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Shiv Nandani
New Zealand
I am a student at University and from a young age have experienced the paranormal and been surrounded by people who have also been through similar situations. My home country of Fiji is a bit of a rugged country where some villages have profound beliefs and ideas about these things. I have grown up with this as part of my life and am more than happy to relate my experiences as well as offer advice on such matters.
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Calls By The River on 2013-08-14

Fiji is a modern country, although parts the country are still making slow progress towards basic amenities such as electricity. Therefore it is not uncommon to be disorientated when the city suburbs give way to open countryside where houses can be miles apart, and their tiny beacons of light can be...

Home Sweet Home on 2009-10-12

Normally I am not one to be easily scared. Rather, I prefer to play practical jokes on others, scaring them senseless used to be a great pass time but unfortunately one single experience has drastically changed my point of view, now days, I tend to avoid anything to do with the paranormal. My fami...

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Sounds like your house may need a cleanse. Close all windows and doors leading outside, open all closets and cupboards. Then light a bunch of white sage and let it smoulder and smoke. Starting from your FRONT door move in a clockwise direction around your house, if there are multiple levels then do each floor at a time. Move calmly from room to room letting the smoke get into every corner (you may recite a prayer telling the spirits firmly that they are not welcome and must move on. Do not shout or get angry) the sage can be relit if it stops smouldering. And you must finally end up where you started (front door) let the whole house absorb the cleansing smoke for an hour then you can open windows and doors. Stay away from ouija boards as they are doorways for unwanted entities especially if you are making them without protective measures in place. Salt across doorways also keeps anything following you inside your home. Hope this helps 😁
Date: 2015-01-31
You described something quite horrible! Ghosts do not like being sweared at and strong perfume at night is an attraction. Plus long hair left loose. Most likely you walked back from somewhere and it tagged along. Fiji is one of the most haunted places on earth.
Date: 2015-01-31
Thank you all for your lovely comments. I have recently finished my college degrees therefore have not been able to contribute to my page. However I do so love hearing about similar cultural beliefs and practices. I have more stories I will be sharing soon
you're not alone. I have many instances where someone I know seems to call me, their voice is vivid and real only to be told that said person never called. Spirits often need energy to speak or move things and often you will hear one call only then their energy depletes. Seeing things that aren't there is quite normal, note how the room or environment feels at the time of your experience; is it hot/cold, do you feel threatened or something evil? These are just some of the things I have experienced, my family is quite sensitive to these things so its not so odd for us. Hope that helps
Date: 2009-11-04
Maybe she wants justice in order to find peace? Poor ghost, you should probably try to help her. She seems to be a nice spirit, who hasn't harmed you yet.
Well I think though you are freaked out by it, none of these entities have harmed you yet. They probably know you can see them but the fact that they have done nothing to harm you guys just shows they want to be seen nothing more. I have also been told that I have some kind of sixth sense, I have seen the deaths of some of my relatives who have passed away a few days later exactly in the same manner I have seen them die in my dreams. I know it feels scary, but count yourself lucky nothing has happened yet.
I remember a similar experience when I was about ten. Someone came into my room, I could hear them walking up to me, and shout my name. I was up as soon as I heard thinking it was my cousin playing a joke but no one was there. My room was quite big and there was no way anyone could have hidden that fast after practically shouting in my ear. Sometimes ghosts like to be heard you know, they feel so out of it that they want to make sure we are aware of them. Ghosts can get lonely 😊
this is what happens when you don't listen to your mum! 😆 Your mum is trying to protect you from something that is rightly dangerous! Heed her warning now please... 😊
Date: 2009-10-20
My grandmother passed away a few years ago and my mum was naturally extremely upset. Especially since we live abroad and mum didn't get to speak with her. But a few days after the funeral, mum said she heard someone singing in the bathroom, it was a well known lullaby my grandmother used to sing to her kids. My aunt and I went to check and sure enough we could hear someone singing in the bathroom, we pushed the door open and to our shock nothing was there! I believe my grandmother came to reassure her kids that she was alright.
