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Hai! I'm Lotus. I'm from Denver, CO. & I live in Orlando, FL. I am a mother of 3 & an ordained minister. I have had many strange experiences. Ones I can explain & some I cannot. I don't tolerate nonsense & have little patience for rude people. I am severely allergic to B.S. I am pretty easy going, but don't mistake my kindness for a weakness. I am no stranger to the paranormal & take these things very seriously. I expect everyone here to have that same respect. If any of you should need help out of the public eye, feel free to contact me via email. For any reason. I am willing to help & give professional council. Everything you come to me with is strictly confidential. I took an oath & live by it. God bless you.
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What Was That All About on 2010-11-30

Hello, my friends! It's been a minute, huh? I did submit an account of mine but never saw it posted. I'm not too sore about it & no I'm not going to post it again. Perhaps there was a reason. Those of you who know me know I'm a pretty tough cookie as far as the experiences I've had. Well something h...

Constant on 2010-03-02

Hey, my name is Lotus; I'm from Denver, CO. I'm 30 years old and I have 3 children ages 10, 6, 5. I also have 4 babies that I had to give back to the Lord. I am a pastor's daughter, have been my whole life. I'm even a woman's leader in the church, but I haven't always had my face turned to God. I wa...

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Date: 2012-11-16
lol! Sillies... What do we know about demons? Arent they Satan's minions? Isnt Satan the father of lies & a master of Deceit? Well so are his little groupies. I am surly not stating I think this was demonic... I'm just trying to have everyone think on how different people react to demonic entities depending on what kind of energy that demon wants to put off...

Any way. Astral projection could be a good possibility... Or you just hallucinated... There's that, too. I know sometimes strange things happen when I get woken up or things arent of the norm at night. Like not routine. I'm not doubting anything... Just sayin...

Date: 2012-08-02
Sorry my phone is screwy. But as I was saying> the counselors or staff didn't tell horror stories to us. They really didn't have to, the place was just spooky as heck! So I totally believe what you saw & how it made you feel. I only wonder if it would have been different for you if those suggestions werent put in your head to begin with? Well thanks for sharing! God bless.

Date: 2012-08-02
I have a few questions... First is that I'm wondering why counselors would tell children tragic stories of death to children about the place they are spending nights at? Like, I don't know about anyone else but if I'm somewhere with a bunch of kids spending days & nights I don't want them all freaked out about every little thing they hear or see... That is unless of course my whole goal is to scare the crap out of them. But then again why would I do that to myself? Knowing I will most likely be kept up all night with frightened children? Lol. I'm just saying. So shame on them for influencing you in the first place. I know when I was 12

My class went to outdoor lab> outdoor lab was something you did in 6th grade in Colorado. The whole class would spend a week at a lodge in the mountains, specifically made for outdoor lab. The
Date: 2012-07-23
Lmmfaoooo! I lost 2 karma points for that comment? This just goes to show how intune all of you ' paranormal pros' you jits are...

Kay. I haven't watched the movie 'THE RING' in a long time. I actually forgot about it until I read your story. Thanx! Imunna go rent it... Oh, wait this story is real? SMH. I'm going to read the other comments now. But first I want to ask all of you if any one has witnessed a little girl ghost dressed in a loin cloth like cav eman style? Or maybe a little boy with a mullet hair-do, spandex shorts & a muscle shirt like kids wore in the 1990's? Or maybe a kid wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt & an emo hair cut?... Sry, I need to stop because... Ehem yeah. I just find it so odd that the only ghosts that seem to be haunting places are dressed in old time fashon. Must be the nether world trend.

OH, MYLANTA! Lmmfaooooo! Thank God I read these comments. I just had an allergy attack & need one of you to pass me some tissue & an antihistamine! For real. I was about to leave this post pissed off SO bad. Lol. Now I see, I see through it ALL! How does that song go? "I CAN SEE FOR MILES & MILES!" Peace, I'm out this stinky b!tch.

