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Laudatore Temporis Acti...

When I saw Death the first time, She was Alive.
After having experienced some meetings with the Other world, I think I got stronger.
Ghosts of the past are always around me, the "living" ones, and the "dead" ones...
I follow my own path, and I have Faith but I do not belong to any church of God, I do not accept any restrictions of feelings of thoughts.
All of them are mine, and I am the happiest individual in the world.
My mystic country helps a lot finding the way to communication.
Here are I am, all simple, all true, all honest!
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Was It a Last Good Bye? on 2007-09-24

My story took place 11 years ago, in 1996, few days after having experienced the loss of my best friend / ex-boyfriend Phil. In the night of the 5th /6th of march, a party was planned in a club, it was the birthday of one of our friend. As I hated clubs, and still do, I just refused the invitation t...

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Date: 2007-09-29
First, I am not a dude hehe ;)
Second, what do you mean by whole story? Do you want the details of the terrible accident and the details of the moments I spent with him, dead in his bed? Well, that´s not so nice to hear I guess...
But tks for your comment indeed ;)
Date: 2007-09-28
Morning everyone,
Well yes, it was straight from the heart!
Thanks again for your comments, helpful, kind and honest!
As I found out about that website few weeks ago, I will give my "opinion" on some of your wonderful stories soon!

Take care! :)
Date: 2007-09-27
Ohh well, thank you for your interest in my story.
It is truly great that I still remember all the feelings after more than 10 year, don´t you think?
It is true, I do not really try to check the signs out there, but maybe he is still around me... I am not a part from the catholic church, but of course, I have my own prayers. I think of Phil very often, and of course, it happened that I dreamt of him!
I will come with some more stories from time to time as I don´t check the net every day!
Take care everyone! 😉