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Puerto Rico
Since a child, I have experience phenomenons. Knew events before it happens. Strange events, strange feelings, which I could not explain as a child. But know as an adult and thinking back about things I have seen as a child, really freaks me out. But there must be reasons of why such things appears to one, specially to a child.
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Flamboyant Apartments on 2007-05-12

This happened in an apartment in the daytime, around 2:00 PM. My daughter was getting ready to iron. She placed the ironing board to its position, and searching for the iron, which she already plugged and turned on to iron. However, she could not find where she placed it. She kept searching and coul...

There Are Others in my House III on 2007-03-31

There were many times I felt so at peace in this house, I loved this house, But then it kind of change. We moved in April of 2005 and moved out in August 2005. There were times, when alone in this house, I would hear children crying. Two it seemed. But it was not frequently. I followed these cries a...

The Voice in my Daughter's Room on 2007-03-30

I was going to sew in my daughter's bedroom where I had my sewing machine and to finish a dress I was making. Suddenly, as I walked in the room atmosphere changed. I felt like the inside a close closet where there is no air. I felt the air of the room was being sucked out. Then I heard a voice sayin...

Gray Light Shadows on 2007-03-27

I was reading the story What Shadow People Want, it reminded me when as a child, when lived in an apartment in New York, on the first floor. Every night I would see shadows, but they were kind of gray in color, the room was dark, I had my eyes open and that is what I saw, gray shadows, like people f...

Baby Crying and Basement Apartment on 2007-03-26

Here's an experience told by my mom. Once, a friend of my mother told her, that a friend of hers, who moved to a basement apartment in New York had an awful experience. She had a child. When they moved to a basement apartment, as soon they stepped into their new home, the kid would cry and never sto...

Mayor's Hall Ghost: a Jesuit Monk on 2007-03-25

This happened in 1985, in City Hall in Ponce, 'Casa Alcaldia'. My friend and I were attending an Art Exhibit. I saw a Monk, he had a long brown habit, a long rope like tied around its waist, and a long cross made of wood. It seemed like wood. His top head was shaved. I looked at him, from behind onl...

There Are Others in my House II on 2007-03-22

Hi. Let me state first, my name is Rossana. I will continue what occurred in his rented old house. I heard it was 100 year old, it looked like it, but fixed a little. Here in Puerto Rico, a lot of houses, especially made in wood, do get harsh termite damage. But the paint covers it. Another occur...

There Are Others in my House on 2007-03-17

I have a new relationship. My daughters, my new companion and I were searching for a new place to live. We saw so many houses, but this house in particular attracted me to it. Why? You will find out later as I go on. This house was very old. Two weeks passed while still searching. We passed the same...

Mysterious and Unexplainable Things on 2007-03-15

Ever since a child, I remembered living in an old apartment building in New York, where at night, when all had gone to sleep, I would see walking gray shadows, plasma is what they call it, from my room passing through the door and going to the living room. I was small, thinking it was normal. But I ...

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erigais = I agree with you 100% Those who
experienced these phenomenon and seek for reason of these happenings are people of authority.

Take care
Date: 2008-03-01
Denise = What ever it is, take good precaution. It could be a beginning of an experience phenomena for you. Write your experiences as often you can. Commentators will always try to help. You do have something there. They already made its presents known. Have your family be aware if its existence. Find info. About the house and why they are there, what is the cause that attracts them to the house grounds or is it just to fool around with fear? You family must decide what to do if entities get out of hand.
Take great care,
Date: 2008-02-29
mjlain2 = If problems still persist. Loose the house. Sell it for investigations, there are people who would buy these kind of houses for reseach reason. Let it be, there are forces which cannot leave. There are a lot of true evidence of that. They linger, and in time, appear again no matter what cleasing activity you have performed. Just get away, because, saddly to say, it can follow. Take nothing that belong to that house.

Pray and God helps you in many ways.

In mind always,
Date: 2008-02-23
Penny = you are a sensitive. A person with the ability to see and also some of your family members. I do so agree with whitebuffalo, entities being outside. His comments are so true.
Take great care,
Date: 2008-02-22
Justin Battle =Hi, Hope this can be an answer, but still look into it and find answers. Elderly people's state of mind can be compared as pure as the state of mind of children. They do have the ability to see and sence things. They do not have our busy active state of mind, we are to busy and occupied with our daily performances, but they are more relaxed and more open as young children.
Date: 2008-02-14
mjlain2 = Hi, How are you doing? I am always thinking about your case of you dream house and your wife. I pray and wish so hard things have gotten better for you. Please keep us updated. I am always looking foward on what have happened and if your problems had a solution.
Take great care,
Cody13Smith = Hi, I just wonder, where did the mirror came from? I mean, its original owner. Where did your Mom got it from? You are a sensitive. That's great. Phenomenon do linger.

Date: 2008-01-19
mjlain2 = If you want help, you must do what you think is right. You have good judgement, you know what is going on, have to do and face it. She needs to see the reality to all is going on. She is being sucked into the entities unreasonable realms. Those spirits are confuse themselves. They need her as a host. Must get her out of there. You know what to do. When a sorce confuse a being, believe me is not a good thing. She can not control you and must not, for you will loose ground of sanity.
Take care,
Date: 2008-01-13
Mjlain2+ Hi, I agree with most commentators. It is an energy absorbing your wifes realities, as you sense, it is in the third floor.

