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Orb Or No Orb? on 2009-11-09

This isn't much of a story. I took some pictures, in my home, of my nieces and my children while my sister was visiting. My husband has, on numerous occasions, seen a little girl with long dark hair running in the house. He always sees her from the corner of his eye. He once mistook her for my daugh...

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Date: 2009-11-11
Not really. And our land lord speaks spanish... So I am not even going to bother asking *The sad thing is that I am spanish!*

I know his wife died... Maybe it's her...j/k
Date: 2009-11-11
xXelliemayXx, I told my husband about me saying the other day "if you are here, show me"...he said, "are you crazy! Why do you want that!"
But if it was a poor soul stuck in limbo, that's terrible. I should probably do it while the kids arent in the

And I don't knwo if this has anything to do with anything... But when my husband was mowing the yard a month ago he came across 3 pieces of a spinal cord and a few other bones. The spinal bones are still connected... Really creepy. I was tempted to flag down a cop and ask him if these were human or animal... But I didnt. I felt dumb. But they really appeared otu of no where, and were put around our tree.
Date: 2009-11-11
No offence taken, ParanormalSpectrum, I thank you for your opinion. I can say that my camera was not smudged... I would have known... Lol it's my baby! And dust, I cannot say my house is dust free... But it certainly isn't the dustiest house on the block. I took the pictures and thougt they wre neat. Still do:-) Again thank you very much for your input ❤
Date: 2009-11-11
Hello xxelliemayxx. I asked the other day, when I was sitting outside " if you are here show yourself"... And I took a picture and I saw a small "orbe" up high. Don't know if that was real or not... Lol But we haven't really talked to the little girl before... What would I say?

Hi hanbobs. Yes this is where he has seen this girl. Its all around the house actually, but mainly here. And it was me who was taking the pictures. When my husband got home from the store, they were gone.:- (
I suffer from it as well. It can be very scarey. But it really sounds like sleep paralasis. People have been known to helucinate in these episondes. Doesnt make it any scarier for those who suffer though. I'm sorry. My regards ❤
Date: 2009-11-04
She wants it to be known what happened to her. She is a broken hearted lover. Bless her heart. I would do some digging. Best of luck! ❤
Date: 2009-11-04
I am not saying this is entirley what your going thru, but some of your episodes not involving him (being paralized, trying to scream but nothing will come out) sounds a lot like sleep paralasis. I suffer from it, and it is frightening. When I go to sleep at night some times I hear voices saying "kill her, just let the bi*ch die"...things like that. And I see green smoke. I am totally not asleep but my eyes won't open no matter how hard I try to open them, and it feels like they are rolling to the back of my skull! And my body will not move and I am struggling with all of my might to move or scream out someones name to help me. It will last forever it seems to me. And when it is over with my body is sore from trying to move, and my voice is almost gone. But I looked it up and it's supposedly sleep paralasis. If it isn't then I don't know what it is. But Don't be afraid. Your a child of God. ❤