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South Africa
Felt a need to update my profile seeing that I signed up nearly a decade ago and am now in my early thirties. Reading through my previously written profile I wanted to laugh at how childlike I sounded. Lol... Mmmm maybe I should come back and update again ten years from now, if God be willing. That would be cool.

Like I had said in my previous profile I am the 'dreamer' of the family (not the only one). My ancestors come to me in dreams, with messages family related or of friends/acquaintances in our lives, esp. Upcoming pregnancies, marriages or deaths and any warnings of impending danger towards loved ones. My other family members usually have more ghost or unexplained phenomena related stories. My uncle will chat for hours with someone unseen to us, especially when he's been drinking... Fascinating. Although over the past couple of years I seem to be attracting spirits like moths to a flame. Everywhere I go seems to have a spirit or presence of some sort. Nothing scary or malevolent thank heavens.

I believe myself to be an open minded person who respects other people's beliefs. What works for you works for you. Don't now try and force it on another person. All you can do is offer advice drawing from your own experiences (I don't mind if you share an encounter on my comment thread so long as it has a point that relates to the post). I say this because I'm from South Africa which is largely a Christian country but a lot of us still see our ancestors as our protectors, advisors and seers. We still practice the traditional ways of the old in my family and it may seem primitive and superstitious to most people, but I have been witness to a lot of things during our family gatherings/rituals etc so all I ask for is respect because I love reading up on other people's cultures, religious beliefs and noting similarities or differences in the way we view and find explanations for our encounters/experiences.

Oh I tend to blabber so forgive me, especially when I'm unsure of what it is you're asking me so you'll have to take what you need and disregard the rest
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Who Or What Is He? on 2016-05-04

I'd like to hear your guys thoughts on this one because I'm clueless and no one I have told about this seems to have an idea on who or what this could be. 2012 my ex and I were visiting my sister and her fiancΓ© who stayed in Fourways Johannesburg. It was probably around 5am because the sun hadn't...

Just Another Ghost Story on 2016-05-04

I've had a few incidents happen to me since my last posts, mostly two years ago (can't believe it's been two years already), feels like all this happened less than a year ago). In 2014 I was staying in Westdene-Melville near the Westdene dam, my favourite place in Johannesburg- very artsy-fartsy ...

Conversation With A Beggar on 2012-09-03

So I'd like to share with you a very weird thing that happened to me last week. For those who reside in Johannesburg South Africa, you probably know of Gandhi Square in the CBD area. Well my experience happened around there last week Wednesday when my boyfriend and I went to go help a friend of his ...

I Still Wonder Who They Were on 2010-03-24

This happened to me when I was in grade. 11, I was about 15yrs old. It was 2001. It was a saturday and I was partaking in our sportsday at school, I played netball and was horrible at it. At the end of the day a group of friends and I decided to go chill at the mall and because it was winter and ...

Holiday Experience on 2010-03-17

It's been a while since anything has happened to me, hence the silence, but there is something I experienced over the December holidays, but because I have been so busy at school (decided to go back & study this year) , I haven't had time to post it, until tonight. It's nothing scary or exciting ju...

The Man In A Trench Coat on 2009-11-24

I come from a family that experiences a lot. It's a very interesting life, which, while growing up I thought it normal; 'til I realised my friends don't have so much activity occurring in their households. Don't know if I envy them or what. Luckily we have never had anything bad happen. Only to my g...

Maybe Not Just A Dream on 2009-11-05

I am relatively new to the site and have not experienced much when it comes to the paranormal, although I have had a few encounters if I may call them that, which have left me baffled. Just a bit of history, the house I am living in now, in Midrand, was left to my brother and me by my mother who ...

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Date: 2017-04-20
Guys, last time please, I'm sorry.

Tweed, I wasn't questioning the nature of questions asked here, I get why questions are asked, I ask questions too- cause we're all in a quest for truth and understanding.

The way the questions were put in the beginning, although it may not have been the intention, came across as attacking, especially, I feel, for a first time poster and a teenager at that. The OP even said something about regretting having submitted the story. We shouldn't make people feel like that when we ask them questions. That's what I'm trying to say. Not that questions shouldn't be asked.

A first timer or young poster doesn't know how things are done here and may feel attacked when people don't explain why they're asking the type of questions they're asking. She had said as there's no history of domestic violence other than normal arguing, which obviously means there wasn't or she may not know; it's a sensitive subject that her family may have not wanted her to know about. I just felt we were probably overwhelming her with all those family related questions.

