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Spirit Coming Into You/being Born And The Black Figure on 2016-09-05

It's been awhile since I posted anything and this one event puzzles me. What's the first thing you remember being alive or earliest memory? I remember this well as my spirit was coming down high from the sky. Looking straight down I had no control to move just along for the ride type thing. Once my ...

Blue Mist on 2013-05-14

This is very recent and it was last night. Got back from active and later I noticed from the side of my eye I would see something instant rarely, but it was nothing. Last night I was in my room and I heard the dog whimpering and standing by my door, I figured he was ok. Hour later I still hear him a...

Whistle Sound on 2010-03-01

I'm in Okinawa and this all started a couple weeks ago. First I kind of ignored it but it kept going on. First I thought I saw something from my corner of my eye. Next while sleeping (lights off) I saw the light light up a little. After that in the middle of the night I didn't feel part of the blank...

Little Black Shadow, Touches And Floating on 2009-09-30

I was 17 years old when my mom, step dad, my brothers and myself lived in IL. In the house we lived in strange things would happened One night we all went out for dinner and we came back around 8 or 9pm. I unlocked the door and I was the only one that saw it. It was so short like a tiny little g...

Two Shadows And The Dream on 2009-09-24

Friday night walking back to my room, my roommate was gone for the night. When I walked in my room I just felt something was wrong. I was getting a strange vibe. Never felt it before. I ignored it so turned off the light and went to bed. After couple minutes I saw two dark shadows standing by the wa...

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Date: 2016-09-27
You were border line Astral projection. You can see things and more open.
Perhaps they were attracted to you as you studied Wicca. I'd say forget about Wicca and be normal even join a church. I studied Wicca few months and it wasn't for me.
Date: 2016-09-08
You NEVER mess with that board. That spirit attached itself to you and followed you home. 3am is the wicked hour so that girl could be a demon. Demons can manifest hiding their real form. You need to seek help from local paranormal investigators. I watch a lot a haunting stuff so I do know a little
Date: 2016-09-08
You should never play with it as you're playing with fire. Yes you should tell everyone about it and I'd find a paranormal investigator and ask help on this. You opened a door/portal
Date: 2016-09-07
Why get up and walk out? Was she possessed? Did she know what she was doing? FIRST you should be afraid as some spirits can be harmful. I would of left the room with her. For the other comments if he did mess with am ouija or tarot cards he would of said so.
Date: 2016-09-06
Perhaps the black shadow manifested and decide to show you it's true self
Lucid dreaming can lead to Astral projection also attracting spirits.
Wow turning around and her appearing like that. I...I don't know what id do lol. I'm happy I'm not gifted in seeing stuff like that. I try to avoid spirits best I can
Date: 2013-05-27
the medium knows the dominant one. It is a Gen he said. I picked it up through someone in baghdad
Date: 2013-05-27
The pic one is very real LOL I was touched and got EVP in that room. My old squad leader was the first to notice them in the picture. I'll keep you updated with what the medium says. He said too spirits can attach easy to us.
Date: 2013-05-27
No the service was free and the investigators let me talk to their medium in IL. He said those are spirits that have attached to me when I was deployed in iraq. There is 1 dominant one with 3 weak ones. No its not my sleeve, I was wondering that the first time also but my sleeve wouldn't be touching the wall and be above my fan. I tested my theory for an hour and I confirmed it real. No I don't mind if you share the pics. I'm still talking to the medium as he picks up things. Thats cool val you in IL too. I'm near quad cities.
Date: 2013-05-26
pictures are in the link in the comment section that I posted. Enjoy:) Update the paranormal investigators replied to my pic I sent and they are using a medium and will be in touch with me.
Date: 2013-05-25
You all are welcome to help with the blue mass thing. So far I haven't found anything on it. Can demons manifest into blue mass? Whatever it is its nothing bad. Sometimes I thought I saw something black shadow crawling on the floor and another time I saw a black face from the corner of my eye, but it immediatly took off when I noticed it. I feel sometimes I hear voices at night, but its weird like I can't make it out or maybe its the neighbors tv. Val you will like my other stories too. They were solved and made sense just this one is the weirdest.
Date: 2013-05-25
Thanks val and the link is right here and good idea:)


The face is in the blinds right above the light. Its outlined and the jaw is the give away immediatly folling that light. Yes the smoke face is like an alien face.
Date: 2013-05-25
anyone that wants the blue mass picture just email me. I'm sending you the faces valkricry and that one is a lot of activity. Yes the blue mass is just strange. I took many pics in my room and for that one I put the phone above my head behind me and caught it. Seem like it was leaving.
Date: 2013-05-25
it was the barracks on the 4th floor after the military decided to renovate and they woke things up. On 4th it slammed my desk, but I got out of that floor. One time I was a black figure walk out of my bathroom straight through the next wall. Blue mist an entity? Hmmm interesting allesgute. I sent the picture on this site but it didn't upload so if you guys want the picture I will send it to you. Thanks valkricry for helping:)
Date: 2013-05-16
she could feel her hatred so its not a nice one, jealousy perhaps towards you?
Date: 2010-02-26
i would freak out going back and the phone ringing. Ghost talking to me and was waiting for me too? Shiat I be outta there I had ghost experiences but nothing like you had.
wow I'm glad I don't have a lot of encounters. I just had that 1 experience with night thing. Was eerie when they said the twins. Ghosts are weak against salt iron. I say get something iron and if you see anything hit with iron. That's my plan lol.
spirits can follow you I do know that one. Doesn't seem violent but if you want them gone try asking around