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I was that kid. The kid who would ask for someone to tell him a ghost story and lose about two nights of sleep right after from being scared out of my wits. I'm still a glutton for punishment.
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Great Great Grandpa's Buzzkill on 2009-12-14

This was one of my Grandmother's favorite stories, now it's important to note she would clearly make the distinction between a legend and a factual story when she told both. To her this was a factual passed down family story and so it shall remain for me too: This woman had a real knack for telli...

The Tall Skinny Man on 2009-12-02

Before I begin I would like to exclaim just how addicting this can become, darn it. The more I think about it the more confused I get about it. I've tried FOR YEARS analyzing it, deconstructing it, putting it back together what I saw but I never seem to get any where. So I guess I'll write it down a...

Our Hotel Stay Off Toulouse In New Orleans on 2009-11-24

This will be a rather interesting story, or at least I hope it will be, because it happened to me and another friend without us knowing it and were told about it by another friend who saw the whole thing as it happened. We had stayed several days at this hotel with no incident. About an hour bef...

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Thank you for the kind comments. I'm glad you liked it. I have some more experiences I'll post soon.
I'm really glad you guys like! Thank you. Happy Holidays everybody. 😁
I really really know where you're coming from in your second paragraph. It's just not the same is it? Hang in there. 😁
Interesting what you saw about the changes in flooring levels and how that alters a manifestation. It makes sense. It also has me thinking, my Grandmother once saw a ghost who just appeared from THE WAIST DOWN. Just pants and bare feet. I wonder what that means and how flooring changes might have had to do with it.
Whoa! That's pretty scary. I bet she wished she had a horse at that moment. I know I would've! 😲
Thanks guys! I'm really glad you enjoyed. I have more stories. Some old, some new. Some family stories, some my own. I'll try to post them eventually. Again thanks! 😁
Thank you very much Darkness and _Pretty_! 😁

It's funny about the sulphur, I remember her telling me that and me thinking as a sarcastic 13 year old how backward and medieval that belief was. Then years later reading how common and widespread the association of sulfur and the demonic is. Who's having the last laugh now! Yup, Grandma is.

Yeah Darkness, when we would go down in the summers for vacation and family visits sometimes my brother and I would go visit our cousins and get caught up playing until after dark. Not thinking that eventually we would have to walk back home. Walk back home at night down those very orchard lanes. Not fun. Not fun at all. LOL. We would count to 3 and race through them looking straight ahead. We dared not look at the stone walls or into the trees. Everything down there is so spooky.
Aww, thank you mrsmla4ever! That means a lot to me. I tried hard to make it come across the way she did. 😁
Date: 2009-12-08
THANK YOU Oscars_girl! He's right, not to mention all Mexican grandmother's LOVE scaring the hell out of their grandkids with ghost stories for some reason. LOL. No doubt he probably knew some good stories. 😁
Date: 2009-12-07
Thank you very much EyesWideOpen. I get from you very clearly that you read the story, thought about it and GENUINELY want to help me figure this out. Thank you, thank you thank you! I agree with you wholeheartedly on the importance of a persons spiritual state. I can tell you personally I'm happy with my relationship with the Universe. 😁 Faith and believing (and knowing deep down) in a world beyond this mortal one is very important to me, and I can tell to you too. We might diverge a little belief-wise but fundamentally we are all the same. God's creatures. Powerful stuff! Again THANK YOU for your comments. I'll keep one eye open ok. God bless. 😁
Date: 2009-12-07
Thanks Hobbyholly! 😁
Yeah, I'm not sure where THAT post was going. I'm not sure the poster knows where she was going too. Silly right! Last I heard this site was about GHOST STORIES not who someone sleeps with. It's all good. 😉
Date: 2009-12-07
Should I be graced by his presence again (I really hope not!) I'll try a different approach. Good advice.
Whoa! Never thought of that! A slave?! I have to be honest, that's hightly unlikely. However, an interesting theory! Taking into account that my family has only been in the good ole USA since 1922 AND the specific part of Mexico my family is from (and their presence in that area being documented since 1785) it's pretty much not a possibily (but who knows!). If anything us coming from that part of Mexico would incur with us a HELL of a lot of angry native Mesoamericas! The history of central Mexico and some personal family lore is pretty brutal and sad. The colonials were NOT good to the first people. But this country shares that trait too, unfortunately. I know a relative of ours in the 70's published a geneology book for the family, he interviewed the elders then, before they passed on. Some of them could recall stories THEIR elders told them when they were young of native americans being used like oxen. Pulling carts like draft animals under the whip. Sad, sad stuff.:0/
My specific experiences are not shared with anyone else in my family, that I know of. However that being said, they certainly have had their own paranormal experiences. Some in our home here, the majority in our home in Mexico. Now THAT'S a haunted house. Some part's of that house being very very old. But why stop at our house? When a country's history, like Mexico's, is dripping with blood, really, what do you expect. That land has got to be CRAWLING with spirits. I'll share some family stories soon. This is kind of fun. Thanks for the comments, I appreciate them. 😁 😕 😕
Date: 2009-12-05
I never thought of that actually. I didn't think there was a connection but that's really interesting! He was/is (or whatever) Black. Definitely on the darker end of the spectrum. Very dark. The first time when I was 7 he was pretty close to me, so I can tell you this with complete confidence. His face is freakin' burned into my memory. Man, posting this story ended up being a good idea. Has me wondering. Fascinating. Thanks! 😁
Date: 2009-12-04
Ha! Well this guy has been evidently rocking that look since 1986 because that's when I first saw him! 😆 And there I go dating myself AGAIN! 😕
Date: 2009-12-04
Hey, Emma2008. I'll do my best. 😊 What I can for sure recall is that they were very form fitting, which is why I was able to note just how skinny and tall he was. He had on black pants, I want to say slacks, not jeans and a black shirt, more t-shirt style no buttons. But that's about it. They didn't hark back to any specific time or era though. If they did I'd be pretty good at figuring it out, since I'm a huge garment history buff. I can tell you the difference between early 1830's mens and women's dress and late 1830's mens and womens dress and am quite proud of it! Haha. 😁 I can do that with pretty much any historical era. He was just dressed pretty basic I'd say. No time hints.

