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I am happily married and have 2 wonderfull kids. My family is the joy of my life.

My daughter and my son they are the ones that keep me going. My Husband is the man of my dreams whom I love very much. All my life surrounds them three. I also work for a health insurance company whom I will leave the name out.

I am facinated by the paranormal ever since I was a kid. My mother is also very interested in it and my husband also enjoys it but I have to say not as much as I do.

I love to watch shows about ghosts and hunted places and read about it. I have had my own incidents with the paranormal and I have to say that many were scarry and the majority were more intreguing than anything else. I do believe in them and know that they are all around us.
I am a christian and know that even in the days of our Lord Jesus Christ there where stories of happenings of the paranormal and demonds. There were posessions and exsorcisms. There is even chapters in the Bible where these are told of.
The Lord says that Demonds are loose in the world so, if he tells us that there are; how can we not believe that these exist? And, what about ghosts? Whom in my opinion are lost souls that have not realized they are not living any longer. They are just looking for a way home. Others they say are looking to finish what they did not have a chance to finish while they were alive to be at peace once and for all.

Well, that is my opinon about it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion right? Well that is mine.
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Being Touched 2 on 2011-08-30

On my fist story "Being Touched" I had told the incident that my mom and aunt had while I was a kid. Well, not too long ago the same thing happened to me. I was in bed when I was suddenly awoken by the feeling of someone touching me. I opened my eyes to nothing there. I looked toward my husband's si...

Weird Activity In The House on 2008-10-20

Last week I was off from work ran a few errands and then came home. I had a slight headache so I figured that I would lie for a little while in bed until my headache medicine would kick in. I believe it was about one in the afternoon. I was watching a show and all of a sudden I hear running upstairs...

It's Not Over on 2008-08-19

I was under the impresion that since I had not heard anything recently that maybe things had kind of gone back to normal. Little did I know that things were just getting started. I was under the impression that since I had not heard anything recently that maybe things had kind of gone back to nor...

Final Chapter Of My Haunted Neighborhood on 2008-08-12

So as many of you know, I was having many occurrences in my house and I was trying to find an answer as to what was going on. Well, after I became a member on the site and posted my happenings. I got an email from another member but I will not say the name. They contacted me to tell me that they wer...

Bumps in the Day on 2008-01-07

What would your reaction be if you know that there is no one in the rest of the house but you who is in the bathroom, and you hear people walking in the second floor and hear as if someone was looking for something since you hear rattling going on? Well, that is exactly what I hear in my house. I ha...

Now my Kids Sense It on 2007-11-20

As all of you know or at least the ones that have been following the events in my new home, there has been things happening that I cannot explain or that I cannot decipher. After the last time the house had remained kind of quiet or at least so I had thought. That is until having a conversation with...

People Dressed Like in the Louis XV of France Era on 2007-11-13

This one would happen to me as a child in the same house where I told the story of my mom being touched while she was sleeping. I experienced a lot of things in this apartment as a child and my family members would too. I would wake up in the middle of the night when I was about 6 or 7 years old an...

Being Touched on 2007-11-13

This one happened to my Mom and Aunt when I was a little girl. I read a story that someone put in the web site and after I read it, it reminded me of this one. Only difference is that this one would be more in the lines of being believable. I was about 6 or 7 years old and we live in an apartment...

Banging on the Walls on 2007-11-12

As you all know, I have been telling you about a few things that have happened to me in the past and some recently. I have to say that the majority of the time, I am not scared except for the time that I had someone watch me while I slept (which I'm sure you all have read). Usually I try to find a m...

Watching Me Sleep on 2007-11-05

We recently purchased a new home in Camby, Indiana, it is in a fairly new neighborhood. The subdivision is called Heartland Crossing. For some strange reason, I feel uncomfortable in the house, I get the feeling that someone is watching me. I am sometimes in the shower and feel like if someone was g...

Someone Was Playing Tricks on my Father on 2007-10-29

On my previous story I told you about the little girl that lived in my house. Well this one we really did not know what it was. I never really saw it but did feel and saw things it did. One night, at the same house, my dad had just come home from work and was getting ready to get in the shower. M...

Little Girl in my Room on 2007-10-25

I was about 12yrs old and I was playing in my front yard. I came in to my house after playing and put all of my things in my room. I came into the kitchen where my mom and a friend were drinking coffee. I noticed my mom kept looking at the door to the entrance of my room. She then said "Naty have yo...

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Date: 2011-12-23
Thanks for sharing,
Question: are you still living in the house where all of this happened when you were a kid? If so have you ever done any investigation on the history of the house and/or property it sits in? This might explain a lot of the ocurrences in the home.
I had one of those and the same thing happened to mine. Come to find out I was not turning the dial all the way and therefore it would turn by itself. Don't know if this is what is happening with yours or not, but it doesn't hurt to make sure it is turned all the way off.

Date: 2011-11-29
Do you still live in the house? Did you ever do any research on the house to see if maybe this man lived there before and maybe remains?

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing. Your story indeed is very interesting! So much history on that land. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I hope things are better for you now that you are older.

Can't wait to hear the other stories you have. Hoep you share them.

Date: 2011-09-12

I have not tried looking into it for the simple fact that it only happened once. Because I had previously done research on my property for all of the things happening in my house, I figured it was attached to it.


NO I did not take it in a bad way. I accept all comments, that's why I post them here to hear suggestions. I do understand what your saying and that has also happened to me as well, although this time it was a bit different. It was a true carress and I could feel the pressure of the hands and fingers agains my body even the warmth of the hands. It was truly strange.

Date: 2011-09-08

Thanks for reading. I will have to say that if I told my doctor what I experienced, he would probably think I am crazy 😆.

