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I am more of a "I'll believe it when I see it" person. So to be more subjective I've seen too many and now I am trying to figure it out.
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Old Man And Young Woman on 2009-10-08

My problem started 5 years ago when I was living in my old apartment. There I had a lot of problems. One captured my attention. I was 15 years old and it was summer. One night, because it was very warm I decided to sleep in shorts and a small T-shirt. It was about 23:15 and I was about to fall aslee...

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Date: 2009-10-21
Now that is creepy! I know when "somebody" has something to say or something they do not like and that is how I know when to leave. I am trying to erase those creepy memories because they depress me. Your child is amazing! Be careful in the future and God bless you!
Date: 2009-10-14
Thank you for all your advices. I tried to not think of them but they just keep coming up. Last night I was in bed and I started praying with my eyes closed. When I opened them I thought I saw a bright light like an orb, but I brushed it off and went to sleep. They come to me but there is nothing I can do about it. If I try to send them away they just keep on coming back and I do not want to angry them. I will go and buy myself a rosary from the orthodox church and wear it at all times. Thank you again for all your support! God bless you! 😊 ❤
Date: 2009-10-12
Well 77believer the ghost from the apartment was to aggressive and we couldn't talk to him. We wanted to bless the place but it didn't work so we moved. The ghost from the house is a different story. I asked it to calm down so I could calm down and try to speak to it (that was when I felt my members going numb, I think she was trying to make me stay and not run away). I asked it if it was a he and nothing happened and if it was a she and I felt a cold breeze around my neck. That was the way she answered. When ever I got it right I would feel a cold breeze around my neck and when I got it wrong I wouldn't feel a thing. I asked if she was old (no answer-no), if she was young (I got a breeze-yes), if she was killed (no), if she died in an accident (no), if she died of a disease (yes). I only thought of cancer because in the past years people I loved died of different forms of cancer. I asked her to leave and nothing happened. I asked her if she was angry and I felt it again. And then I started explaining her about where she should be and what is waiting for her and that the people who she was looking for had died, they are on the other side and she had to leave as well in order to see them. That was my way of communicating with her.
Dear mom2aseer,

This is quite a problem you have on your hands. I think you should try and force your daughter to talk! Make her wear a holy cross around her neck! If she is being possessed than you should call in a good priest, one with a big experience in this situations. If that doesn't work I think you should move because it may come from the house. All I can wish you is the best of luck and be blessed. Tell us what happens!
Date: 2009-10-11
I would like to thank everybody for their advices and I am going to start cleansing the house next week hopefully they will listen and go away. In Romania as I told you for any ghost statement you go bye-bye so a priest is good. The last time a priest came to our house to bless it was one month ago but they come to bless people's houses because it is tradition. I will try harder and keep in touch with you with everything that is happening. Thank you again for everything! 😊
Date: 2009-10-09
Thank you for your help! A few minutes ago I was in the library with my fiance and my parents are down stairs with some guests. I heard another pair of voices coming from the balcony. My fiance did not notice them but I did. When I got out to go to my room I felt it again as if someone was watching me. 😕 I hope it will go away!
Date: 2009-10-09
I can't search for a spiritualist for two reasons: 1. Because in Romania there are a lot of fakes and 2. When you tell anyone here you saw o ghost you just won your free ticket to the loony house for who knows how long! That is why I asked for your help
I agree with honipop! The best thing you can do is to wait a day or two and if you are still frightened you should try to make it go away! Wear a blessed rosary with you at all times to keep you safe!

Good luck and God bless you!
Date: 2009-10-09
I am sorry for your losses. And I believe that it was a demon. The thing about these creatures is that they feed with your fear, your upsets, your anger and your bad feelings. In these cases for them to feed on your feelings they create an illusion or they do something so you can respond to them. For example they move things and after you get angry enough they put them back, they tense you and so on. Whenever you feel like that again and something similar happens again tell them with a calm voice even joyful if possible that they can't get you and laugh! Trust me on this one I've been there! Laugh and they go away because they only search negative energy, and when you laugh you instantly fill yourself with happy thoughts! I wish you all the luck in the world! 😊
Date: 2009-10-09
Dear Kristina,

First of all I would like to point out two things that I find rather hard to swallow. How do you know for sure that your dad sold his soul to the devil? And second if you had these many problems why didn't you get an exorcist? If it's true than I am sorry for all that is happening to you and your family. But keep in mind that you said that you are a religious person and you should know better that the soul is what God gives you and can not be sold, taken or owned by anyone else but you and GOD! And another thing, if you really say you are religious and you pray a lot how come things keep getting worse? After all you did say you pray a lot!

Good luck!
Date: 2009-10-09
Look it up in your town history! Maybe she needs help and she thinks you can help her. In my cases if they do not react to my help I just start laughing because I know that all they are trying to do is to feed with my fear. Every time I laugh it goes away. Good luck and God bless! 😊
Date: 2009-10-09
I understand what are you going through! I had an experience similar tot yours and I think you can help it. Just talk to him! Ask him questions that can help him pass. Try to guess everything. I had a spirit in my house 3 weeks ago. I did the same. It was a woman who died of cancer and didn't want to accept the fact that she died. I wish you the best of luck! 😊
I think you should reconsider using that thing. Be careful! Once you open the portal it is very hard to close it back! You need a lot of power to do so and these creatures will do anything to intimidate you and leading you into letting them coming into your life. Once they are in, they never leave... REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE OPENING PANDORA'S BOX! ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT IS A DISASTER!