Now as to his look, this is where it gets interesting. I have to admit, since it really freaked me out something inside of me (I guess I still think that if I don't look at it, talk about it, think about it IT NEVER HAPPENED) still makes me reluctant to go into too much detail. But I will, it's probably a good thing afterall. He is difinitely of African descent which pretty much rules him out being a relative (but hey you never know!) since me and my people are pretty much fair skinned green/hazel/light-browned/grey-blue eyed people from central Mexico (but you never know!). His hair is short. But long enough that you don't see his scalp. As to how he was looking at me this I remember well, unfortunately. It was just mean, mean mean MEAN. His brow was deeply furrowed. I remember that very distinctly. He also had a blatant scowl across his lower face. It wasn't anything pleasant. His eyes were intense, it almost felt like he was judging me or something, I can't quite explain it, just overall with cruelty. Also the way he stood was frightening, it was rigid, like someone who is just about to do something. God, you have me really thinking now. I'm not religious at all my view pretty much is that the universe recycles us (reincarnation) and now you have me thinking I've wronged this guy sometime in the past. I hope I haven't. Scary stuff! Interesting though. Beyond fascinating actually. Thanks for the interest in my story. You really have me thinking!

Hope I convered your questions, I tried to be as detailed as possible, forgive me if I wasn't. This was a long time ago.
Date: 2009-12-03
Well let's see I saw him when I was around 7 and then at 19. So that's a space of 12 years. I'm 30, soon to be 31 in April. So he is due soon. I'll keep my eyes peeled but to tell the truth I'd rather not see him again, he was scary. Thanks everyone for the thoughts and advice! This is awesome. 😁
Date: 2009-12-03
haha those were some gooood grapefruits! Hmm, I know the house is a typical southern california suburban home. I think it only goes back to 1956 or so. Before that I know that city was just orange orchards. Who knows, but yeah I don't need to see that guy again. I'm good with 2 visits. 😊
LOL. Ironically Angie and I are the jokesters in the bunch, Terry would never jack us around, not her style.:0) I'm pretty good at smelling a joke, she was serious.
Oh and we stayed at the Hotel St. Marie.
We wanted to do the Ghost Tour, well corrections I really wanted to do the Voodoo Tour but, well to tell the truth, we ran out of money. It all went to the great foooood. 😆
I did a little research and just found out that building in the 19th century was a home/institution for orphaned or abandoned boys.