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My e-mail is posted if you need me, but I would appreciate sincere correspondance only, please...
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I Think She Finally Believes Me on 2016-03-02

The 30th of March will be the first anniversary of my Step-father's passing. He was a genuinely wonderful and deeply religious man. On two occasions I was able to go "Ghost Hunting With Loonies" during a vacation to visit my Mom. Of course I stayed at their home. He joked that he was worried I'd bri...

Hat Man on 2013-05-20

I think I've finally scrounged up enough courage to put this account to the jury of readers here on YGS. These experiences have confused and befuddled me for years. Being somewhat logical in searching for answers to events, I'm torn between what my logical mind is stating and what my senses have def...

Things That Make Ya Go 'hmmm' on 2013-03-12

Out of all the strange things I've experienced lately, this account goes to the top of the list of "What the hell was that?" Haha! A couple of weeks ago, February 23rd to be exact, as usual I was running a little late leaving for work. It was nearly 6am and still darkish. We live in a gated retir...

Work Place Ghosties on 2012-11-12

I work for a popular grocery chain here in the Western USA. Ultimately, we're owned by a much larger corporation that operates many different chains. In Las Vegas, the grocery industry is very competitive, and many times larger chains have been forced to close some of their stores and sell them to o...

My Mom's House 2 on 2012-06-18

As most of you know by now, I and my son JR recently went on vacation to Ohio. Per usual, we stayed with my Mom. Normally when I visit her by myself I sleep in the spare room downstairs; however, due to my step-dad's recent chemo treatments, she thought it was better that we stayed upstairs in the a...

Ghost Hunting With Loonies on 2012-06-06

On May 24th, 2012, I and several others had the opportunity to investigate one of the most, reputedly, haunted places in world: The Historic Ohio State Reformatory, more commonly known simply as Mansfield Reformatory. This building is a mixture of Queen Anne, Victorian Gothic, and Richardsonian Roma...

Chilly, Silly Ghostie on 2012-01-30

I thought I'd submit one for the "workplace ghostie" thing we have going on. I honestly don't know if it's paranormal or not, but one thing's sure: it ain't normal! At the time this event took place, I was the bakery/deli manager with a "major" grocery chain here in Las Vegas. Shortly after coming ...

My Visit To Alcatraz on 2011-10-06

I'm on vacation this week, and my husband and I took a short trip to San Francisco for the sole purpose of touring Alcatraz Island. Just getting there was an adventure in itself, but I won't bore you with the particulars of that leg of the journey. I never realized the close proximity between the ...

Maria on 2011-10-04

In one of my earlier stories, I mentioned a trip that I and my kids and grand-daughter made, back to my home state of Ohio. While there, we visited the gravesite of a young girl who'd been murdered by my fraternal grandmother's uncle, in 1832. All my life, I'd felt compelled to pay my respects to th...

Scent Of A... Ghost? on 2011-08-29

I don't know when I actually started smelling ghosts. I do remember, when I was a kid, I would smell all kinds of things that no one else did. Onions cooking, flowers in the dead of winter, unfamiliar perfumes (my mother never used perfume, allergy), and sometimes I'd wake in the middle of the night...

Notes Between Friends on 2011-01-05

In light of recent discussions on this site, I would like to present some timely correspondence between a friend and myself. I ask that the moderators please leave the messages in their original form, as I feel it lends credence. Please note that permission has been granted by all whose names appear...

The Signs Are There If We Pay Attention on 2010-05-24

I am very fortunate to be the Granny of two beautiful little girls: Zoe 5years old, and Emily soon to be 7 months old. They are the lights of my life and I share their antics to whoever will listen! One person I would love to be able to share with is my Dad, but unfortunately, he passed away several...

Windy In Las Vegas on 2010-02-01

I came across this story that I wrote a few months ago and forgot to submit. The site was full at the time, and, well, I forgot! This is October 19, 2009. The wind has been blowing quite strongly here in the desert for the last 24 hours or so which is not very unusual at this time of the year. Ho...

