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The Verdict Conclusion! on 2015-09-29

I would like to start this story by saying over the last five years, I have tried to write about this account occasionally and each time I do, I have ended up falling short of finishing it, because it doesn't have a happy ending and I don't know if highlighting a few psychic points on the forensic s...

The Verdict on 2012-08-01

I thought I would come back here and share another story with you all, three different accounts, all of the same nature over a span of 30 years. Two of them I can talk about now and with the other one, unfortunately laws provided in this country leave me unable to comment on the matter until the cou...

In The Arms Of An Angel on 2012-01-11

It was the night before that fatal accident, two best friends not quite yet teenage girls planning their day ahead and enjoying each others company one last time at a sleep over. For one of them, her life would come to an end and for the other she would soon lose her best friend. Somewhere through t...

August Ritual 2011 on 2012-01-09

I thought it was time to come back here and share another story with you all. My mother died in August 2009 from cancer and since that time, my mother has been back to see me on a number of occasions. In August 2010 and some of the months prior, I had some of the most amazing and profound spiritua...

Intelligent Interactions on 2011-10-26

I have had many out of body experiences over the last 30 years, but only a few validated ones worthy to write about and I thought I would revisit one of them in hope of better understanding the interactions and thought process of those walking around our home in spirit or at least from my point of v...

Family Guardian on 2011-10-12

When I was seven years old I'd shared a bedroom with my two brothers. There were three beds positioned side by side in a average size room, which made our sleeping quarters a little tight for comfort. My bed was positioned in the middle of the room between my two brothers and positioned directly und...

Showground Road on 2011-06-29

It was about 12 years ago to the best of my memory. I was running my own franchised soft drink run and my regular area was at Thornliegh, Sydney Australia. I have had many premonitions in my life, most of them were only trivial and occurred sometimes day in and day out... Spanned from memory over th...

The Women In Black on 2010-10-20

This story is about a recent murder, a visitation from a spirit of the women whose profile fits the description and a bizarre vision of the evil act that possibly surrounded her death. Also an unbelievable experience shared by my son and I, involving what I believe was a residual replay involving th...

August Soul Mates 3 on 2010-08-30

It has been 12 months since my mother lost her battle with cancer and after writing August Soul Mates 2, I really had no intention of writing another. But what has transpired since then is the most incredible sequences of paranormal activity I had ever experienced and I felt compelled to come back a...

Two Little Boys on 2010-05-11

Have you ever been in a relationship, you knew was doomed before the first kiss. Well this is where my story starts, as I believe there may be a correlation between what happened back yonder and this experience... When I was 23 years old doing the pub and club gig with my four piece band, One night ...

Toy In The Closet on 2010-03-23

My grandmother passed away from heart failure in 1984, 26 years ago. She was an incredible woman with a massive heart and an unbelievable loving nature. She had 14 of her own children and at 50 years old, raised another one from birth, due to the tragic circumstances of that childs parents... One ni...

Ghost Aura - Residual Energy on 2010-03-10

Only once in my life, I have experienced something like these two occurrences and when I think about it, they are truly phenomenal experiences, in comparison to all my others. What transpired on this morning back in the year 1988 and later in 2006 will have some of you scratching your head with doub...

Body Invasion on 2010-03-01

These events happened in 1985, not sure if it was before or after my other story night demon or nightmare. But it was in the same year and does relate to it. One night as my previous girlfriend and I were sleeping in our room, I found myself on the ceiling (out of body experience) looking down at my...

Ghost In The Prom Dress on 2010-02-15

Caution some of this story has personal description of actual death and may offend some people. 2004, it was a fine spring morning, my daughter and I had loaded the car and were heading south for about a 2 hour drive from Sydney. My daughter was representing our district in the under 15 state baske...

Night Demon Or Nightmare on 2010-01-20

Back in 1985 I got into my bed at about 1.30am in the morning. The person next to me who I thought was my girlfriend, rolled over and had the face of a 100 year old witch and the eyes of a demon. To this day I'd always presumed it was just a nightmare, but since I've been visiting this site and read...

