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Our Haunted Wooden House on 2010-05-17

This happened before I was born, the story I got from my mom. I was born in Riau, Eastern Sumatra in 1971. At that time most of the island was covered by woods and jungle and Riau was not an exception. My father was working in a company based in Rengat, Riau. Several months after my parents got m...

A Handsome Spirit On My Bed Side on 2010-01-05

Years ago, my best friend and I went to Bali for vacation. Before we departed, my boyfriend at that time (now he's an ex;) told me that he will give me his protection by sending "something" as a charm. He was a psychic, something quite normal in my country. Later on, when my best friend, her name...

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I 100% agree with you.
That's what I told my father on his deathbed, at his last breath I told him that I love him and asked him to be there when my time comes. It was so peaceful and give me courage to continue my life.
Even though my father did not give any respond, but I knew that he understand. See you later, pa. Until we meet again in GOD's house, I whispered in his ear.
Date: 2011-11-07
dear Scarter,

First of all, my apologize for being tacky. But are you living nearby Laura Ingall Wilder's old home? Woww... That's cool for me. She is my childhood heroine. I have all of her books and they were my escape when life was so unbearable. Wish I could go there and visit someday.

I like your story. I think your house was build with old fashioned method long time ago. So the foundation can be used for many years ahead. Usually many things from the past like antiques, most likely bring also their memories. And sometimes the memories formed into energy (don't ask me how, I just believe it so:-) So when your father did the renovation, it is also bring the energy of the past out. I just wish I could have those antique shoes 😊
Date: 2011-06-01
Reading this is like I'm watching a movie of 50's with a sad but beautiful story. When the movie finished, it left with a space in the heart. A blessed woman your grandmother is.
I read a book written by a priest from Rome, Italy. It was about exorcism. The priest said there are many kinds of possession by evil spirits. One example of a person who is being possessed is he/she will really hard to find a good life, a good relationship or a steady job. There always obstacles in one's life. So if you think that you have those obstacles you may find a priest to do the exorcism at you. Because it might be evil spirits are predominating your life.
And I found it has the relevant with our belief in my country. We have this belief that if you always have problems in life, always sick all the time, you may have a "rukyah" to make all of the bad things disappear from your life. It based on Islamic tradition to get evil spirits away from you.
So, in this story I think your son need an exorcism to make all of his bad luck disappear and bring back his lively life.
But that's only my opinion.
Thank you.
It's a reincarnation I think. Your baby was talking about her past life. But some people said it will disappear when she's grown up.
Date: 2010-05-26
There are some bizarre stories my mom heard at that time, such as:
- Pregnant women may not stay outside after 5.30 pm since an evil thing disguise as an old lady will approach, rub their belly and on the next days their babies in their womb will disappear.
- This "old ladies" also like to pinch babies, especially the chubby and healthy ones. Talk with the mother, praise the baby. Ask to hold them. And the next days the babies got sick and died soon after. They said, the old ladies are people who learn black magic and got feed from babies blood.
- Don't let your babies unguarded because they will be found somewhere else but the bed. In an extreme case my mom heard, a woman put her baby in bed then left it since she wanted to do something in the kitchen. After a while she heard a baby crying from outside. She was curious since she thought it was like her baby's crying. When she looked there, she almost fainted because she found her baby was on top of a well cover. If the baby moves, it will fall down to the well. Nobody but her in the house, nobody can pass from bedroom to the well without her sight. And the main door in the living room was locked. She screamed and cried until neighbors come to help and comfort her.
These kind of stories are usual in my country. We won't even wonder if it happened. Because we are living in a country where supernatural or paranormal is a normal thing 😉
Date: 2010-05-23
Hi all,
Thank you for the comments.
It's not only you, guys but I ALSO WOULD LOVE TO SEE the picture again. Since I saw it when I was a kid, many years ago. But when I asked my mom about it and we tried to find it, we just could not find it anywhere. Not even in our old photo collections. So sad because it would be a precious things for us.
I guess the woman ghost is a kuntilanak. My friend's bedroom got one too. Many people saw her but my friend. She only hear her humming sometimes, but it always heard from outside. Things often misplaced. Or TV turn on by itself, even when nobody inside. She always locked the room when she's away. Once she left one of her cellphone inside when she went away, just before she opened the door she got called from that cellphone to another cellphone she got with her. It made her really freak out since she knew for sure that she left it inside and nobody there.
Date: 2010-05-02
I think I saw the episode of this pub in Most Haunted. Would love to work there too if I could 😊
Date: 2010-03-25
It reminds me of my own Oma who died many years ago. I am not the one who easily cry, but she's one who can make me wept until now. God bless her and yours. Don't worry, one day you can meet her again. Like I always believe and told to my father on his deathbed. When our time comes, your loved ones will be there to pick you up. I asked my father to bring my Oma and my dog Renee to pick me up on my day. It makes my life easier and death is not something to be afraid of.
Date: 2010-02-24
This is the only one story that makes me cry. I remember my dear Renee. The days when she just left us, she often felt sitting or curling beside me. She never being felt again now, that's make me sure that she went into the light, waiting for me.

I always believe that no other greater love that your dog loves you. It always an unconditional love that a man cannot give to the others.
I am fully agree with hobbyholly. It happened to me many times before and really freaked me out. But last two times I was not trying to escape anymore, but stay calm and let loose. And it worked. The stiff feeling gone quiet fast.
[at] Melony_san: No, I am not a Muslim. But most of the people here are Muslim. Somehow our beliefs are mixed between the religions and Javanese Pagan's. Maybe the kind of demon or ghost and the time of their operations are different in other regions or countries. Who knows?:-)