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A Totoro Creature? on 2013-01-14

I must ask people here about something very strange that my children and myself have seen. It was some years ago. We moved in to our new flat. The apartment was very fine and bright. One morning I was standing between the sink and the dinning table and my eye caught something dark, like a hairy ...

The Goblin on 2010-10-04

First of all thank you for letting me share my paranormal experiences. I also like reading about other people's experiences as well. The story I'm going to tell you about sounds incredible but it happened to me and there are several witnesses when it happened which was in my home at that time, among...

Valdes Vergara 675 on 2010-09-13

This is the second time I am submitting a ghost story. This particular story is important for me because it was the first time I could experience haunting. I was 8 years old then and at this age I never experienced ghosts and didn't know what a haunting was but I was on my way to discover it. My ...

The Wailing Ghost on 2010-08-24

This strange situation happened to me in 1980 in Chile. I was living then with my father and his family, my stepmother and her children, and my two younger sisters. I was then 13 and we were living in a place in Viña del Mar, Chile, called "Chorrillo Alto" and it was a poor sector of the city. M...

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Date: 2014-11-27
I hope that everything is working well for you now, everybody goes sometimes trough difficult times.
Date: 2014-04-19
I was there in 2011. I didn't see any ghost but I can't deny that some spots makes you feel a little uneasy. There is a place that made me uneasy, it was a room where the walls have a lot of antique graffiti, it gave me the chills when I thought of the people imprisoned there. The other spot that made me feel low, and contemplative, it was the traitors door I felt how the shame and sadness of so many people is printed in that place. You can't see anything unusual, but you can clearly feel the mood.
Date: 2014-03-18
remember that to sleep bad because a haunting is not normal, and not acceptable in any case. If you feed this energy it will become worse, and I get a little feeling of "we feel special here" please, don't feed your ego with this tips of things. Is incredible that you didn't do anything when your boys told you what happened. That's intrusion and besides, children can get insomnia because these energies, is not good for them, or you.
Date: 2014-03-18
She may had been a lonely person, etc. But she is not there, her residual energy is there, her consciousness is somewhere else
Date: 2014-03-18
You are feeding an energy that mustn't be there. Treating that residual energy like a real person is feeding it and is becoming stronger because you give it importance. That's my believe.
I have seen thing like that. I was in a very old church from the Middl Aages here in Sweden, in a little town called Nyköping. I was admiring the beautiful interior (it was around 15:00 aprox.) my mother was talking with the guide some meter away from me, the rest of the family scattered around the church. I was admiring the ceiling near these beautiful big gothic windows when suddenly I saw a column of what I thought it was smoke. My thought was "such disrespectful people, smoking here" then I realize that nobody smoke inside a church, not even in liberal Sweden. I looked around and of course nobody was smoking, when I looked back to see the smoke, this was gone. At that moment my mother beckoned me and she told me that the guide told her that in that part of the church people hear knockings at the door in the middle of the night, and when they go to see nobody is there.
Date: 2013-10-13
I didn't said I was an expert. I just want to point out to be careful.
Date: 2013-10-13
I think that thing living in the old bungalow is not your aunt. When things physically disappear and appear again days later, you have paralysis dreams and your house seems haunted but in a more physically way (the attics open door and things appearing or disappearing), that a sign of an entity living there; that's has nothing to do with your gone aunt.

You see, when people are "open" or "open" themselves to the believe of the supernatural, there's no lack of willing entities to start contacting you, follow you or make themselves present in your life.
Date: 2013-10-13
Hi!, your story reminded me about an incident I had in an old church in Enköping, Sweden. My familj and I were visiting this church that dates from the Middleages. I was wandering around by myself and when I was looking up to the beautiful ceiling of the church, I saw smoke, the first I thought was: There are some disrespectful people, smoking inside the church, my god! (And suddenly I realized that that was impossible, I looked around and there was nobody near and of course, nobody smokes inside a church when I realized this, the smoke was gone. When I was trying to understand what was that smoke I saw, my mother beckoned at me and said that the guide just had told her that there were haunting at that part of the church were we were standing.
Date: 2013-10-13

Your girlfriend did something she can't handle. To go on ghost hunt without beeing an expert is not good. Why? Because she carried "something" with her that followed her home. Spirits get "invited" that way and now you are going to have unwanted visits at your home. Please do not attempt ouija board and try to contact the entity, it can give you more problems. Try to get rid of the spirit or get help.
Date: 2013-10-10
Hi Junai,

Very interesting what you wrote. Thanks for sharing it.
Date: 2013-02-05
Hi Maymay!

The entity we have seen looks like the description you make, but we never felt anything like "evil" or "good" about it. My children have seen this creature many times and not only secluded to a particular place, because they have seen it outside in the street and at one point even at the airport! (We were waiting to check in when my son said to me: Look at it! Do you think these creatures follow us here?. But as I said, I haven't seen them anymore. I moved to another flat and even though I live in the country side, I haven't seen them anymore. 😕
Date: 2013-01-19
...I wrote this story because I wasn't sure of what this was... And I wanted to know if somebody else had seen something ilike
Date: 2013-01-19
Hi Shlain:

You're right, we were never afraid because this always caught us by surprise. Besides if you read my story "The Goblin" you would understand that seeing things like this is not new to us. Me and my children has paranormal experiences with the fairy people, and Sweden is so rich in forest and natural areas that I have seen many different kind of nature spirits 😉
Date: 2013-01-19
the place looks creepy! I hope that you don't play with ouija boards anymore ha ha! 😜
Date: 2013-01-19, this story made remember on from a Latinamerican woman that I read in the Internet (in Spanish), but in her case this puppet was a sort of clown, one meter high and the puppet scared her and slap her many times before her mother got into the room to see what was going on.
Date: 2013-01-19
uhhhh! This story was really creepy, gave me the chills!:- (
Date: 2013-01-18

Thnak you for sharing your experience. Yes, I also tried to explain this thing logically but it jut don't fit. It was black, bigger than a mouse, hairy and round and too quick to move to be compared to a mouse. Besides it goes trough walls and sometimes floats in the thin air. The diffenence with your case is that, there was no paranormal activity in this flat, not at all, apart from the few times me and my children saw this creature.


I made some investigation at that time when I saw this thing. The only legend I found that could be near to what we saw is the one about "vätte" or "vättar" which are old nature spirits, little people who lives near or under peoples houses. They dress in grey. But somewhere in the web I found that vättar don't like to be seen or disturbed by people and therefore, they turn into a dark hairy creatures to make people believe they are rats or mouses. 😠
Date: 2011-04-13
something similar happened to my daughter. She was ridin her bike in high speed but suddenly something made her stopp. She didn't see anybody but she felt a strong impuls to get down from her bike and she discovered that there was a big deepning in the middle of the ground and if she didn't stopp she could have been hurt badly... Perhaps this girl was your guardian angel
Date: 2011-04-09
I do understand thet you could become a little creeped out after visiting the places. Me and my boyfriend had nightmares after coming to the hotel that night we went with the Jack The Ripper Tour in london.