August Soul Mates 2 on 2010-01-12

On the night my mother and I went to her doctor there were two things she mentioned on the way there. One was about her dream that a little dark person had told her she'd be better off in the spirit world and two if it was bad news about her chest x-ray she would tell her doctor thanks but no thanks...

August Soul Mates on 2009-12-15

They got married in August and they both died in August from the same illness 10 years apart. There is no bridge in this world, or the next that will stop a soul mate from crossing it. The last time I saw my dad alive was just before he died. With all his might he raised his hand to my mums face and...

Ghostly Experience At Funeral on 2009-12-07

Ghostly Experience at Funeral I'm 44 years old and my paranormal experience spans over 41 years. There is so much for me to write and truly by the time I'm finished writing I'd probably have forgotten just as much all of this is true and I will tell you as best as I can remember. My first experi...

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JudyW, on most occasions the intent of intelligent knocking is a last ditch effort from our spiritual friends on the other side wishing to let us know they are still around? May I ask in the last 8 months have any family members or friends crossed over and are the knocks coming in three's?
"Journey of the Souls by Michael Newton". Finally found it for you Maggie if you're still interested in knowing more about soul groups you made find it a interesting read!

Regards Daz https://bazaarmodel.net/ftp/Project-C/Soul/JourneyofSouls.pdf
I did have some supportive family members including my wife Maggie of which made it easier for me to cope with never the less it does hurt when they make those emotional statements not fully understanding the suffering of the individual and what you go through when making the right decision in their best interest based on your love for them and not on the fear of not letting go.

It were the palliative care nurses who told me they see this all the time, the main carer is the one who copes all the backlash and blame for that choice of which is difficult one to make. I was blessed enough to see and talk to my mother from the afterlife so for me it wasn't as tough as what you endured and thank you for your kind thoughts about my own sitiuation.

On soul groups? I tried to find the book I read online about 8 months ago but can't remember the name of it... I have read about soul groups from a few different authors over the last 10 years and if you search on youtube often you can snag a good link that may make some sense for you I'll keep looking.

The book was written by a past life regression specialist who was able to receive information he's patients gave him in between lives from the other side. Basically we come here for tough lessons and sometimes we come an have a comfortable life but we shouldn't quit and stick on the path however sometimes even suicides are apart of an exit strategy according to the author but not in your case I believe... Our soul group will work hard at keeping us on coarse and in your case they just pulled you out of your body because you did wobble of coarse for a moment or two...

It's quite possible these people you meet are people you know from a past life, they can be spouses, friends, children and even strangers that seem to turn up out of the blue for that fleeting moment as you stated... Johnnie is fine, he probably has the soul of a warrior spirit because often it takes a very wise soul to enter into a body of someone who suffers from a young age... There are even lessons in Johnnie's life that are so precious and valuable to those soul groups in advancing their groups to higher planes and ultimately according to this book that is what we are all doing, evolving our spirit to higher levels of consciousness... If you are a white light, in a white room with white windows how do you know what darkness is like until you experience it for yourself.

Regards Daz
Maggie, I understand that feeling when family members accuse you of murder when making choices about the suffering of our loved ones the same happened to me in relation to my mother and that decision to let her go after 8 months of suffering with cancer. You made the right choice and let me tel you, you are not alone many people go through it on a daily basis where family members disagree with tough choices. Although your account was extremely more difficult than the average being so young and directly blasted with emotional blackmail and blame that must of really hurt. I believe we belong to a soul group and often some of that group hang back and watch over us. You are right Maggie, it wasn't your time to go and the soul group you belong to basically pulled you out into an ethereal body state in that Motel to give you a peaceful moment and reunion with your son to encourage you in my view... To battle on and fulfil your life mission... You have had some tough lesson mate and I can gather by your tone now it has strengthened you up inside... Thank you for sharing your account I don't often comment here any more but your story did pull on the heart strings enough to offer you some support.

Regards Daz
Date: 2017-09-13
First of all, you are not alone, these type of accounts happen all the time so don't think your are losing your mind or some kind of cult has put a curse on you... Our universe is a field of energy that interacts with our subconscious mind in such a way, it can project these types of psychical fantasy's on a subliminal level willing or not... Some scientist will even proclaim our actual reality is one big illusion driven by thought base desires... On rare occasions these accounts can be attributed by an incubus dwelling in the fourth dimension but you have left out some key detail to suggest otherwise... You can switch it off with some practise or changes of habit. Do you suffer from insomnia?... People who suffer from insomnia often open themselves up these types of accounts work on sleeping more sound if that's the case otherwise use the glass is half full analogy.

