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A Strange Dream on 2011-05-23

I didn't write here all this time, because after a month passed since my friend's death, all of the strange happenings suddenly stopped. I even visited a shrink and started taking some medications to calm myself down during that time. Since everything stopped, I thought it was just my imagination an...

A Friendly Visit? 2 on 2010-01-25

A few weeks ago, I wrote about possible haunting in my house after the passing of one of my good friends. If you want to know what happened, read my previous story it's a pretty short one. I didn't write earlier because, I was still hoping it was my imagination, I was still in shock at the time an...

A Friendly Visit? on 2010-01-05

One of my good friends passed away a few days ago. He was only 19 and he used to take drugs from time to time, he worked a lot and studied hard, and he used to say that, he needed to "get our of this world completely at least once a month". Well, now he's gone forever...Or, maybe not completely... ...