It is true that we have nerve receptors near our skin. Which transmit to the brain a stream of impulses which cause sensation. I actually found this topic very interesting in Nursing school. Whether this be the cause or not, I am not sure.

I did find out that my grandmother was a bit of a sensitive and could see things others couldn't and predict things as well. This might have trickled down to daughters/grand daughters.

Date: 2011-09-07
Based on your sharing of events, you most definitely are a very strong sensitive. I would not call it night terrors as that term is normally used by psychiatry and in my personally opinion I feel that is a term they use for when they cannot explain why a child or person has all these visitations.

I have a very good friend that happens to be going through the exact same thing that you are. She constantly was harrased by things she could not explain and it ocurred at any time of day not just at night. Here is what we figured could be a resolution and it worked.

It was kind of like the movie "The Sixth Sense" situation. She mentioned to me what was happening. I asked her if she had ever tried asking them what they needed. She said "no, are you kidding me. They scare the witts out of me" I advised her to find courage and do it, which she did. The majority of these entities or ghosts would say that they knew they had died but did not want to leave. She would proceed with telling them that they needed to follow the light and tried her best to convince them to do it. Some would go, others would not. The ones that didn't she would tell them "if you refuse to follow the light then that is your choice. I can no longer help you, you need to leave and go somewhere else" and some would go (majority) or some would continue.
But my point in the whole matter is that she felt more confident, more in control of her life, and she now feels as though she is helping.

I hope this helps a little for you. I wish I could help you more.


❤ ❤ ❤
Date: 2011-09-07

Thanks for reading. With the way whatever this was, was touching me, it most certainly felt as sexual. It was not a simple touch it was as if though this think wanted something else... 😆 I don't remember dreaming as a matter of fact I was sleeping pretty peacefully. Your point makes a lot of sense though. I have had other things happened and I figure it has something to do with a movie I watched or something I did before bedtime.

Date: 2011-09-07
Thanks for reading. Just as a clarification point. The occurrances were not in the same house, all three were in different houses, not to mention that all of them were many years in between. It has never ocurred to us in a same household to male and female.

But your story is interesting indeed.

87calais, thank you for your reply to my question. I can now understand why you reacted the way you did!
Date: 2011-09-02
Very nicely written story. Your accounts of what happened that night made me feel as if though I were there!

I cannot wait until your other accounts.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing your story. It certainly can be scary when it comes to the unknown. I have a question: when you wrote "then I realised what it was I freaked out" what did you realize it was? You did not say. Also is the house still owned by your family?
Date: 2011-08-30
Thanks for sharing.
The events at your mom's place a surely interesting place for activity of the paranormal kind. I know you said that you had several things happen to you there, and I am sure you will share them with us, but I have a quick question Does your mom still live there?

Hope to hear the rest of your stories.

Date: 2011-08-30
Very interesting story a bit curious to know where in Indiana this is!
Date: 2011-08-10
Thanks for sharing, I can understand how frustrating it is when you are so sure of something such as this and no one wants to believe you. I went through the same thing.
Let me ask you this, is the house an old house or a newer home? I would suggest that you do some research on the home. Usually when something changes in a home such as home repairs or new people moving into it, it triggers things to start happening. This could be your case. None the less, it would be good to research the history of the home to see if what you are experiencing is related to anything in the home's past or not. Not to mention that if you do find something, you will have concrete evidence to show those non believers.

Good luck and keep us posted

Hi there, Thanks for sharing your story. It is in fact very scary. I have a few questions for you and hope that I can help you. 1. Have you done any research on the property you live in?, 2. Are you the only one that sees these shadowy figures? 3. Are you the only one that has had any fear coming from these entities? 4. How do you know it was a female and a soldier?
Sometimes by getting this information before hand, you can answer a lot of the questions you might have as to what they are or what they want. More than likely although seeing something unexpected at night can cause anyone to get scared, you can tell the difference when it is something evil versus something that is not.
I hope this helps a little and hope to see your responses to my questions.

thanks for sharing. Nice story. I have to suggest what others already have and that is be careful with the child entity. I would first do some research on the property to see if there is anything in the past with a little girl. See if you can borrow some of your little sister's toys and put them in your room in one place and see if they get moved to another. Little stuff like that can tell you if it is a child. Also listen to your intuition, if the fear you feel is strong and you don't feel safe, you get depressed when you normally are pretty happy, that alone is a bad sign and a sign that something evil is lurking. I don't know if you are a Christian person but if you are keep a cross in your room. Get lavander and have it in your room. Burning sage also sends bad spirits out.

Hope this helps a little and please keep us posted.

Date: 2011-08-01
Stories don't have to be long and drawn for them to be good, for instance yours, they are nicely written and you can actually picture the event. I have just one question. Since the last incident with the hand on your shoulder, have you had anything similar?

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing. I have a few questions for you:
When did the first incident occur? Was it as soon as you moved in or a few weeks, or months after the fact? Now as far as the "trunks" your fiancee has, are they old trunks? What makes you friend think that they would have any relation to what's happening if any? And last how did your daughter tell you that she was seeing a man in her room? Did she describe him to you? Where does he see him exactly? Have you mentioned something to your fiancee in front of her that maybe she is now saying that she sees someone?

Date: 2011-08-01
Thanks for sharing your story!
I have a question for you, have you had a pet that you were close to that is no longer living? When we have pets that were close to us, for some reason they tend to come back. Whether it be because they had a very close relationship with them.

Here you will find that a lot of people that had cats, dogs or any animal that was close to them come back. It can be scary at first, but if you pay close attention they will follow same paterns that they did when they were alive. For example: if you had a cat that used to love to lay at your feet when you were in bed, then the cat's spirit (let's call it that) will do the same.
Another thing that could be happening is that you might be a person that animals dript to, even if they are no longer here.

Hope that helps a little