My Ghosties Like Christmas on 2010-01-27

This story has its beginning in 2008, shortly after a visit to Ohio in May of that year. There was a lot of activity at my house during the summer and fall, some of which I have posted. The following is an account of happenings after that. I tend to get very home-sick during the Holidays, so my husb...

My Ghostie Friends on 2010-01-25

When I was a child, I would often hear my name called. It always sounded like my Mom. But when I asked her what she needed, of course her answer would be that she didn't call me. I slept with my bed against the wall and usually with my back against it, as I was sure that there were "things" under my...

He Wanted To Be There, Too on 2009-11-10

I'm so happy to announce the birth of my second grandchild on October 26th. Her name is Emily Michelle, and she is perfect. She looks just like my daughter! My daughter had a c-section, so my youngest son and I were on the way to the hospital at around 6:15, or so. Since we would not be able to smo...

My Mom's House on 2009-10-05

My Mom lives in a semi-rural area of far north east Ohio. Her house is quite old, but I really don't know the age. It's three stories high, but has only 2 and ½ floors. (Very high ceilings) It's the greatest house I've ever seen. Half of the second floor has been converted into an apartment; the oth...

My Daughter's Dad on 2009-09-28

My daughter's father was killed in a motorcycle accident three weeks before she was born. He has visited me in dreams when something, good or bad, was about to happen that would have an impact on her. Here are a couple of the most significant. We grew up in a small town in Ohio. Everyone kne...

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Sanguirina: You got it! Haha Puthy deleted their first profile, but shortly after created a new one. They're not banned, although they were VERY close.
Date: 2017-10-14
Biblio: This has nothing to do with the story but I'd just like to clear up the misconception that Amish/Mennonites don't use computers. The only place where electricity is forbidden is in the home. However, their barns have electricity, phone lines, WiFi, etc. They are, after all, running businesses and have the need to access supplies to run them. They do online shopping, etc 😆 so posting a story here wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility. 😁
Date: 2017-10-13
I think the OP was being sarcastic when he called himself an "expert" 😆. Takes one to know one haha But if you read it in a sarcastic tone it makes much more sense.
Wonder when Puthy will realith their poths are dithappearing ath fath ath they can poth them?
I have an update to this story that I keep forgetting to post.

After Frank passed, my Mom received a sizable inheritance from his great aunt who was exceptionally aged and childless. She left her money to her nieces and nephews. She chose to do something for the little country church they attend, that she and Frank had joked about while he was alive. She had an elevator installed and had a plaque hung over the control that read, " In loving memory of Frank M***. In honor of Jodi M***" (Jodi is my step-sister who, as a child, had a brain tumor and wasn't expected to live beyond puberty. She's now 59 years old. She had a stroke about 10 years ago, and is now in a nursing home in a vegetative state.)

In March, my eldest brother passed away from complications due to Alzheimer's. My Daughter and I went to Ohio to comfort my Mom and just be with other family members since he didn't want a funeral, or even a memorial service.

When I walked in the house I saw the plaque leaning on her kitchen window. I asked her why and she said, "Well, he just didn't want it there. It kept falling to the floor. They tried all kinds of hangers and glue and what-not but it wouldn't stay there. So they gave it to me." hahahaha He didn't want the kudos for it.
Date: 2017-08-11
Wish-Not: Any update or progress made? Just curious because I know I've gotten some nasty replies before when I tried to advise page admins.
Date: 2017-08-09
Okay, Wish-not. It's in a group and I can't see it 😆 I don't want to join the group, but if you're a member, can you explain the situation and ask that they remove it? They really don't have to since you're not the original author but most times, if you ask nicely, they'll comply.

Otherwise there's not much else we can do.
Date: 2017-08-09
Before everybody gets upset, please notice the "like" and "share" buttons (for facebook as well as twitter) under every story. If someone uses these, a link is posted that leads to our site, full credit is given to the site and the author.

This is a fail safe against plagiarism.
Wattpad users are notorious for plagiarizing from this site. If it bothers you (like it does most of us) it's wise to copy/paste the first line or lines of any of your own submissions, Google search, and see what you come up with. You may be surprised.