Date: 2017-07-19
I think Rook is onto something about a spirit visualising it's energy toward a loved one... It may work in theory a little like the way the experiment does with intangible particles... They can still communicate with each other at a distance near or far. Your mother still feels your love and energy from where she is now and through the power of mind she may be projecting her presence near your side to let you know she's still there... Her breathing is a part of the illusion and with in the greater illusion of materialism... We don't really need our vocal chords or other psychical applications to communicate with each other we only think we do, all be it... It's a little harder from the other side to all ways come through the way they want it to. You took your account as a positive one, others may have been frightened to death by it.
Date: 2016-09-19
It's interesting to note the part in your story where you said," my cousin grunted at the same time as you pushed your hand through what appeared to be his astral body", I have experienced something similar without going into detail and I don't think the timing of his grunt was coincidental as like the details in my own account were? I do suspect the astral body is still connected to the physical body just like intangible particles are when they separate them via experiments at a distance but yet somehow defying Newtonian logic, they act like they are still connected as one... Perhaps in a sense, your cousins mind (consciousness) was experiencing some sort of duality of motion which made him flinch in the flesh as you pushed your hand out toward his astral body? Which makes me agree with the others here, what you'd witnessed, was most likely your cousin sleep walking out of body.

Regards Daz
Date: 2016-09-19
Yes Melb, at the time I was swimming in guilt from walking away wondering if I could have done more however her fate was sealed from the impact of the accident as logic eventually pointed out. I only ponder on the despair of being her parent and hope they took some small amount of relief in knowing it was quick as the pronouncement of her death was declared upon arrival at hospital which was not actually true and it's not something you forget all that easy, I can still see her face now when I shut my eyes and think back. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my story.

Regards daz.
Date: 2016-04-24
The Humming and vibration may relate to something else, just a few questions for you?...do you have lucid dreams of flying? Do you have any unexplained marks or scars on your hand, feet or shoulders? Have you any memories of accounts with lost time? Did you ever sleepwalk as a child? Do you hear any ringing noises? Have you turned of meat recently? There are more, you would probably need to answer yes to all of these questions for further discussions on something that might be going on in your life... I gather you sleep with the light on, the gospel music is a good way to distract the paranormal... I can only reassure you that nothing is out to get you. Working on and controlling your fear will help you big time deal with it better.

Regards Daz
I'm thinking along the lines of a premonition?...as you stated..." I didn't go back into the woods until I was seventeen years old and even then, I never hung out for very long."...we all have guides and these guides can look ahead and basically see our future without going right into all of that... It may be possible, that your guide. In giving you a nudge basically frighten you out of the woods because something around the corner was about to happen?...then again, perhaps you fell out of the tree, I'm thinking you're up pretty high right? Can you imagine how frantic your mother would be, if that were the case?...I'm sure she would have gone in racing after you like any mother would do... Staying here with the Murphy's law scenario for a moment, you did fall and then you skipped a parallel universe because it's not your time to go and you have some memory of that? You can remember the memory or voice only of frantic mum, but have lost the visual and account of that universe, as the "it's time for dinner mum" was coming at you from another direction as your new vessel attached to your spirit settled into a universe of which you do continue on with today,"Bobs your uncle" excuse my aussie slang if you don't know what that means...it's quite amazing what these guides and angels can do to keep us in the game, I have read a few of those accounts here on YGS...it's possible, often people who jump universes do have vague memories of something they remember as being a bit odd? Anyway, something for you to have a think about... A Demon? Nah, why would it wait at a distance and call you when it could have consumed you all alone in the tree.

Regards Daz
Ok, I know my friends away from here will think I'm doing a backflip on what I said earlier, but I do need to set the record straight... There is a lot more going on here with Karen than most of you realize... A lot more. Unfortunately without the authors approval I can't go into all the detail. What I will do, is answer some of her criticism here on her behalf... I think it were Mac or Rook, who questioned how is it possible in a short space of time, Karen could go from not knowing much at all about the paranormal, to all of a sudden, knowing more than enough, or something along those lines.