I hope that makes sense cause I'm also going to quit before this becomes about me. Maybe my phrasing is the problem πŸ˜‰

Thanks for putting up with me guys. I am done.
Date: 2017-04-19
Hi Spookie,

I'm going to wait for part 2 before I say anything about your post, but to the others I'd just like to say please remember you are questioning a teenager here and not an adult so maybe the phrasing of questions and doubts could be done differently.

I also don't understand why her family situation is still being discussed when she clearly said there was no domestic violence. Honestly I would also be offended if some of the things said here were directed towards me so big ups to you Spookie for sticking around.

We all have experienced different paranormal encounters and just because one is used to a certain type of haunting, doesn't mean others don't exist. Open mindedness is after all what we are here for so it saddens me when people are quick to dismiss something just because it doesn't fall under what they regard as "normal" in a paranormal situation, and don't get me wrong; there's nothing wrong with asking questions and having doubts about a story, heaven knows I also have doubts at times. Let's just be considerate to the OP in how we do it.

I'm from SA and I don't know if members like Melda or Kiki have ever heard of these kind of experiences but cyclone type winds indoors and people getting struck by lightning cause of black magic on a cloudless sky are things that are very common in my culture so I don't find this post that peculiar (lack of a better word) at all. Just unfortunate that she wasn't there to experience it, but like I said, I'm going to wait for part 2.

I'm sorry for taking up space in your comment section Spookie, just been following the comments for a day now and I just had to get it off my chest, not for only your post but future ones as well, especially when dealing with teens and their family situations.

Thank you all.
Aaron hi,

When you started describing what the man you saw in your "mind's eye" looked like, I half expected you to say he was wearing a white doctor's coat, black rimmed spectacles and a stethoscope hanging around his neck. πŸ€”

I enjoyed the disappointment, was like; "Aah dang!"
Date: 2017-04-05
Hi Sherm,

Is there anyway you can upload the image? I know you said it's not an insect but just to remove all doubt from our side.

I'd like to believe it was a family member but I doubt they'd present themselves in the form of a bony hand so I'll go with old hospital patient or attendant.

Hi Trentinray,

Very interesting experiences indeed, I enjoyed reading them, thank you.

When I read the part where the lady said;"Shhh!" aggressively, I couldn't help but think, how rude. Lol... I don't know how I would've reacted at that age but now I'd probably be like; "Excuse me, this is my grandparents house, and no one even invited you in, you shhhh!."πŸ˜†

Did you ever find out what happened to the farmer's daughter? Is there a way you can now? Am curious to know what happened to her.

Clearly the other side knew you had an ability to interact with it, did you outgrow it or can you still see them?

Date: 2017-04-03
Oh my word, first Tweed's post and now yours. I can't stop crying. I felt your pain when you were singing to your mom over the phone, and I felt the love that went into singing the Gaelic song at the funeral.

You are so blessed to have had that last duet with your mother.

Thank You
Hi Miracles,

I find your post so interesting because years ago (2007-8 not sure), my mom came to me in one of my dreams, as she usually does, but she said to me "Don't forget, a tummy is something you must constantly check upon" sorry that's the best way I can translate it into English, she said it in my native tongue but I got it to mean I must look after my tummy, which I found weird because I have never had stomach issues before.

Fast forward a couple of years- in 2014 I was on holiday with the family and had to get hospitalized for a sore tummy. My blood pressure dropped so low and I had a high fever, to cut a long story short I nearly died that night. Now I always have to have a supply of tummy pills and medicine cause it acts up anytime.

Did my mom forewarn me of something that was to happen in my future. Was time irrelevant then to her as well?

Interesting question that's always baffled me but have never known how to put into words. Until I read your post.

Thank you.
Date: 2017-03-31
Beautiful read Tweed, thanks for sharing.

"I like to think trees have some as yet unknown ability to manipulate their limbs in our time. That is to say, I believe trees experience time differently to us. They argue with each other, form friendships with each other and animals. These individual histories can be read in their shape, the way they react to surroundings. Just as our histories can be read in our own behaviour. I know some believe trees have humanoid spirits. But I think this is human ego. However, I do believe trees can be a home for other entities, just as they are home to animals, perhaps even a doorway to another realm. But as for their individual identity, I believe they are their own entity - they're trees. I think they're magnificent just the way they are. Literally and figuratively."

For some reason a lump started forming in my throat as I read this last paragraph. When I was about 8yrs I used to name and talk to our pot plants at home. No one ever told me to, I didn't know it helps them grow, I just saw them as my friends. Maybe I'm tearing up for that little girl and that lost innocence, I don't know, but I thank you for sharing.
Date: 2017-03-21
Greetings Tom,

I'm also curious; did your grandma hear the voice as well, or maybe experience something else like being enveloped by a warm feeling when you happened to be hearing the voice. Did you ever discuss it with her at a later stage? Whether it was your grandpa or a guardian angel, I really hope it brought you guys closer. I was raised by my gran so I have a sensative spot for them.

