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Weird Picture Showed Up On Camera on 2010-02-15

This picture was taken early one morning when I was taking pictures of my kids and just random things. All the other pictures showed up normally, no blurring nothing! I do have a small collection of pictures that show moving orbs and weird white lightning but this one by far has me confused. I am po...

Night Whispers Calling Out For Mommy on 2010-01-13

To understand my story I have to share some very personal information. It was back in late February to early March 2006 that I discovered I was pregnant with my 4th child. I suffered a missed miscarriage May 15, 2006 I was suppose to be 11 weeks 1 day but the ultrasound showed the baby passed around...

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Thanks for all the comments and insight into the strange writing, pentagrams, and just unusual pictures.

I want to start by saying the move went well and our new home is smaller but it has a very safe and warm feeling. My children now sleep threw the night and my eldest child has not reported any weird shadows in the house or seeing any weird things. My other children say the feel safer and they are much happier, it is like a huge weight has been lifted off of all of us. One interesting thing is when I returned to the house to finish cleaning or even when I drive by I get a feeling of dread. The kids do not like the old house one bit and prefer I do not drive by it.

Very interesting about the mirrors I had no idea they could act as portals but it would make sense why they were all over the house. I don't know if I mentioned above my eldest had a huge mirror right outside his door to his room and he said he saw someone it in one time. I know children make up stories but whenever my children talk about that house they are honestly scared.

Because the house was a boarding/rooming house I have no idea where to start to find the old tenants. I just had a gut feeling as soon as I saw the pentagrams someone was practicing something bad in that house, you can feel the negativity when you walked threw the door in that place. One interesting note I thought I would share is the owner is selling the house immediately! As we were moving out he brought his real estate agent to look at the house to list. Now the owner did live there before we moved in, he stayed in one of the rooms. I'm starting to think that maybe he knows about what went on and wants to get rid of it?!

Sorry about rambling on so, I do look forward to reading any more thoughts or possible insight. I thank everyone for their posts as I have shared them with my husband and we are thankful to know a little more. I prayed every night for my children's safety before my own, always have and always will. I just like going to bed at night now and knowing I won't wake up with children laying all over my bedroom floor.
Her due date was December 3, 2006 and the first time I heard her was around the end of august 2006. Last time I heard her, 1st time for my hubby, was in January 2007. I include her in my prayers all the time and I hope she has moved on and that's why I haven't heard her in so long. I will never forget her voice and I know one day I will be able to hold her in my arms ❤
Date: 2010-01-13
In my family, on my mom's side, her grandmother was a well known psychic, as my grandfather had the gift, my mom and one of my Aunt's, me and my sister, and unfortunately my oldest son for sure. We lived in this apartment when my son was around 3 and I started noticing weird sighing sounds in the living room when no one was around. My husband heard them too and would complain of the feeling of being watched. I would see a Shadow lurking outside my window on the 3rd floor, this all started happening suddenly. My eledest son, the 3 year old, and I would lay together in bed to go to sleep. One night I was laying with him and all he did was cry and point to a corner in our room. When he finally fell asleep he was cuddled into me but his head was above the blankets and hands curled into my chest. I left and came back to check on him about an hour later and he had pulled the blankets over his head and when I pulled them off his hands where held so tightly over his eyes I had to pry them down. He's 8 now and he cries often to me about seeing stuff in the night. I know he's not lying or dreaming because of how vividly he describes what he sees. The worst part is I can feel if a presence is there and I don't say anything and every time I feel it my son does too.

You might have to wait until your little one is older so he can tell you what he sees and you have to encourage strength. I learned that even if you tell them there is nothing their doesn't make it true. I wish you luck as I have found a lot of strength in prayer and have taught my son how to protect himself threw prayer. We both sleep better at night now.