There really isn't anything we can do except to alert the site admin, however, if it is one of your stories you can demand that they remove it. If they don't, then report them to Google. Only the owner of the story can do this.

*sigh* It's never ending 😆
Date: 2017-06-09
Manafon: Karma point to you for reading my mind 😊.

Date: 2017-06-08
Okay, before we all climb aboard the Miss Demeanor, let's step back and think about this. Personally, I think this may be a family member of Warblaze. If not, then I'll toss this into mix: it's possible that more than one family lived in that home over the years, right? I think it would be pretty cool if the same things were experienced by different people without personally knowing the other.

Then again, Warblaze does mention cousins in his stories and their family dynamic matches that of this OP.

Now, what I've just done is something we all know we shouldn't do and that is: feeding information to the OP. Sometimes it's best to go about questioning the OP and seeing what answers we get before we reveal our hand. E-mail is a wonderful thing haha 😆

Sorry if my writing skills seem off. I'm on some pretty heavy pain medication for a sore shoulder.
Date: 2017-06-08
Anny82: Also, to continue with Miracles line, did you have a dog named Lucky?
This story appeared in a group I was in on facebook. I say "was" because I got blocked for calling it to the attention of the admin/moderators that it had been plagiarized. It happened to be a moderator who posted it, and he felt that just because he used the author's screen name that he hadn't violated the copyright.

Once again, please track your stories occasionally and ask that whoever copied and pasted it to remove it unless you gave your permission.

Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do to keep this from happening again in this particular group because I was blocked.
Date: 2017-05-11
lamdachi: May I ask why the picture was taken to begin with? It seems odd to just snap a photo of a car window 😆.

Anyway, I agree with BeautInside about this being a classic case of pareidolia. You may know it in the terms used by TV ghost hunters as "matrixing". It's a basic primal safety mechanism, if you will, of our brains to pick out human faces and also familiar forms/shapes where there are none. If you've ever seen a kangaroo or whale or sailboat, etc., in the clouds you've experienced pareidolia.

I would be interested in reading about your experience/s in the Hotel, though!

Thank you for posting.
Ankitresearcher: Quitting the site and then signing up again? What good did that mess do you? 😆
Ankit: You're absolutely right. There are no experts in the field of the paranormal and so I must apologize for not putting the word "expert" in quotations.

I perused your site as well and noticed that your team offers certification courses. I have to ask, would you be an instructor? Someone with a whole 5 years of experience and 6 months of study? Do you feel you qualify as one with enough knowledge and experience to train others in the field of demonology? Because if you answer "yes" to all of those questions then, in my opinion, not only are you deceiving yourself but others as well. Not cool.
I feel the need to weigh in here about the "certified demonologist". Anyone, and I mean ANYone can get "certified" by making a few clicks of the mouse and several credit card charges. However, I believe it is something that can't possibly be learned/taught in a few hours of some online courses with an unverifiable instructor with questionable credentials. Better to just save yourself the time and money and use Google or, God forbid, go to a real library (you know, that place with all those books you actually have to turn paper pages to get any information from) because the end result would be the same.

Expert demonologists study for decades before they're anywhere near comfortable enough to deal with exorcisms. If anything, all these courses do is give the unwitting participant a false sense of superiority over that which they have no authority. And that spells trouble.

Rant over. Granny out. *drops mic*
Date: 2017-04-08
Who needs holy water when all one has to do is go to the Dollar Store and stock up on toothbrushes?! Geez, this is a life saving account! 😆 😆 😆
"A sober evaluation of the situation will show that the standards here are not being applied justly."

I beg to differ. We Mods try to be as fair as possible. Unless you're being targeted by one of us (Mods), which I don't see happening, you would be wise to keep that opinion to yourself. Our members are very protective and thankfully help us out when we're not present since, geez, we have lives and all that 😆 but their intentions are in the right place and we appreciate their efforts.

When your comments start to disappear, then we'll discuss equal standards.

Okay. Let's get back to the original story, and I would like to know more about the crystals as well! 😊