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Steps In The Sleeping Room And Another Story on 2009-11-16

Dear readers, I hope my English is good enough that you can understand my story. It is completely true and happened to my mum. It is about 10 years ago, July 1999. I lived with my parents in a 5 year old 2 storey home. My parent's bedroom was on the first floor, just as my sisters' and my bed...

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Dear James,
Actually my mother was convinced it was her brother after carefully thinking it through. Especially after we got to know that a watch my uncle built and give to his mother, my granny, stopped at the time he died. This must be more than coincidence.

The thing that hit me hardest in these experiences was and still is, that I know they were there but now they are gone forever. On one hand I know it is better for them that they have gone to the other side, because they have peace now, but on the other hand I somehow feel left alone and I wish I could talk to them. Because I really miss them and I wish I could have their advice sometimes.
And since that time my uncle passed away, I can feel it when people around me pass away. Either people I have a strong connection to, like relatives, or people who live physically near me, like neighbours. But it is always very peaceful, it never scares me.
And thank you James for your idea about spirits having human experiences. That is so true!