Just a quick side note to Twilight, I too was 14 in grade 10. I started school in the early nineties and it was not uncommon to have early starters back then, but I'm in South Africa.

Thanks and welcome Tom.
I've been reading the comments and I just want to say to TALIB: from what I've gathered, myself included, stories from India and the Philippines are always the most enjoyable and fascinating.

To the MODS:

I think we need to bless this site because there is definitely a negative energy circulating around here lately.

Usually this happens around October but new year, new things I guess.

Sorry this is off topic, I know.
Date: 2017-01-26
Oh man, my heart goes out to his family, that's just tragic. I pray they're coping, especially his son. The law can be so unfair at times. I often wish there were other ways for people like Bill's son to make amends for their actions instead of incarceration. Not everyone deserves to be put away.

Glad to hear he's alive though.

Hahaha love how you dealt with them the following night. I know from experience that once I open myself up to them they can become a bit of a nuisance, then I have to be stern but not rude to them.

Nothing more to add though, cause, like I said before, have never read of an encounter like yours. Will just have to wait for the comments and hopefully someone can shed light as to what it is you experienced.

Maybe you can go back to the front desk lady (seeing that she seemed more open-minded), and ask her to listen out for any weird encounters that happen in the room, just to find out if it was an isolated incident meant only for you, or maybe the room has some sort of portal to it that helps them cross over, making it a frequent occurance.

Still fascinated.
...the more you try to answer our questions the more confuzzled I become.

I'm probably going to get a negative for what I'm about to say, but I feel you just enjoy the attention.

I'm out, sorry.

Date: 2017-01-26
...oh and did you make inquiries to see if it was indeed Bill or not?
Date: 2017-01-26
Hi Mike,

I also felt like I was in the room watching "the departures" unfold. Kind of like watching those vintage home videos shot from e.g 8mm cameras.

I wonder if anyone else on this site has ever had an experience similar to yours. I probably would've thought I'm losing my mind and rushed to hospital as well. You could've fallen asleep yet it doesn't sound like it played out like a dream.

Interested to hear what others say.

Hi Maggi,

Maybe things in India are done differently maybe you can explain. I have the same questions as the others.

I too often get warning dreams of deaths, pregnancies etc. But never as detailed. Most times I never know who exactly is going to die, only that it's a family member or friend. It's frustrating cause why forewarn me of something I can't change... Or maybe I just haven't figured how to read the signs yet.

If you did lose your friend my condolences to you all. Suicides are the worst to deal with; too many questions left hanging... Kind of like now.
hello Kiki

Do you mind sharing the name of the place you had this experience? E.g town, area.

Honestly I've BEEN waiting for someone to comment about your encounters. Maybe it's your style of writing, but for me something always seems "missing" in your encounters- "off".

I didn't (and hope am not) want to come across as rude or attacking before cause you're a new member and I wanted to give you a chance but the more I read...
I'm sorry girl. It's no attack on you as a person. I think I've become less trusting in my old age.

BIBLIO: As a second language English speaker, I enjoyed the lesson a lot 😊. I always enjoy your comments.
Hi CrazypicLady, I had the same questions to ask about the crematorium and your parents not bothering to check up on you guys, yet you were "crying and shaking" all night.

*In S.A we enjoy our snoek braais (BBQ's), am I allowed to bring Fish to this fence gathering?
Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions. Having read through them I agree with RC. I think what happened to you was a result of what you were going through at that time in your life.

I'm from SA, lived in JHB for a while but am back home in Port Elizabeth now. Would you mind providing me with the house's name, that is if you don't mind. Am just curious about it, would like to go online and see if anyone else has ever experienced anything whilst there.

Most entries are from overseas so it would be really cool to have something from our own backyard that I can look up.

Date: 2017-01-09
Some things in life never cease to amaze me, I just read your comment about The OA- I literally just finished downloading the first three episodes. FASCINATING that you should mention it. I wonder how my reaction to it is going to be then mmmh. Cool Coincidence.

I wasn't sure if my comment would help you in any way; am glad it kind of did. This one is more about trying to go backwards, that's sometimes the only way we can move forward.

...okay, so, like yours our stories are not written down at all, you guys had calligraphy (which is absolutely beautiful) and we used to etch ours on drums (drums are very sacred in Africa), or it was passed down through word of mouth. Unfortunately colonialism and apartheid in our country has destroyed a lot of our culture, it also seems to be dying out now which saddens me.

