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A Soldier's Visits on 2010-08-16

I had a couple of incidents in Iraq. On my first tour, while at Camp Liberty, I was awakened by the sound of my father's voice screaming at me to get up. "GET THE F#ck UP!" I was fully awake and shaking from his scream, when I found myself standing in the middle of my hootch. A few seconds later, I ...

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Date: 2012-05-13
Great story. I have to agree wit the other comments. You're a great writer. I am kind of surprized the kids didn't find this more disturbing than your story aludes. Have a great day.
Good story, Chad. I'm looking forward to you next post. Be safe.
Thanks for your story, Camswidow. I know when I was there, I would look at the pictures of my family before I'd hit the road. I would pray just one prayer, that I get to see those pictures again. I'm sure your Joshua prayed that same prayer. I'm sure he wanted to check in on you and wants to make sure you know he still loves you. Love never dies.

Thanks for your sacrifice.
Date: 2011-09-09
Hey, Buddy. I haven't been to this sight in a while, so I missed your post. I hope by now the occurances have subsided. I don't know if they were paranormal or not. I do know that I had experiences like this (except for the dogs part) when I first came home. Do you have problems with sleep when you're not in your house? If so, you may be having some leftover stress issues. If that is the case, go talk to someone. If not, I'd be interested in any follow up you may have.
What Lotus Said... I'm glad your husband is home. Sounds like he's been deployed as often as me. Let me recommend a book for both of you. I run a marriage enrichment program in my church. "Five Love Languages". The author is a Christian, but doesn't beat you with the Bible or say "Prayer fixes all". Even if your marriage is strong, this book can help. Example... Me and my Mrs are going on year 27. Good Luck, Mel. Tell Hubby, "Welcome back, Trooper."

Date: 2011-03-28
Thanks, Smokey. Good info. I don't know if I could have told him he was dead. I got the feeling he was a residual.

To answer your question about why draw my sidearm. While I was there, we had a couple of local nationals get frisky. A couple of third world nationals get out of hand and a couple of incidents with broken soldiers (the soldier who shot up the mental health facility). I didn't share a hootch the last trip, so someone coming in through a locked door would be bad news...
Sounds like you and Nate have a good relationship. I'll keep you and your husband in my prayers so he will come home safe and enjoy your baby with you.
Date: 2010-09-06
Yes, Devious, that was an "OH Crap moment". The experiences with my father have never scared me. I think the one with the soldier scared me because my room door had been locked. Unannounced visitors entering rooms during the night was highly unexpected and potentially dangerous. When he disappeared, I was spooked (first time I've seen this), but would've loved to have experienced it again. I'm home now and hopefully he is too. I agree with the post that recommended this was residual.

Troy, depending on location, rank and availability, some of us got rooms. Mine on Camp Liberty were about 10x12. Once I even had a bathroom with shower that worked most of the time. Yea... THAT was good living. Much better accomodations than when I was working with the Marines in Fallujah and Mahmudiyah (crowded tents or burned out buildings...). The only time I got "the jitters" was in Fallujah when I walked up on a young Marine guarding a truck in the fog. I startled him so bad, he nearly bayonneted me. THAT was another "Oh Crap" moment. Taught me a lesson... Make sure Marines see you when you're looking for the porta-potty on a foggy morning. 😲 I'll never forget that kid's face. I'm glad I couldn't see mine... I almost didn't need the porta-potty anymore. Thanks for your service.
The language of the author leads me to believe that this story is a hoax. Sorry. This sounds like the fabrication of someone that has read a few paperback novels on war, and would like to be a soldier.

As far as the anti-war numbskulls... If I remember correctly, the Taliban provided the support to those that did the deed. They got what they deserved. Hopefully our current president will finish the job as far as they are concerned.
Date: 2009-11-30
When I was a young soldier living in the barracks, one of our roomies woke in the middle of the night got out of his bunk. He made a noise and we could tell he was crying. He said he had a dream that his Grand Mother came to him and said goodbye. He said he knew she was dead. We did our best to calm him down and get him back to sleep. A few hours later, a Drill Sergeant came into the barracks, woke our friend up and took him to see the commander. When he got back, he said that a Red Cross message came in to notify him of his Grandmother's death.
Date: 2009-11-30
My Dad comes to me in my dreams too. He used to come more often than he does now. I used to think he was just my subconscious, but then one night he woke me from a sound sleep in Iraq,. He screamed at me to get up, and I woke in time to react to a mortar barrage. After that, I tried to figure out what the other dreams meant, but some I have to think were just him coming to visit. Since then, he's let me know that he's kept his eye on me and is happy at how I'm doing. I had a friend that committed suicide when I was in Germany. It was a big surprize for everyone and no one seemed to know why. He visited me in a dream and told me he did it because his wife was having an affair. I haven't seen him since. Your aunt may have something for you, or may be just visiting, since you appeared to be a bit close at one point. Maybe its her way of making up for letting things go distant. Enjoy the visits. That's about all of the advice I have for you. Have a great day.
I've had the same experience. I've always had feelings when around cemetaries. Once, I was hiking in the woods when the feeling came over me, and as I looked closer to my surroundings, discovered an abandoned cemetary. That freaked me a little. On my first visit to Savannah, I was trying to find parking at night in the rain. I did, and had "That Feeling". I realized I was parked next to the Colonial Park Cemetary. I've had the same feelings while visiting ruins and such. Once it was almost too much in a dungeon in Belgium. I don't know how to increase it, or use it or what. I do know its a great way for me to accidently find cemetaries. I'll come back here and see if you get any advice. Might be worth a try. Have a great day.
Date: 2009-10-11
Kaay16- This isn't unusual. It doesn't have to be an omen of things to come or due to some problems in our lives. I'm sure that those that have passed miss us too. Sometimes, just like they did when they were with us, they sense when we could use a friendly smile.
Date: 2009-10-10
Hey, Ground Pounder. Hope your back home now. I'm enjoying the Baghdad Fall weather. Human eyes do reflect light and in different ways according to the type of light. That's why you get "Red Eye" in pictures. Why this guy didn't turn away is a good question. If he wasn't blind before, he's probably close now.

As far as the OSPEC, don't worry about it folks. What he described was about half of the smaller police stations and Mosques in Iraq. Have a great day.