About three weeks ago, Karen had asked for my advise and I suggested to her, learn as much as you can... Knowledge is power, wisdom or something like that... She asked me If I would mentor her and I took up her request... Probably 2 to 3 hours a day and that's not including her own research, Karen has had a crash coarse on quantum mechanics, quantum entanglement,biocentrism,the holographic universe and many other theories and facts, with me explaining the paranormal from my own perspective... It actually amazed me how quick she took it all in and with in just three weeks from my view, she had expanded her consciousness to a point of which actually quite surprised me...that's why when she came back to YGS she seemed a little more knowledgeable and confident about her own accounts... However the thumb of rule when it comes to YGS... Have a good think about what you claim and make sure you have ruled out all other possibilities before doing so.

I think without going back and reading every word, Karen really does believe her children and her can cause power outages or what ever else she said, it's not a lie, if you believe it to be true and it was entice out of her by another member here which was fair enough. I don't think she really wanted to share it, but living in a universe based on probabilities that kind of suggest nothing is not mathematically impossible. Karen was game enough to put her thoughts down with sincere belief.

What I can vouch for in relation to the GM building, I was talking to her on the night of the black out, she actually sent me that picture directly from the location during that conversation so it was in mid march you don't need to doubt her on that any more... I think Dandk also made a good point about the GM building.

I don't like seeing someone being kicked in the guts when they don't deserve it... I understand the mods are very protective of the material published here. I lost a friend this morning over this, I am sorry I do believe you!

Regards Daz
I think he believes in ghost now Granny, nice story sounds like he was a wonderful man.

Regards Aussie. ❤
CuriousCatLady, I want to start this by saying just about everything you have described in your account, I have experienced except for the voice telling you to end your life... That part is a concern and may relate to other issues that you must talk to your doctors about if you hear them again... By the way you have described your account, especially with your brother experiencing it the same, fits the bill of the old hag syndrome... My own account was about 30 years ago, my mother on her death bed, saw something in the night run under her bed and then a short time later, this claw on the end of a arm emerged slowly toward her. If my mother wasn't going through enough already, this was the last thing she needed before crossing over... This is the part where I need you to listen, even my poor mother dying on her bed somehow found a way to have a laugh about her whole ordeal, to see the funny side to an account like that, takes a very brave women and with in her last few days of her life she never saw it again. Was it the drugs? Did it open her mind up to these accounts? Probably yes to both.

On my own account, it wasn't as funny, no,no, it is heart attack material I know how terrifying this account was for you. But I remembered thinking to myself, this can't be real and then she disappeared into thin air... I have suffered a few bouts of sleep paralysis where I woke up to the sensation of being choked and on this one account, I drew on my mothers courage and just started laughing and to my surprise it snapped me out of paralysis."that there was a game changer"

This might seem like a strange thing to say to you and I may be using reverse psychology, but I am appreciate of all my accounts, whether they are real, or just something going on with in my mind creating them, because it has taught me this and given me a little bit of insight... Each of us are the centre of our own universe and we have the power to control these accounts, even if they are energies in the cosmos with nothing better to do than frighten us... These sorts of accounts can continue if you let them and our doctors will write us all of as mental and yes some people do have problems with the balance of chemicals in their mind that bring on the fabricated accounts. You have the strength with in your own mind to cure these bouts of S/P that can play out into the reality of our bedroom walls... It really is about you taking back your universe and booting out these energies real or fabricated by... Give it more power and it can conform into a poltergeist causing all sorts of other problems, perhaps that's how it got to your brother and manifested with objects in your home? I know what I'm suggesting sounds simple and it's not that easy, however it worked for me.

Regards Daz
Date: 2016-03-02
Dandk, yeh, sounds familiar to me, you'd basically jumped into another parallel universe,it's like the doppelgänger phenomenon, it's where parallel universes mesh together long enough on the same frequency so that two people of the same identity, function physically in the same frequency on a different probabilistic future. Someone might see you walk to the toilet, whilst the other you is sleeping in their room. It will only last for a short time, until the atoms and electrons conform back to their original universe. The greater consciousness systems gives you multiple lives to exist in... Takes an each way bet to get you to the end of your journey, because of that big ole hound dog Murphy's law throwing a spanner in the works... People who do have vivid strange memories of something going wrong and then suddenly bob's your uncle at a party telling a joke, well it just may be. You'd probably just past away in one of these other universes. Quite amazing to comprehend.