First things first... I just came across a story in this website... A woman wished to mess around with the Ouija board. I will repeat this for your benefit OUIJA BOARDS spell BAD IDEA! You may have unwittingly let in something demon like into your house. PLEASE PEOPLE OUIJA BOARDS ARE NOT A TOY!
Then again it was Halloween and you could have been dreaming... Little kids tend to be over-imaginative, then again they are more open to the paranormal. It could have been either real or imagined but please don't ever do that again. Ouija boards destroyed my aunt's life. I wouldn't wish her suffering on anyone.
Date: 2009-10-20
I tried but unfortunately it comes without a warning label...hehe. But on the plus side I saw a very recent dream involving a lot of pink ribbons and a baby crying. Guess what? My cousin gave birth to a very healthy baby girl a few days later! So I guess there is a good side to my gift after all...
Date: 2009-10-13
A gift? More like a curse... It sucks because every time something bad is about to happen I know about it. It's no fun being the bearer of bad news at the risk of being labeled a loony case. Now my family regard me as a sort of bad omen of sorts, well my extended family anyway. Plus seeing those horrible visions suck, because I know it means someone in the family is going to move on from this life...
If you are really serious about such things then I strongly suggest that you get a professional to do this with you. Though your curiosity is fair enough, the fact that you are willing to invite spirits that you have no clue about their backgrounds is an open disaster waiting to happen. The usual precautions you have stated are fine but I still suggest using someone who can actually help out when things go wrong and trust me 85% of the time it does. You don't want an evil entity in the house, I have seen first hand what it can do to people, it destroys everything from relationships to your sanity so I am giving everyone a strong word of caution. It's not worth the risk.
Date: 2009-10-13
Well we discussed the cold spots and decided the lack of insulation in the house was a satisfactory explanation, the shadows itself I had no idea what to make of them but our dad insisted that it was merely our imaginations. The noises my dad decided was simply the old timbers settling down... Though I am quite familiar with such noises and know for a fact that they don't sound like footsteps... But dad is stubborn. We left because the house was also a health hazard which mum insisted was the reason us kids were always so sick but I know we left because mum was very scared about the hauntings. As to the previous tenants, none of them stayed longer than a year... The shortest being five months, no reasons were listed and the owner finally had to have the house destroyed. Though this isn't the first time I experienced hauntings or lived in a haunted house, this was the first time I felt evil in the area. Previous places we encountered either curious or friendly spirits but the shadowy figures in that house emitted a strong sense of danger... If you know what I mean.
Date: 2009-10-12
I am so glad I'm not the only one with these experiences... I thought I was crazy but when I was seven I had a horrible nightmare of my uncle swinging from a rope in his room, dead, screaming I woke my parents who assured me it was a nightmare but imagine their shock when a week later, a phone call came saying my uncle had hung himself and no one had found him until three days later...
Another one was when I was twelve, and I was at my neighbor's house playing with their daughter, when her father walked into the room to call us for lunch. But instead of seeing his face all I saw was a bloody and bashed pulp. I left, too shaken to say anything but a month later, he died in a car crash, his face was beyond recognition and they had to use his dental records to identify the body.
Then a few years ago, my grandmother ended up in hospital because she was a severe diabetic, two nights later, I woke up around 4.30 am with severe chest pains. Mum got worried and nearly called the ambulance when the pain stopped. An hour later, my grandfather called to say my grandmother had died of a massive heart attack an hour earlier.
My mum reckons that I am more sensitive to things around me... But it still freaks me out.
wow...that's really freaky. My mum always believes that ghosts or entities like to be around little ones as they are generally more susceptible and more open to seeing these beings. Some ghosts like to be seen or heard, most are friendly apparently but unfortunately there are the rare ones who are not only evil in life but in the afterlife as well. Count yourself lucky for getting your family out in time, that thing could have done much worst things... Since it was mimicking your little girl I can only imagine that it was interested in scaring you and your family. Your daughter could have been at risk, but you did a good thing, reciting the lord's prayer. I am not christian but a hindu, we have similar prayers which has worked for us.