Is there no other person whether it be a neighbour or elder who shares the same surname or is of your father's tribe? They don't have to be related to you (I understand why you want to distance yourself from your father and will respect that, but maybe you can ask your cousins for your grandparents and great-grandparents names. If they have passed on then they too are now your ancestors).
We believe that anyone from the same clan as you, whether related by blood or not, shares the same ancestors. So I can go to a person who isn't related to me, but has the same clan name, because their ancestors are my ancestors. Does that make sense? At the same time, you can also use your adopted families ancestors because you are now their child as well. When a child gets adopted into a family, it's not just the living, but also the dead that must take responsibility for that child. Your adopted dad is a God sent just by the way.

From what I've gathered from my elders is, when you perform rituals to appease them, they don't really do anything to take your gift/curse away (they can't because it is from a Power much Higher than them). They can help subdue it so as to give you time to accept your gift/curse, then it all comes back. It always comes back.

Why haven't you tried Rook's method yet? Try it and see what happens, wait, what is it? I'd love to know cause his like a walking encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to these things. I can't live without sage. I don't burn it every night, only when I feel the shadows lengthening.

A lot of people I know turn to Christianity to stop their gifts, they say it has worked for them, I don't know. To each man his own.

I suggest you do some family history digging- about the Tribal/Clan names that is. Don't know if you'll be able to without having to go directly to your dad. Your mom n adopted families ancestors can help you, but they won't be as strong as your biological father's.

NOTE: am just speaking from my knowledge and experience hey. I don't claim to know it all or say that what I am saying is right, but it's worth a shot. You've got nothing to lose. Once I learned my ancestors names and started reciting them when burning my candles and asking for clarity, it felt like a veil was lifted from my face. I now ask them to help me see better when faced with something I can't understand.
The ghosts and shadows are just either nuisances or bonuses that come with the package.

I hope you understand what I've written here cause I don't think I understand it myself. It's hard speaking about these things like this. πŸ˜‰
Date: 2017-01-08
Hi CallMeD,

People hate and fear what they don't understand, so try not to take to heart all the names they call you. I've been called crazy all my life, and I probably am so what:)

Seriously though, when I was in my teens and started noticing that I felt more or differently than others I started overreacting and thinking EVERYTHING was paranormal or out of this world. I near drove myself (and my family) insane. Like you I dream a lot; most of them are messages from deceased relatives of mine or friends. I have had incidents, like you, where I dream of friend's parent that I have never met or seen before. My first such dream was a friend's mom. She told me who she was, asked me to pass on a message to her daughter and to take care of her. It was odd at the time cause we weren't even that close as friends. The last such incident was last year- a couple of months ago.

Again it was a girl I attended classes with in Tertiary. We weren't close but she came to me in my dream telling me she couldn't breathe etc. I had already heard of her passing on earlier on Facebook so thought it was my overactive imagination, but at the same time the dream left me so disturbed I called another friend whom we attended with (we're close) and shared my dream with her. Turns out that her last words were in fact; 'I can't breathe, I can't breathe". She died from an asthma attack and had apparently been saying this and crying seconds before her departure. sometimes our dreams mean something, and sometimes they don't. In time you'll learn which ones to ignore and which to heed. My very first post here was also about a dream I had where I woke up bruised.

Our experiences are so similar I just have to share so you get where I'm coming from, sorry if this is long. now, instead of saying aah that's something, only to have it turn out to be nothing, I now think, ag, that's nothing, and let it prove itself to be something. Hope I'm making sense.

Another thing that we do here in South Africa is consult with our elders. I see you have Native blood in you, so I don't know how comfortable you'd be doing that. It's not always about slaughtering and lengthy rituals; just sage, candles (different colours have different meanings) - white and red are must haves for me, then blue and yellow as well but they're not necessary. If you know your clan names you call upon them, tell them who you are, daughter/son of... Then ask them to kindly guide you and reveal to you what your dreams mean, what messages they are trying to show you. Leave the candles burning all night and blow them out before you go to bed (for safety reasons) I just sometimes let them burn themselves out.

This is done to seek counsel and guidance from those who, having crossed over, are shown secrets that us living beings are forbidden to see.

You can do what you are comfortable with though, was just sharing my culture, but we all need guidance from something or somewhere above us to understand our journey more and to help shed light on those far corners that seem to always be shrouded in darkness.

Blessings on your journey, I hope you find the answers you are looking for and become the person you are meant to be.

Being on here, seeking truth must mean you're on the right path.

Good Luck.