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I've lived in 9 different states and 12 cities within the United States. When I joined the Navy in 2003, I was stationed in Guam for 2 years and Sasebo Japan for another 2.

I consider myself an intuitive person. When I was a child, I had a dream about a house we would move into 6 months before it happened. These "future" dreams became less frequent as I got older.

I've lived in many houses where I've heard footsteps, whispers, and felt some kind of presence there. When I was seven years old, I cut my hair short because I kept feeling my hair get pulled while I was falling asleep.

The only spirit or entity I've ever actually seen was my older sister. She passed away in February of '09. I've been touched a few times and actually held down once in my bed.

I'm agnostic and I come from Christian parents who came from Catholic parents. I have been married for nearly five years and have no children although we do have three cats. They seem to know when we have an invisible guest.

I've never seen any odd creatures like bigfoot or the chupacabra but I believe I saw a U.F.O. Once. I don't really know if it was our government, a foreign government or an alien race. All I know is it was silver in color, disc shaped and quiet with no lights. It was odd to me how cliche it really was.

I believe I am sane but when you really think about, do crazy people think they're crazy?
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The Entity That Liked Me on 2009-11-18

I was stationed in Guam on the Naval base from 2004-2006. I've had a few paranormal experiences before but nothing prepared me for what would happen my last night on the island. I lived in Barracks 9 on the top floor, just down the hall from the kitchen. I can't remember my main room number but ...

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Date: 2010-01-25
My older sister killed herself in February of '09. Every now and then I have a dream about her. I think she's visiting me in my dreams to let me know she's ok and she's no longer in any pain. One morning, as I was just waking up, I saw her in my room for a split second before she vanished. Your friend knows how much you love her. She's watching out for you. ❤