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Weird Breathing In The Room My Grand-grandma Died on 2009-09-21

In winter, when I visited my grandma's I had a really unexplainable experience occurring at nights. I live in Croatia, and my grandma is in Bosnia & Herzegovina. My grandparents have a house that is connected to another one, which was where my grandpa's sister and her family lived. But since the...

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Really, Marg?

Wow, I totally forgot to mention that the room was also very cold in summer! But still I didn't pay much attention since the summer nights there are pretty cool. But who knows...

I still sleep there when we come on vacation though. But I'm really scared and sometimes it's really frustrating being in that room. I don't know why but I feel like I just want to get out of it. I think I'll try to sleep in the next room instead of this one...