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Pictures In Nevada's Towns on 2009-12-07

My son, some of his friends and I recently went to a place called the American Flats just outside of Virginia City, Nevada. I had heard stories of this place and wanted to go see what all the hub bub was about. Upon arrival along with the history and the decrepit look of the place, you definitely go...

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And Dan thank you for confirming what I also saw it as if he is standing there looking at me leaning on the wall and if you look in the background there looks to be what might be a saddle. And there was nothing in this room. So thank you for your feedback and the confirmation!
Thank you for your feedback ladies and gentlemen it is greatly appreciated. The third picture to me is very clear and I think unquestionable as to what it is. But the first two and it is not easy to see. Is a figure looking back at my sons friend I cannot tell if it is a woman or a cloaked figure but you can clearly see the eyes and hood along with ectoplasmic trails. I outlined the figure in white and then left the second one alone so maybe you could see it without the outline please look and see if you can see it the head is between my son and his friends head just to the left. Thank you so much for the feedback.