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New Zealand
I love ghosts and ghosts stories. Horrors for a movie night would be awsome and I wanted to be a ghost hunter.
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Am I Living With A Ghost? 3 on 2010-03-31

Taking what I have seen from my last two stories more weird happenings have been going on and they were far freakier. I'll tell you what happened on 03-16-10. Since seeing my dark apparition in the window I believe he's following me. When you walk into my bathroom there is this mirror that can swin...

Am I Living With A Ghost? 2 on 2010-03-10

From my last story I've had far more disturbances in my house than when I last posted up a story. Since having other experiences I began to wonder about seeing if the spirit would visit me. One night as I was lying on my bed. The door to my room was on the left hand side of my room and I said al...

Am I Living With A Ghost? on 2010-02-10

As a baby I had a lot of ghost experiences in my house. But now I have heard something that is interesting. I have a paper run and when I fold my papers I put them under a foot stool for folding and placing. My big brother was out, my mum and my step dad were also out and I was home alone. Consideri...

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Date: 2010-08-19
Hey I love this story please do put pics on the net and please comment on this to tell me where I might find them
Date: 2010-04-10
oh my gosh I love these stories so much they creep me out. Maybe you could open that curtainn and have a look in.
Date: 2010-04-10
To be honest I love those type of true stories and the part that got me the most was the tunnels I mean were they made of stone and how did the smell?
Date: 2010-03-12
'ello aloe I'm goatkiddie umm a few questions.
Q1 What do you mean it tried to physically harm him on the staircase?
Q2 Do you feel wierd presences on the stairs.
Please answer. Ty 😊
If you were reffering to me doing ~~LSD~~ I have never done drugs
devious angel I've took you advice and now I do believe in god and I will carry a small testament in my pocket now.
Ick the thing is that I love and fear ghost so if something is very strange I will freak out that's just what I do because they're simply scary.
Hey bud it could be a spirit in the house but good luck on taling to her. I'm just spt ballin' but if you don't get a response you could oiija board to talk to her.
Hey Rockstar yea it was the most scariest moment of my life and I have had more wierd experiences like we have a mirror in our bathroom and sometimes walking past there's a white figure in the mirror then I look at it again and it's gone
My good advise is to get an exorcism on you and the house dude.
Date: 2010-01-30
Yup everyone has a guardian angel and I have seen mine. I (have two beds in my room and this black figure sits on my other bed and it's extremely realistic I've never talked to him but after I wake up from a nightmare it will always be there so I believe you.
Date: 2010-01-30
Everything means something so that beetle thing could be something that you have feared at the time
I believe that this is called a poltergiest most likely a spirit that failed to cross to the other side and he remains, and he's in your house.
Hmmmmm that sounds like a dream but the way you describe it it dosn't sound like a dream so I reckon that if you had a death in the family recently I guess it could be that. But if not then I guess it's a dream or something more paranormal