... I tried a lot of things... At times it felt like its gone... But its not gone. Again thanks for all the tips & feed backs. 😊
Date: 2010-10-07
I totally agree with butthead on the point that it didn't have any really bad intension. It just wanted you two to respect the graveyard and it stopped when it realised that you two are not going to do anything like that again.

Take care. ❤
Date: 2010-10-06
Wow...that was creepy... Babies can sense paranormal beings and as well as dogs... Though dogs don't have the ability to speak they have a great ability to sense the paranormals... So whenever you will hear dogs bark madly at nothing, its to be sure that there was SOMETHING...

I have heard true stories about dogs sensing the paranormals way before humans do... And this ability of dogs saved a lot of people from danger... By the way you were lucky to have sensed the paranormal in your house... Not every person has this kind of ability.

Thank-you very much for sharing your experience.
Hope you never have this kind of negative experience again. Take care. ❤ 😊 ❤
Date: 2010-10-02
wow...that was creepy. Pease write more about the dorms.

Take care. ❤ ❤ ❤
Interesting story. Thanks for sharing.

May your loving grandmother rest in peace.

Intersted in other stories. Please write more.

Take care. ❤ ❤ ❤
Don't know it was your imagination or not... But I am glad that you are moving to somewhere else.

Take care. ❤
Date: 2009-10-14
I guess he is a good spirit as he protects you.

Take care. ❤ to you.
Date: 2009-10-14
Ask it what it wants.

May god bless you. Take care. Love to you. 😊
Date: 2009-10-14
Great story! Thanks for sharing it. What were the objects that you removed?

Take care. ❤ ❤ ❤
Thanks for sharing the great story 😊

According to my thoughts... I think he would be a great man in future. Best of luck to him.

Take care. ❤ to you.
Date: 2009-10-13
lol...that was a great ghost story... I like that ghost and its great sense of humour.

Take care. ❤ to you.
Thanks for sharing the story.

I think you should ask the 'thing' what does it want from you.

Blessed be. ❤
Weird...I don't think its a prankster... I guess it was a ghost or something like that.


Date: 2009-10-09
I agree with kfreakelena. You should try to talk to it. It may need your help. I think it's not a bad ghost as it did no harm to you.

Love to you. ❤ 😊
Date: 2009-10-08
I guess it WAS Mr.Jones.I guess he wanted to let you all know about his presnce.So,he turned off the lights, opened the door etc. I think he was a good spirit as he did no harm to you all.

Take care. 😊
Did something bad happen to your cousin after you saw his doppleganger? Because if you see someone's doppleganger then something bad happens to that person.

Thanks for the great story! ❤