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Ghost In The Studio? on 2009-12-02

This is my first post, though I have been reading and enjoying the stories on here for a while now. This photo (single photo, taken four times by my phone for different views) was taken by a good friend of mine for her art coursework. It involved taking a photo of a convex mirror that reflected surr...

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Date: 2009-12-08
Thank you for all of your comments.😁
TheOneAndOnly - I will try, my friend says the original is on her area on the school computers so I'll try my best to upload it.
Naveen9885 - haha! I might suggest that, it'll be interesting to see if it would turn up! 😁
KimCan - It would have been able to look up at her, but would only see her back. However, he would have been able to see the front of her teacher. 😨
ChuppaChupp - I can make that out as well. I've tried searching the internet, but it's pretty useless-there's hardly any information. I might try asking around school to see if anyone knows.
Emma2008 - you could be right. I think the distortion is partially due to the curving of the mirror (it was convex) and perhaps the quality of camera, but I will try to upload the original.
DARKNESS - Sorry, I didn't explain it right. I meant that only one photo was taken by my friend, and the figure turned up in that one photo. There are 4 pictures because I took 4 on my phone of that one picture (the last being a zoom in) for different views. So you're right, it hasn't moved, it's just exactly the same picture. Sorry for explaining badly.
That's a really interesting story. The poltergeist seemed to like/want to annoy you. I'd really like to hear that EVP 😉