I haven't read any of the comments yet, but I will. Quick question, if you like this thing & are so in love & getting ready to put out wedding invitations, why on earth would you call this an AN INCUBUS ATTACK? This story sounds like it just that A STORY. To me you sound like a very lonely young woman. Sorry if this hurts you, but I think you should re evaluate your claim here. It sounds too convenient to me. I usually get a click in my mind when a story I read is not fully true & I'm usually right on every time. I say all this with all respect. Thank you.

Date: 2012-07-19
Caleb13-I don't recomend posting your story on anyone elses thread. Its so disrespectful & it draws people away for the O/P's story. Its rude. I'm not a mod but I'm pretty sure they will agree. If one person does it, others may follow suit.
Date: 2012-07-18
Um, I have to disagree, Bbrave. The first time I met an angel I almost peed my pants. I didt feel horror, but I was aeed & kind of freaked out. But I know it was an angel. Sometimes, yes they can make you feel comfort. But I really t.hink it depe. Ds I have come face to face with demons & have felt bliss. I really think it varries. Just say'n.

I will totally let you know. After I had the one with the lady was I haven't gotten that far since. But I am so trying.

LMAO JAV! You are totally a force to be reckoned with! I love it. Your check is in the mail, sis. Hehehe! XOXO! See I'm so glad you get my humor. Some people get their feelers hurt. Lol.
Date: 2012-07-18
I, too had nightmares for years after moving out of the home I turned 4 in. My memories were all confirmed by my family so I know most of it was very real. The nightmares, though really started to get to me. So I went back to where the house had been & new townhomes were built over it. I got out of my car & those old feelings would come back. The feeling that I knew something demonic was watching me & knew who I was. I started to cry a little. I just felt so ripped off by these spirits in a way. Because of the spiritual warfare I witnessed at such a young age gave me a very abnormal childhood... I was always the weird one if you know what I mean. And I still am for that matter. But as I walked around those town homes I came to a spot in the back that used to be our back garden but was now a car park. I got very afraid & was going to leave when I just started getting SO angry at these spirits who tortured me my whole life. So I started praying out loud. It turned into me praying out loud in tongues. This lasted a good 20 minute No one came out to see who the crazy praying chick was, or no one was there at the time. When I was headed back to my car I heard someone almist sneer at me & mock me. So I turned around to face it, with my new fou. D power & bravery the Lord had blessed me with & said "No!YOU DONT SCARE ME ANY MORE! YOU ARENT ALOUD TO! GET OUT OF MY LIFE IN JESUS' NAME.& LEAVE ME THE HE K ALO.E!" Lol. Seriously. I'm sure folks were looking out there windows thinking what a crazy chick I was lol. I know I would be... But I told you this to let you know that by my doing this I took back authority of my life, my heart, my spirit. I don't have nightmares about the place any more. The spiritual warfare continues. But that will always be & its something I have come to respect & expect being a soldier in the Kingdom of God.
I hope you can free yourself of these dreams aswell. I wanted you to know that you do hold the power to do so. Thanks for listening. Bless you & yours.

Alright! Lol. This comment thread went to Hell, didn't it? Well me being me & those of you who know me know that I could care less if my honest opinion insults anyone. Even those Mods who think that the slightest bit of authority granted to them turns them into a god. So with that said I'm going to comment now. Lol!

You know I still have dreams to this day where a large hallway or strange stair case will cause me to feel so afraid I want to cry. I have never felt such fear, dread & impending doom, really. I know it sounds silly but its true. I have become able to control my dreams to a point... Like once I know I'm dreaming I can tweak things to my desire. Or do things I know I wouldn't have done in the dream because I was too afraid, not realizing it was a dream. Do you know what I mean? These dreams, though are all very much the same. One time I realized I was dreaming so I kept moving down he corridor that was scaring the s#it outta me. When I got to the... I guess it was the end because tgere was a skinny door & I opened it. Inside was an ancient woman who had eyes like a corpse. If you don't know what that looks lije, its almost like they turn a pale blue & get sort of 'filmy' lol. Thats the best I can explain. But this strange woman just looked at me & looked at me. It got uber uncomfortable for me... I started getting scared again. I finally screamed 'ENOUGH!' & woke up in a panic. It was a trip. I'm going to continue doing this in these particular dreams & keep a journal. I want to see how far I can push it & if thres anything to them... What do you think about this?
Sorry, my phone is stupid... Anyway I was saying that they get you at you most vonrable time. Usually right as you fall asleep or right as you are waking. That way it leaves you confused or in question... Was I just dreaming? That way it can co. Tinue & it really just drains your life away. I know it sucks, but know that you know what you are dealing with you can fight back. & do fight, you have the power. Its not too easy but don't give up. I am praying for you. God bless you & your family. I pray against this creep, to not start with your children. Pray pray pray. I promise it helps.