Regards Daz
Date: 2016-03-02
Dandk, Yes, I wrote about our experience under my story, the woman in black from memory... In broad daylight, this car followed us into a park very slow with two people in it and basically disappeared before our eyes, (short version) there is a lot more to the story, but when you have one of these accounts, it really makes you think what to heck is going on?. A ghost is one thing, solid metallic objects driving around with physical ghost interacting are another. There are a number of these accounts here, my account was a kind of an epiphany that sent me down the rabbit hole looking for answers. I believe Telly is telling the truth, I couldn't understand for a second why he would make it up. Wouldn't do his career or tough guy reputation any good.

Regards Daz
Date: 2016-03-02
Interesting account Dandk, you should to have a look at this link with Telly Savalas, he broke down in his car and was picked up by a man who had died about 2 years prior.


Is it possible you had a ride in a ghost car? Yes, my son and I saw one a few years ago the phenomenon is real... And on a side note, I was in las Vegas last December and had a blast with a member from here on freemont street. Love Vegas, hopefully we'll be going back in 2017.

Regards Daz
Date: 2016-03-02
Thanks for sharing it Mack, I'm with Cosomogal on this one, I'm a big believer in these sorts of premonitions and that's what it was... You had a feeling something was going to happen and it almost did... But in your circumstances, something was guiding you to safety.

Dandk, I know the type of account you're referring to. I believe my wife my have jumped a parallel universe on one of her accounts?. She was driving along the road at a good clip, looking out the window to her left for a few seconds when suddenly she straighten her head back on the traffic and there was a car stationary right in front of her... No time to hit the brakes!... She had vivid memories of being loaded into an ambulance and was thinking about who was going to pick me up from a Christmas party, when suddenly she was back in her car, not behind the stationary car, but right along side it? No accident, no ambulance and no explanation to how she seemed to have avoided the collision, only a vivid memory of what just transpired.

It is my belief, through her own guides, my wife jumped a parallel universe because it wasn't her time. I don't believe this happened to Mack, I feel his guide got through to him prior to the accident.

Regards Daz
Date: 2016-02-29
Dandk, I know what you mean, I agree the answers are there right in front of you and the paranormal may be the missing link?...I think it goes hand on hand with some of the evidence on consciousness... Maybe not everyone can wake up? Perhaps we have a big bang back to the fourth dimension if we all do?... I know that one was is right out there... But when I show people this stuff, they normally do not, a) understand it or b) are not interested. Anyhow good luck if you keep seeking the truth or find some answers you can relate to,there's plenty more out there.

Regards Daz
Date: 2016-02-29
Tweed, read up on intangible particles, you'll probably have a "WTF" is going on here moment, just as intriguing as the double slit experiment. Is our reality a physical dream that can last from 0 to 80 years? Do we wake up in 4d land just like we do each morning in 3D? Do some people forget about this joint whilst others can't get over their nightmare? That might explain why we don't have a few billion ghost running around the joint? Plenty to ponder on, I think it's possible from 4d land, we can vibrate our energy towards our loved ones or soul family, we " telepathically" create city's and homes to live in, pretty cool if it's correct... But just back to intangible particles for a moment. Scientist split a particle and then send it in opposite directions. No matter what they do to confuse one of the particles, the other half does exactly the same, as if they are link "telepathically". 😉
Date: 2016-02-29
Mac, It was reassuring, I've also been fortunate enough to see and talk to my parents with in my home in a waking state...Yes,mate I've had some of those friday the 13th accounts on Elm street, the only thing I'll say about them, if you have the nerve to confront what ever it is chasing you and not show fear, they will dissolve, well mine did anyway... Not that I'm any hero, but I think we are the centre of our own universe and ultimately in control of our destiny... What ever brings on these accounts doesn't want you to know that.

Regards Daz