You must speak to her and make her sense the changes of before and after living in the house. Make her aware. But you must speak to her, not near or in the house. Just get her out and talk to her. There are forces where they only want a particular person present in the house and not want others. In this case, it is you this/these entities does/do not want around. They would in time communicate with her, and she will see forms. But now, they are amusing themselves with her mood changes, getting her all confuse. Here is where the danger rest.

Make wise choices, and better judgment,

Take care,
Date: 2008-01-07
chalemos= Really? I agree with whitebuffalo in the last statement. Someone saw her need and helped her as a surprise. But yet, I wasn't there, but she was.
Take care always, and it's a very nice story.
Date: 2008-01-03
Chalemos = Hi, very intriguing ordeal. Your situation could have been bought my means mishaps hangaring in your environment, entities. I had my share of misfortune happenings. One after another. I also doubted about God, and it made matters worst. I couldn't read the bible or inspired positive text from it, the words would move from side to side and couldn't figure what it said. I also felt when holding materials with God's word, an energy liked force wanting to pull it away. Similar to a magnet when trying to unite same poles and it pulls away. I too seek, pray and off it went. But you did the correct thing, you prayed with the heart for help, and it came to you. Entities knows what we have in mind, when sometimes we think not impossible. They know how we feel, they cause situation to happen, remember they are unhappy spirit beings wanting to be human and cause confusion to peoples realities. You are a sensitive, just be aware.
Take care, and read more stories for answers
Date: 2007-11-17
4u_allie =Interesting and so familiar. I too have familial experienced these kind of phenomenons. My grandmother, my mother at times, in dreams and I just seeing and sensing things. Images or thoughts going through our mind and not thinking its a predicament of event or friends, family or strangers passing. One who frequent these experiences often knows. When one percept the senses at times, well, how do we know what is real or the unreal? What is to believe or not to believe? So uncomfortable at times.
Those who see and senses these phenomenon is due to sensitivity.
Take good care,
Date: 2007-11-07
JPing=Pay attention to Dad. He's been there and knows a lot about the board. The board is dangerous and how ironic it is, being sold in toys store. But yet it does have a reason, for the demonic spirit world and that is, they know the young are easy target, and adults thinking it is just a game and sold in toy store, how easy for a child and adult to believe it represent no danger at all. Make wise choices and avoid a lot of unpleasant situations.
Take care
KimSouthO = Interesting, The site are full of spirits doing their pranks and they laugh as you witness. It's like when young adults do pranks to one another just for laughs. Believe me, it does scare when one does not see the prankster. That is what is happening. They like to see our actions, they play with our fear.
Take care
Date: 2007-10-26
covetaus = Your friend's depression has to do with a great deal of her surrounding, where she dwells. Voices distressing her cognition on what is real, what is normal. She is stress in mind and mad, because she does not know how to manage it, how to take control. She has to know, she can get rid of these entities.
Have the house investigate, and it's her choice to move on. All you can do is make her see that life is not what she see and sense in that house. Spirits are not happy beings and they d o tend make humans unhappy if they are negative spirits.
Take good care

P.S. Thank You Abby for the welcome, I appreciate it.
Date: 2007-10-26
Missy I see two faces in the second picture. Analyze it, I see two faces of the same image.
Date: 2007-10-22
So true Abby, It's like inheritance. A member of a family possession in the next of kin. If works is still being perform by same member of family, it does not go away while there is greater interest of these phenomenon. Invoking. But yet, one has to find the means for that entity to disappear. Demons want to possess us, for they see in us what they want to be. They want to be human in form. They want to walk among us, for they do, but they can not function as we do. They are spirits and plain plasma. When taken human form, one knows they are not human.
I know there are others answers, hope others will comment and we can learn more on why they possess humans.
Take care
Date: 2007-06-29
Anthony Marzac = Spirits do tend to help. This is a true spirit. Luckly you were touch with a beautiful and helpful one. Nice story
Date: 2007-06-17
Great for you Jmartin 121, experiences do teach and advices hope never be forgotten. Before experimenting with something else. Think always about your first experiences with the Ouija and relate.
Come to conclusions and always be wise to tell someone who really, really knows . Every cause as an effect.
Take good care, I enjoyed everyone comments and perceptive knowledge on the matter everyone posted, you have chosen correctly and paid attention...
Take great care,
Date: 2007-06-14
I know where you are coming from. Just like in Puerto Rico, people here practice too much 'La Obra' the works. Many strange occurrences, figures, possession, and more are the talk of the day. . The acts of worshiping and cult practice are the reasons spirits of the unknown forces appeared to stay in places where they were summoned. Bones found in the bathroom were place there for a possession to occur to the most vulnerable person in the home. Your niece possession is a very serious one. Must take good care as well yourself. One thing very important for you to know. Take back home nothing from the home where it was experienced. Have an open mind and do not fear. You family didn't fear, as you seen. But be aware it does not affect you. Be wise and learn from mistakes in summoning these creatures. Either someone wanted these entities to manifest upon you family, to do harm, or summoned by them for a purpose.
Take great care,