Much love.
Hi. I have struggled with an incubus/succubus for 27 years When it first began as a little girl it would make suggestions in my dreams & I would wake up mid climax... As a little girl... I didn't thibk little girls could be stimulated. As I got older I realized what it was & to tell you the truth, it rather pissed me off. Knowing some sleazy demon was attached to me & I knew other people in my family would pick up on it. Some did & saw it for what it was, but others just saw it as ME being sleazy or slutty. One of my sisters & I no longer speak & haven't for years because she is so mistaken about it. As I got older it knew I knew what was happening & I didn't like it. It scared me. It would move my limbs & blow in my ear or hold my eyes shut somehow. Well I started casting it out in Jesus' name. Some nights I would space out praying or it would cause me to fall asleep while I prayed. It
Started to manifest with this sweet soft smell & the room would be lit up with a soft amber light. It would be warm & so cozy. I felt blissfully comforted & at these times I would submit to it... It was so friggin strange that it knew just how to get me to give in & it pissed me off because I KNEW the whole time but couldn't bring my self to refuse it. I hate it. It makes me feel guilty. It goes away for months at a time & will now get me wheweather I'm in bed or not... So as you can see, these things can in fact cause you to feel dreamy. They get you at your most vou
I have been on so many anti depressants its not even funny. I would see different tiny bursts of light & color all the time. I would also see trails... Yes trails, lime when you are on an acid or mescaline. I swear. Lol. So maybe since you were on meds than that explains the trails.
Date: 2012-07-16
My dears, Jav & Rook. Thanx so much for putting to words my thoughts on this. Tonight is one of those that I just cannot be nice... Or even pretend to be.
Date: 2012-07-15
Seriously? Really? Sorry, I don't like non truths. I'm sick of seeing 'tales' such as these.

Date: 2012-07-15
Sorry I'm on my phone & its hard to comment. I'm continuing my former comment.
As I was trying to say, before I was so rudely interrupted by my stupid 'SMART' phone, LOL!
Is that just because something is maybe goin on with your body or mind it can't be spiritual & I'm going to tell you right now that that is SO far from the truth. WE are spirits. Each & every one of us. & there ate some spirits out there that hate you & want you to be sick, 'crazy', weak, afraid, confused, tired, angry & on & on. & sorry to be so bold here, but I'm serious & THIS is why I'm praying for you... & everyone else here that ever feels afraid. Because its the work of the enemy & I don't know about you but, I don't like him... One bit. I don't like it that people have mental & physical illnesses. So I just sppeak againts what ever it is in Jesus name. Thanx for your time. Much lobe.

Date: 2012-07-15
Hi, sweety. If this is your health or not its not good. I'm praying for you now, because personally in my opinion physical, mental, emotional, etc. Or spiritually, if it makes you feel afraid or pain or ill, its got to be bad stuff. A.d I believe with all my heart that bad stuff, no matter what it is, is caused by the enemy. So I just want to pray for you & speak some light into your heart, blessings into you life & family & home. In Jesus name.

See, some people think that when a person experiences something they believe to be spiritual & talk to a doctor & find out maybe somethings going on
Date: 2012-07-12
Robetar Stir of Echos is the movie you are thinking of. And I hope your comment is a joke. I hope you are being facetious.