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My Grandma Has A Ghost In Her House? on 2009-11-02

This story takes place in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. When I was 5 years old my great grandma died (she was my grandma's mother). After her death, I started being terribly afraid of the dark. Sometimes my dolls, they looked as if they were turning their heads at me and watching me as I was sl...

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oops sorry:D I mean blackrose1985!:D.
Sorry:x mixed up the comments ^_^.
Hello everyone:D. Sorry that I never posted anymore updates:/ A lot of things have changed around here and I might just write another story:). I didn't really recieve any comments at first so I kind of left the story alone and the website itself.;D. Thank you a lot for commenting and helping me out. I'm just very curious.
Ambercrystal:I know about those;) I had a shelf fly across the room once and my mum said it might have been it...:D Thank you:) I might just use your advice for that:D.
Bandet888:We lived in an apartament as in lithuania there are usually large buildings with many apartaments, the radiator could not be turned on (this was a long time ago so yeah... XD) because there are certain people who control when to turn on the heat and when not to, so for example autumn, spring and summer the heat is off and at winter they turn on the heating. It was spring ^_^.
Faraaz:Ive heard about dopplegangers but still don't know too much about them. They seem pretty cool to me:D.
Date: 2009-12-13
I think that it is connected to their experience since hazel actually saw the couple...thunderstorm...same place...
More like hazel saw the whole action?
Im not sure
A bit confused too...
But it has something to do with hazel seeing them
Date: 2009-11-09
Wow what a freaky story, I would be totally freaked out and would just stand there:]

You know when people say ouija boards open the door for the evil or something like that, well it might have been it. Maybe there's something wrong with the house? Well eventually a ball bouncing might be a little child killed or something... Try researching the neighbourhood and your friends house!
Keep us updated if you find anything ^_^
Im curious:P
Uhmm I like your story but no I don't think its a demon. There are lots of stories I have heard about growls and voices and those are no way demons.
Date: 2009-11-08
I know this comment will not help at all... But its a really freaky story and I feel sorry for your little girl 😨
Im not sure what you should do, but after reading other comments, I would suggest going around your house or something and telling the spirit to leave as it is scaring your little girl.
Haha I'm probably not making sense;)
Good luck
Date: 2009-11-08
Aww what an amazing story:)
Thank you for sharing it!
❤ totally going into my favourites 😊
Date: 2009-11-08
It might have been the first letter of a name or a word... I'm not really sure what it could be, could be anything really.
Ive just though of some words.
Help<--might be it;D
Today I got back from the shops, and my mum asked me why didn't flush the toilet... I of course got a little bit confused cause I just got back and didn't have time to do anything... Then I told her that I wasn't in the toilet... And my sister said "Yes you were... She said "when I was opening the door it was locked and somebody from inside said to wait..." I'm completely freaked out right now...
We have a radio in the bathroom so it might have been it...
But I'm still a bit confused... Doors locked and then suddenly unlocked? I don't know what to think 😢
Date: 2009-10-31
Oh wow...
Im really new with paranormal, but this sounds so weird, I would be scared to death, and as much as I read the other posts, usually things only appear to one person, lucky you got witnesses O_O
Unfortunately,you might want to check the houses history or something (not that its that important really. But it kindah is) anyways, there might have been a murder or something involving stabbing.:D
As I said I'm not an expert and might sound dumb but...
Happy halloween:)